Michael Jordan Inducted into the North Carolina Sports Hall of Fame


Michael Jordan, the greatest basketball player of all time was inducted to the North Carolina Sports Hall of Fame last night. This wouldn’t sound strange say 17 years ago when he was elected but MJ has evidently been missing from the hall.

Now it’s been a while since I’ve visited the North Carolina Museum of History where the Sports Hall is located but one would probably think “where the heck is ‘His Airness’?” From all accounts it’s just that he’s been “unable” to attend the required induction banquet in Raleigh. I guess when you’re a college National Champion, 6 time NBA champion, Gold medal winner, NBA franchise owner and have countless individual accolades and accomplishments to mention, one night out in Raleigh isn’t high on the priority list. Now Raleigh is no Charlotte but someone tell MJ Raleigh isn’t the Raleigh of 17 years ago. It’s actually got a decent night life these days; well, from what I read and hear. I’m married with a 2 year old so I really don’t know, but I digress.

Nevertheless, Michael Jordan is officially a member. The Hall came to him and Jordan was inducted Tuesday at halftime of his team’s game against the Toronto Raptors. I have no idea who won the game but Jordan came onto the court after a tribute with former North Carolina coach Dean Smith. It was a rare public appearance for Smith after the announcement of his memory loss. (Continued thoughts and prayers to Smith and his family)

Jordan said to a cheering crowd “Every time I put on that uniform, North Carolina, Chicago, even Washington, I knew I represented my state, the people of North Carolina,” Thank you, Charlotte. Thank you, North Carolina.”

For many of us no matter what college team we pull for, back in the day we were all Chicago Bulls fans but more so Michael Jordan fans. So thank you Michael Air Jordan and welcome to Raleigh.

9 thoughts on “Michael Jordan Inducted into the North Carolina Sports Hall of Fame”

  1. Shouldn’t the NC Sports Hall of Fame be renamed the “Coach K Hall of People Trying to be as Good as Him?”


  2. Is Mike not around? I fully expected to see some kind of story about Cliff Lee. I think the Phillies are going to go undefeated this year.

    Sorry MJ for changing the topic.

  3. ^ Mike is on a secret mission in the Middle East, S&P is locked up and Brian and Doc have been kidnapped by the KBDB (Keep Butch Davis Bezopasnosti). Just me, Nino and j2k holding the fort down.

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