ACC Bowlin’

11 ACC teams and Notre Dame were selected for bowl games.

The number of selections matches the total from 2013, when the ACC became the first-ever conference to place 11 teams in bowl games.

Here is the ACC lineup

Rose: (3) Florida State vs (2) Oregon
Orange: Georgia Tech vs Mississippi
Russell Athletic: Clemson vs Oklahoma

Music City: Notre Dame vs LSU
Belk: Louisville vs. Georgia
Pinstripe: Boston College  vs. Penn State
Sun Duke vs. Arizona State – El Paso, TX

Military: Virginia Tech vs Cincinnati
Independence: Miami vs South Carolina
Quick Lane: North Carolina vs Rutgers – Detriot, MI
Bitcoin: NC State vs Central Florida –  St. Petersburg, FL

Armed Forces: Pittsburgh vs Houston

There was some shuffling in the bowls that some ACC teams ended up going to, this was because the final committee rankings determine the top bowl matchups.

From BCInterruption.comThe biggest losers in the ACC bowl reshuffle were Louisville, N.C. State and Pittsburgh. Louisville went from a presumed trip to Orlando (RAB? Citrus?) to face a Big 12 or SEC opponent to the decidedly less sexy trip to Charlotte and the Belk Bowl (though against a solid Georgia team). N.C. State similarly tumbled from the “Tier I” set of bowls all the way to the conference’s flex spot in the Bitcoin Bowl vs. UCF, somehow bypassing three bowls in the conference’s “Tier II” in the process. Finally, poor Pitt was relegated to the Armed Forces Bowl vs. Houston — the second straight year the Panthers land in a replacement bowl slot against a team playing without their head coach.

I dont know all the ins and outs of the bowl Tiers, maybe one you all are more knowledgeable about it. Basically the Big 10 gained and got the Citrus slot over an ACC team, and Notre Dame jumped up and took a spot in the Music City Bowl, while NC State tumbled to a lower tier bowl in St. Petersburg.

Happy Birthday Nino!

I do not have a lot of time to spend on this here blog these days, but I wanted to take a minute and wish a very happy birthday to our own Nino Brown.  As I’ve gotten to know Nino better over the years, I can say that it is an honor to call the man my friend and I could not think higher of him.  Hats off to you, sir, and thank you for all that you do here for TSB.


Turkey Week Fodder

Rivalry Week



State coaches and players still mad about UNC players dancing at midfield last year.

UNC players damaged the Duke locker room after win on Thursday

For the first time since 1994, and only the second time ever, Duke, East Carolina, North Carolina and North Carolina State are all bowl eligible.

ACC Championship Game is set. Georgia Tech vs Florida State, December 6 in Charlotte.



I Hate Christian Laettner, the movie


Back in March right after the NCAA Tournament brackets were released, ESPN debuted the 30for30 documentary Survive and Advance about NC State’s 1983 NCAA Championship. Next March right after the brackets are released ESPN, staying in the ACC, will debut I Hate Christian Laettner. 



“I Hate Christian Laettner;” Sunday, March 15, at 9 p.m. ET on ESPN
He made perhaps the most dramatic shot in the history of the NCAA basketball tournament. He’s the only player to start in four consecutive Final Fours, and was instrumental in Duke winning two national championships. He had looks, smarts and game. So why has Christian Laettner been disliked so intensely by so many for so long? Maybe it was the time he stomped on the chest of a downed player, or the battles he had with his teammates, or a perceived sense of entitlement. But sometimes, perception isn’t reality.

“I Hate Christian Laettner” will go beyond the polarizing persona to reveal the complete story behind this lightning rod of college basketball. Featuring extensive access to Laettner, previously unseen footage and perspectives from all sides, this film will be a “gloves-off” examination of the man who has been seen by many as the “Blue Devil Himself.”

Where to eat in Raleigh

Sports Illustrated’s Tailgate Tour features Raleigh, North Carolina this week. Andy Staples talks about where to eat in Raleigh to get ready for the game between NC State and Georgia Tech.  His choices.


He says stop at Bojangles on the way to Raleigh, and once you get there, go to The Pit.

I’ve never been to The Pit, so I cant speak on it, I have heard good things about it. Bojangles has expanded here into Georgia, to me this is a good thing, and I have been a few times.

He could have just combined the two and said Smithfield’s Chicken and BBQ.  Thoughts.

On the field. Clemson beat Wake Forest 34-20, as mentioned above NC State hosts GA Tech, the Yellow Jackets have won four straight games at Carter-Finley. Duke at Syracuse, Virginia at Florida State, and Louisville at Boston College.  Notre Dame is at Arizona State in a College Football Playoff top 10 match up.

NCAA Finds Wainstein Report “Troubling” – Bubba Finds Wainstein Report “Not Quite That Bad”

Not a lot of time to expound on this at the moment, but here are a few links for your reading enjoyment.  Or agony.

Bubba does not think the academic fraud was really all that bad.  Here is my favorite quote from him so far, when discussing possible NCAA sanctions:

“I wouldn’t speculate on any sanctions,” he said. “There’s nothing new in the report that we haven’t seen before with a few exceptions – more than a few exceptions. The scope, certainly, would definitely be one.”

Say what?  Nothing new with a few exceptions.  Oh, wait.  More than a few exceptions.  So which is it, nothing new, or a lot of new items?

Then we have this gem, also from the N&O, which pretty much calls for Roy William’s head. Here is the thing with Coach Williams.  He talks out of both sides of his mouth at times.  We have heard him say that he is not involved in the academics of his players at all, and then we have heard him say that he steered players out of AFAM because he was concerned with the clustering.  Which is it?  Are you involved with academics or not, Coach Williams?  Let us face facts, clustering is part of the game of collegiate athletics.  There is always going to be clustering and it makes sense that there would be.  It would be interesting to see what kind of clustering took place at Kansas while he was there.

