Some Dude Named LeBron

I don’t know if you are aware of this guy or not, but there is some guy named LeBron James in the NBA.  Said guy is a pretty decent basketball player, too.  I think I saw him do a chest pass once that didn’t even bounce before it got to the other player.

Seriously though, how good is LeBron?  40 points, 12 rebounds, 8 assists, 4 steals, 2 blocks.  That’s his line from last night’s Game 3 win for the Cavs, who could also be called LeBron And The Guys From The Break Room, but that would be too long to fit on a jersey (although I could fit it by sublimating it for sure).  If the Cavs win this series, there will be zero doubt as to why.

Is this the greatest performance in the NBA Finals in history?  Hard to think of one that would top it if LeBron averages 40PPG, 12RPG and 8APG on the way to lifting the trophy.

And who was the league MVP this season?  Stephen Curry was voted in but…

Ray Felton Most Likely Looking For A New Home

It turns out that Stephen Jackson will get his wish and get out of Golden State, he just won’t be going where he wanted to. The Bobcats have packaged Raja Bell and Vladimir Radmanovic for Jackson and Acie Law.  Now, while I like bringing in Jackson I really have to wonder about shipping out Bell, who was a revelation last season.  He did it all at 4 positions AND played defense.  Radmanovic has not been the same since he injured his knee snowboarding a few years back, but is a very good role player.  He is too tall to be jacking 3’s all of the time and playing on the perimeter, but he’s a great guy to have as a back up.  But, to me, the biggest part of the story is including Acie Law.  Law is a very capable PG and definitely warrants playing time.  With Felton’s future in Charlotte having been in question every year for the last 3 years and future play maker DJ Augustin firmly entrenched I think its very safe to say that the ‘Cats are shopping the former UNX star (and most likely one of their 2 extraneous centers Diop and Mohammed), probably for a post player that fits into Larry Brown’s mold of a defensive stopper who can pass out of the post and run the floor.  Mohammed is almost collecting his NBA pension and Diop, while strong defensively, has never been that fast and is not a good passer.  I have always enjoyed watching Felton play and have really enjoyed being able to watch him in Charlotte.  The kid can ball and is a solid starter in this league at the 1 and the 2.  He may not be a superstar, but he is the kind of player that coaches love.  He doesn’t complain and he does what he’s told.  He’s a great representative of UNX and I hope that, if he does get shipped out, he has continued success wherever he ends up.  Jackson and Wallace together in the front court should be exciting, and it really is time for Augustin to move into the spot the ‘Cats drafted him for.  Law is a competent backup at the 1 and the 2 and should transition to playing under Brown very smoothly.  I would love to see the ‘Cats in the post season and I think this move, as long as whatever they do next isn’t monumentally stupid, is a good step in that direction.