Monday Morning Fodder

This weekend was pretty big in the sports world.  Not only did we see the fraudulent Iowa Hawkeyes lose to Northwestern, who by the way is 6 – 4 on the year and 3 – 3 in the Big 11, but we also saw a shake up at the top of the BCS standings.  Two SEC teams now sit atop the BCS with Florida at number one and Alabama at number two.  This should set Texas up pretty nicely, who dropped from two to three in the standings, since the top two teams will have locked their spots in the SEC Championship Game up.

In the NFL we saw Tampa Bay beat Green Bay to get its first win of the season.  That gives all of the NFL squads at least one win, but five teams are sitting with one lone win, and two have only two.  Have we ever seen so many bad football teams in the NFL?

On the other side of the coin however, we were treated to some good games yesterday as Dallas laid claim to the top spot in the NFC East, New Orleans only needed one half to beat the Panthers, and Indy got a missed field goal to eek out a win over Houston.  Anyone else find it extremely ironic that the Chargers beat the Giants on a last minute TD drive thanks to Philip Rivers putting the team on his back, and then Shawne Merriman put the final touches on the win with a sack of Eli Manning?

Anyone else already tired of hearing about Andre Agassi?  I will give the man credit for having huge stones, because that is what it took to come clean about wearing that awful wig.  Agassi does give some nice quotes in his new book, “Open”, which hits the shelves today.

NC State, and UNC both got much needed wins, while Duke, Wake and ECU all took Ls in their games.  Can UNC still win the “State Championship” despite the fact that they do not play Wake this year?  Or will it be moot after the November 28th match-up with NC State anyway?

Speaking of NC State, what was TOB thinking accepting a five yard penalty to make it 4th and 6 instead of taking the result of a punt that would have put Maryland at the three yard line?  State then went for it, and saw an intercepted pass taken all the way to the house on the ensuing replay of the down.  Terrible decision.

I think Clemson just missed another kick.  How in the blue hell did they still win that game, despite missing three PATs and two field goals?  They essentially spotted FSU nine points and still won by 16 points.

Panthers Find New And Exciting Ways To Lose

Photo Credit: Getty Images via Yahoo! Sports

Oh what a tease those Panthers are.

A week after winning on the road at Arizona and giving people a glimmer of hope as to the competitive nature of this team, the Panthers blow a two touchdown lead at New Orleans and end up losing 30-20.  If only the running backs could hold onto the football as well as John Fox can hold his head.

Everyone’s favorite whipping boy, Jake Delhomme, was actually not that bad and when I say “not that bad” I mean he managed not to throw any interceptions.  Instead Delhomme passed on his case of the turnovers to his two running backs who both registered lost fumbles.  Jonathan Stewart fumbled deep in Carolina’s own end early in the 2nd quarter but was bailed out by a Drew Brees  interception.  DeAngelo Williams was not so lucky tainting a 149 yards, two TD day by killing any chance the Panthers had left with a fumble on the Carolina one which was scooped up for a Saints’ touchdown and a 10 point lead with less than two minutes left.

The question is where the do the Panthers go from here? Well…um….nowhere.  The playoffs are likely out of the question now barring some kind of huge turnaround over the final half of the season and given the variety of ways this team has found to blow games, does anyone really believe that is going to change?

ACC Football Week 10 Roundup

NC State 38 Maryland 30: The Wolfpack are on the board collecting their first ACC win which prevents them from stumbling into territory traditionally reserved for Duke.  NCSU racked up 483 yards of total offense, 343 of it through the air as Russell Wilson threw for four TD passes.  The Pack won the game despite committing four turnovers which included three INTs from Wilson, formerly the patron saint of the zero INT game.  A win is a win, but the question begs to be asked: How bad is Maryland? Fourteen of the Terps’ points came from a pick six and kickoff return for a TD. Otherwise their offense was crap. Most teams when they finish the game with a +3 turnover margin are also celebrating a win.  Not the case here which leads to another question: How did Clemson lose to Maryland?

