When TLF met WTF

NC State opens the football season against Tennessee on August 31st.  Since it’s the opener, it’s already a topic of conversation on Pack Pride.  A couple of weeks ago (actually, I looked it up, and the thread was started in April), a UT fan started a thread about the game.  I have to be honest for just a second…the fact that this thread was actually started in April has really messed up my thinking.

It was a fairly typical preseason game thread (I thought…before I knew that it started in APRIL).  The team you pull for was going to have every injured guy return fully healthy, every potential draft pick play to his full potential, and every departing player replaced by a younger guy that was better than him anyway, and the other team was going to suffer the opposite fate.  Things like that.  Blah, blah, you suck, we’re great, yada yada.  But then, a sudden and awesome WTF TLF moment happened. Continue reading When TLF met WTF

A Big, Heaping Helping Of WTF

This week was so full of WTF that I couldn’t wait until Friday.  At the same time, there was so much WTF that I couldn’t decide on one thing to write about.  Finally, I decided to write about a bunch of things.  So, here goes….. Continue reading A Big, Heaping Helping Of WTF

WTF Friday

Well, here’s Week Two of WTF Friday.  All week, I had thought this post was going to be a relatively simple one, about a GIF that made the rounds last week:

Originally from The Big Lead

But then, a funny thing happened while I was watching SportsCenter.  I saw LaDainian Tomlinson giving an interview, and he made the following comment:

“(I’d rather be a) Hall of Fame player without a ring, because you’ve got to sacrifice so much individually just to be good,” Tomlinson said on NBC SportsTalk. “They draft you individually, and you’ve got to back them up and make them right. I think at the end of the day, even though I didn’t win a Super Bowl ring, I felt like I backed them up for drafting me. I backed up the San Diego Chargers for picking me with the fifth pick.”

WTF LT? Continue reading WTF Friday

WTF Friday

OK…so Pat’s Michael Jordan post gave me an idea this week.  This is it.  I don’t know if this will be a weekly thing, or if today is the only installment.  What I do know is that something I’ve been meaning to write about since last Friday is an appropriate first topic.

Coach K, when asked by Piers Morgan to discuss what he thought of the way that Joe Paterno’s tenure at Penn State came to a close:

It’s horrible. I’ve respected Coach Paterno my entire life and had a chance to get to know him really well in the last year of his life. We did a show together, and I thought it was really not well done in handling the situation. It’s a difficult situation to encounter, but somebody who’s given six decades of service to a university and done such an incredible job, something has to play out and respect the fact you’ve gone through all these experiences for six decades. It doesn’t just go out the window right at the end. I thought it was a real mistake by Penn State’s leadership.

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