GA Tech Women Win By 71 Points

What does it take to make me finally set aside a minute to write a post?  I was walking by the TV and saw the following score run across the scrawl:

GATech 82 – TNST 11

No way I could let that slide without pulling out the netbook and seeing if I was hallucinating or not.  Sure enough, it is true.  The GA Tech womens basketball team just pasted a team by 71 points.  But wait, it gets better.

A quick look into the box score and we see that TNST shot 6% from the field.  Six.  They only managed to three of their 50 attempts from the floor through the hoop.  Three.  Out of 50.  Wow.  Did I mention they had 35 turnovers as well?

Back to the 6%.  Only seven of their shots were blocked by GA Tech players.  That accounts for 10 of the 50 shots.  40 times they tossed to ball at the glass, and 40 times it failed to provide them with points.

That is about all I can say about this game without violating my personal rule of not picking on kids who obviously do not deserve it.  Of course, I did just violate my pledge to never write a post about women’s basketball unless it was to rip Geno a new one.