UNC 19 Duke 6: If the UNC football team were on a sinking ship, Butch Davis would put the defense, Ryan Houston and Casey Barth in the lifeboats first just in case it was a Titanic type situation and they ran out. The Tar Heel defense completely shutdown Duke’s 5th ranked passing offense holding them to 113 yards in the air and 125 yards total.  Duke was worthless running the football, which is not really news.  What was unexpected is how much trouble they had getting any semblance of their vaunted passing game going.  UNC did an effective job in coverage while putting enough pressure on Thaddeus Lewis to disrupt the rhythm of the Blue Devil offense.  UNC’s offense was its usual putrid self except for Ryan Houston who got 37 carries for 164 yards after Shaun Draughn was injured on the first play of the game. T.J. Yates overthrew so many wide open receivers the words “point shaving” come to mind.  In the end it was too much Houston and Casey Barth who booted four FGs to go along the Jhey Boyd touchdown late in the game. UNC is now 6-3 and needs only one win to become bowl eligible.  Duke still needs two wins and the schedule they have left is not all that conducive to realizing that goal.

Georgia Tech 30 Wake Forest 27(OT): With Wake Forest leading 27-24 in OT and Georgia Tech facing a 4th and 1 inside the five, Paul Johnson did the totally reasonable thing and went for it.  Wait…what? Needless to say Paul Johnson has a pair on him, a huge pair.  I cannot name any other coach in the ACC that would have gone for it there considering the implications if Wake Forest gets the stop.  It wasn’t just the game, it was potentially a trip to the ACC title game and the Orange Bowl at stake. Anyway, Josh Nesbitt got the first down and the Jackets went onto to score the winning TD.  Georgia Tech now sits alone atop the Coastal and needs only to beat Duke next week to punch their ticket for Tampa.  Wake Forest on the other hands continues to have a season that is a polar opposite of 2006.  Instead of winning all of the close games, the Deacs are losing then with clockwork regularity.  Someone get Jim Grobe some TUMS.

Clemson 40 FSU 24: It took three quarters before the Clemson offense really got rolling versus the much maligned FSU defense.  Either the Seminoles were playing inspired football on the defensive side as some sort of tribute to Mickey Andrews or Clemson was just inept for three quarters.  Maybe both. FSU staked an early 17-6 lead after a pick six and lead 24-21 after three quarters.  In the end it was just too much C.J. Spiller who had well over 200 all purpose yards and two TDs.  Clemson’s defense came up big against one of the more potent offenses in the conference intercepting Christian Ponder four times.  Clemson moved to 4-2 in the ACC and controls their own destiny in the Atlantic.

Miami 52 Virginia 17: Bad Virginia made an reappearance in this one after hanging in the game for one half.  Following the intermission Miami blanked the Cavs 28-0 in a rout that saw the Canes put up over 500 yards of total offense effectively balanced between both the pass and the run. In other words, UVa did not have a prayer when it came to trying to stop Miami. UVa’s offense was paltry to say the least with a meager 149 yards to show for itself but it was better than Duke did in Chapel Hill.  Miami moves to 7-2 and clings to the hope they can still sneak into a BCS bowl game, especially with Oregon and Notre Dame losing.  UVa is mathematically alive for a bowl but they would have to win out.  That won’t happen.

Virginia Tech 16 ECU 3: The only noteworthy aspect of this game was the fact ECU put a huge logo of the state of North Carolina on the field with a pirate skull filling most of it up.  ECU also has cool helmets.  Other than that, the ECU did not do much else content to persistently shoot themselves in their collective foots every chance they got. The Hokies relied on a steady diet of Ryan Williams rushing to quiet the Pirate crowd and methodically control the game.  Williams bounced back nicely after last being seen sitting on the sideline in Blacksburg following UNC’s 20-17 win over the Hokies facilitated in part by a Williams fumble deep in his own end.  And if you are Frank Beamer do you wake up in cold sweats at 2 AM thinking about the seat-of-your-pants way Tyrod Taylor manages a given play? Taylor’s athleticism is both a gift and a curse.  Sometimes he breaks the plane of the goal line and at other times he fumbles it through the end zone or scrambles around too long looking a receiver and gets sacked for a 10 yards loss. Taylor is good but the anxiety level watching him play for Hokie fans must be off the charts.