The first N&O link above about Bubba also hits on Mark Emmert and his comments about the Wainstein report.  He finds it troubling, and if you read into his quotes on this ESPN article, it could spell trouble for UNC athletics as a whole.

“Just based on the (Kenneth) Wainstein report, this is a case that potentially strikes at the heart of what higher education is about,” Emmert said Monday. “Universities are supposed to take absolutely most seriously the education of their students, right? I mean that’s why they exist, that’s their function in life. If the Wainstein report is accurate, then there was severe, severe compromising of all those issues, so it’s deeply troubling. … It’s absolutely disturbing that we find ourselves here right now.”

He also discussed infractions at UGA, and the potential impacts of the O’Bannon case.  He would not discuss the issues at Florida State, apparently.  All in all, there could be some dark days looming on the horizon for the ACC.

Wainstein Report. “We turned over every rock.”



The Wainstein Report: 

These are tweets from various reporters during the presentation.

The suspect classes lasted a total of 18 years (1993-2011). Involved more than 3,000 students, nearly half of which (47 percent) were athletes. Irregularities peaked about 10 years ago and ended in 2011.

Wainstein says,”The story is really centered around Deborah Crowder,” Bogus classes were pushed by academic counselors.  Crowder set this up in 1993. Did it for six years, then added a wrinkle in ’99, when she turned lecture classes into no-shows.

AFAM paper classes lasted 20 years due to Crowder hiding her efforts and a “significant lack of oversight.”

 During the Dean Smith era (1961-1997), there were 54 basketball player enrollments in AFAM independent studies. ..In the three years of Coach Bill Guthridge’s tenure (1997-2000) there were 17 basketball enrollments in paper classes. ..42 enrollments in paper classes under Coach Matt Doherty (2000-2003) and 167 under Coach Roy Williams (2003-present).

PAGE 48 of report. Men’s Basketball: There were 226 enrollments of men’s basketball players in the paper classes between 1999 and 2009. We spoke with 12 men’s basketball players who had knowledge of or took the classes. As with the football players, it was common knowledge among their teammates
that these classes required little work for high grades. Unlike the football players, however, the basketball players seemed to find their way to these classes through a variety of routes. While the ASPSA basketball counselor –McSwain and then Walden – would occasionally suggest these classes, they did not routinely steer players into the classes without the players’ knowledge. More often than
not, the basketball players found these classes either through referrals from their teammates –“locker room advising” – or via their direct relationship with Crowder, who always maintained close ties among the basketball team. Moreover, unlike the football players who largely conceded that
these classes held little educational value, several of the basketball players insisted that they read extensively and worked hard to produce their papers for these classes.

Wainstein says investigators “found knowledge and complicity” of paper classes among athletic academic counselors/tutors. Academic counselors for football team encouraged players to take Crowder’s paper classes while they could, before her retirement.

Wainstein said that McCants never agreed to interview, before or after ESPN story. “There is no evidence to support his allegations.”

In basketball, Wainstein interviewed Doherty and Roy. Doherty said he understood AFAM classes were popular, knew they were easy. Wainstein says Roy had “discomfort” about his players clustering in the AFAM dept. Roy told Joe Holladay to make sure no steering was happening.

 Jan Boxill, a faculty member who served as a counselor for the UNC women’s basketball program, was directly involved in sending students’ work for the classes,  and went so far as to suggest the grades her players should receive.

Chancellor Folt says UNC immediately shared copies of report with the NCAA. Nine employees will be disciplined or fired as a result of academic/athletic scandal. 

Can State Stop The Streak?

From the N&O’s Joe Giglio on the twitter. Longest ACC losing streaks for each school.  Current streak by NC State, 11 in a row. The Pack hasnt won an ACC game since they beat Boston College 27-10 in the 2012 season finale. It will not be easy at Louisville on Saturday.

Embedded image permalink

The BIG GAME is #2 Florida State vs partial ACC member and #5 Notre Dame. Notre Dame gave up all those points and yards to UNC last week, I dont see them winning in Tallahassee.

Rest of the schedule: Clemson at Boston College, Virginia at Duke, Syracuse at Wake Forest, Georgia Tech at UNC.

Also, of note today…

NC State Suspends 7 Players For BB Gun Incident



NC State suspended seven football players for the Wolfpack’s game at Louisville Saturday following a game with BB guns at their off-campus residence last week, head coach Dave Doeren announced Monday.

Sophomore wide receiver Johnathan Alston, redshirt freshman linebacker Jerod Fernandez, freshman defensive tackle Justin Jones, redshirt freshman safety Josh Jones, redshirt freshman defensive end Pharoah McKever, sophomore wide receiver Jumichael Ramos and freshman corner Mike Stevens will sit out Saturday.

Jerod Fernandez leads the team in tackles and interceptions.



ACC’s “Big Four”, are 0-7

At the midway point of the 2014-15 college football season, the ACC’s big four schools, UNC, NC State, Duke and Wake Forest, sit at the bottom of the Atlantic and Coastal Divisions.

In the Atlantic, NC State, 0-2, is undefeated out of conference, but have suffered two straight ACC losses, the last being an embarrassing shut out at Clemson. Next ACC game is home against Boston College. Wake Forest, 0-2, have two ACC road losses and just lost by 40 to Florida State, they host Syracuse on October 18.

In the Coastal, Duke, 0-1, lost at Miami and next weekend they travel to Atlanta to play Georgia Tech, who is currently in first in the Coastal Division. UNC, 0-2, lost at home to Virginia Tech, and at Clemson 50-35. They play at partial member Notre Dame on Saturday.