ACC Twitterblogola Week 10

Good Morning TSB!

Photo Credit: EDSBS

ECU put a new logo on the field for their Thursday Night Game against Virginia Tech.  No word on if Lou Holtz granted permission for his likeness to be included in the logo.

Here are the ACC games scheduled for today:

Virginia at #17 Miami, 12:00 PM, Raycom: Canes try to keep their Coastal Division hopes afloat.  Al Groh tries to not add himself to the unemployment line.
Maryland at NC State, 1:00 PM, ESPN360: Dear. Lord. Any truth to the rumor the FCC forced ESPN to take this off the air for fear it was too gruesome even for cable?
Wake Forest at #10 Georgia Tech, 3:30 PM, ABC: Riley Skinner was cleared to play.  Too bad the Wake offense will only get about 15 minutes of time on the field.
Duke at UNC, 3:30 PM, ESPNU: NCAA Tournament #1 seeds on the line. Duke controls its own destiny in the Coastal Division. I just threw up in my mouth a little writing that.
FSU at Clemson, 7:45 PM, ESPN: This was more entertaining when Tommy Bowden was at Clemson leading another epic November fail. Instead we settle for points galore.  Tigers control their own destiny in the Atlantic.

We will have the fabulous Twitterblogola up later for your commenting pleasure during the games.

We’re Putting The Band Back Together

Okay, here we go.

First, a little history. There was this guy named Joe Ovies born of humble beginnings somewhere in Florida, weened on Miami Hurricanes football and later a graduate of NC State.  After college Joe became a local sports talk sensation in Raleigh, NC where he snarked his way through hours of broadcast time. About four years ago Joe started the 850 the Buzz Blog in an effort to further entertain the masses with his snarkiness. And this little upstart blog grew in both content and readers forming a great community of the brightest sports thinkers the Triangle area has ever known.  It was neutral territory for the web savvy sports fans in the area and Joe kept the place running with plenty of good material. Basically, it was like Babylon 5 without the creepy aliens. Unfortunately it was not meant for a long life.  Alas, the winds of change did blow and Thee Blog as it affectionately came to be known was swept away by corporate machinations and poor Joe sent off to labor for his corporate masters over at WRAL Sports Fan.

After Thee Blog came to a sudden and jolting halt, a few of us decided it was a shame to allow Thee Blog community to die, primarily because we were all bored at work.  Plus, if you simply conform then the terrorists win or something and doggone it Joe taught us better!   I mean “was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?”  Heck no.  So we exchanged a few emails, bought a domain name, slapped a database and WordPress install together and here it is.

You are probably asking what “it” is.

Glad you asked.

Thee Sports Blog is a mishmash of local slackers bloggers with interests rooted in college teams from the great state of North Carolina such as UNC, NC State, Duke, ECU, Wake Forest and the rest of the ACC as well.  We also dabble in the professional ranks, mainly Carolina Panthers football as well as others but the bread and butter of what happens here will be centered on ACC football and basketball.  This is a group blog with the various teams represented to some degree or another.  In terms of content, you will be getting our takes on the sporting events of our time, some intellectually honest analysis, hopefully some humor but in the end mostly just a bunch of guys tossing stuff at the wall to see what causes the biggest ruckus in the comments section.  It will be relatively clean-ish because as much as we like to all think we are 19 years old with nothing to lose in reality we would like to hold on to as much of our tattered dignity and credibility as we can.

So without further ado I present to you Thee Sports Blog.