Carolina Gets 12th Straight Over NC State

Last night the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill went off script to beat NC State by a score of 86 – 74.  In the past, I have been ridiculed for saying that the Tar Heels play the Wolfpack like it is a “Super Bowl” of sorts.  I’m not the only one to make a comparison like this, as Mark Thomas of 620 The Buzz said just this morning that the Heels play the Pack like it is a Final Four game.  There just seems to be something in the air when the Tar Heels take the court against the Pack of late, as they ran their winning streak to an all time high of 12 games last night in the RBC Center.  Details and thoughts after the jump. Continue reading Carolina Gets 12th Straight Over NC State

Game Day in the ACC

A lot happened last night in the world of NC State athletics.  Mark Gottfried showed up at the Free Expression Tunnel for the “Ram Roast” and had quit a bit to say, although I have yet to hear any of it.  More goodness after the jump. Continue reading Game Day in the ACC

“Not Our Rival”

Shane Ryan, a writer for ESPN’s Grantland and the blog Tobacco Road Blues (and also the former blog Seth Curry Saves Duke) wrote a great piece on the “Not Our Rival” chant.  That chant was a big topic of conversation here on THEESB last week leading up to and after the UNC vs. NC State game.

He points out its use in the triangle by UNC fans against NC State and by Duke fans against Maryland. I also remember that during the Matt Doherty debacle era at UNC, it was used by Dukies claiming that UNC was “not their rival”, Maryland was.

Basically I see it this way. It is said against a team that deep down you do consider a rival, maybe not your main rival, but a rivalry and history is present. So saying they aren’t even worthy of being called your rival is not just poking the bear with a stick, its beating the bear over the head with a tree.  It just gets amplified when the rivalry has been one sided recently like UNC and State in basketball.  11 in a row, 17 out of 18, owned by Roy, yada,yada, yada..

I see “Not Our Rival” as part of a fan lineage. There are the “Good,Bad, and Ugly” t-shirts, with school logos changing depending on which team you rooted for (UNC was always the ugly, except for the UNC fan version), basic math, The “Who’s Your Daddy!” chant of the late 90’s and now this. Who knows what will be next.

North Carolina is North Carolina State’s biggest rival, they are also Duke’s. That leaves UNC and their fans to choose which of the two teams that also reside in the triangle with them as their biggest rival. Historically, it was NC State. This is one reason Roy Williams gets pumped up for those games. Roy is “old school”, he was around when NC State was UNC’s biggest rival.  When the  “Not our Rival” chant started last week near the end of the game, he motioned for it to stop. Thankfully, he didn’t have to break out his BB gun.

Starting in the 1990’s with the rise of Mike Krzyzewski and Duke (and State slipping in basketball) things changed.  ESPN and Dick Vitale made every UNC vs Duke game must-see tv. Even putting the game on two networks at the same time with different camera angles.

Players and students today dont remember NC State as being the big rival to North Carolina.

As if it proved the point, the UNC student body shouted the words “Go to hell, Duke!” at the end of the fight song they sang after the final whistle. If there’s one piece of trivia that encapsulates the state of the rivalry, it’s this — before the early ’90s, those words used to be “Go to hell, State!”

meanwhile, Wake Forest remains Switzerland.


NC State (15-5) at North Carolina (16-3)

7PM Dean Smith Center.

UNC is looking for its 11th win in a row against State. It will be their first game without Dexter Strickland, and they have had a week off.

NC State will be trying to get their first win in Chapel Hill since 2003.  They are one victory away from matching their total in ACC play from last season, and are currently on a three game winning streak.



Tickets Still Available on StubHub

In case anyone wants to go to the NC State/UNC-CH game on Thursday night, there are still 442 tickets available on StubHub as of me typing this.  Anyone know where Roy Williams’ reserved, extra special, Tar Heel Fan only seats are?  There would be nothing better than to see some Wolfpack fans sitting in that section.  One has to wonder if Roy would have them removed for having the audacity to cheer for the other team.

Kicking Off State/Carolina Hate Week In Style

Apparently the gang over at do not think very highly of either NC State, or its fans.  Wolfpack fans are the “most ignorant in the nation”.  The “uninformed knuckleheads” that support State are so stupid that they think they have a shot in Thursday’s showdown.  The Pack hasn’t played anyone of note, at all.  Period.  They have the weakest schedule in the history of ever.  The only reason the Pack is 4 – 1 is because, as stated, they have the weakest schedule EVER.  Oh, and they could easily have a losing record over their past 11 games, in which they have actually gone 10 – 1.

The Pack does get credit for having “good balance, but things like talent, skill and intangibles have to be the primary considerations.”  Lorenzo Brown is only talked about by knuckle dragging hicks from State as being better than Kendall Marshall.

Granted, most of that came from the comments section, and there are some valid points in the entry.  For instance, did you know that Roy Williams is 8 – 0 in his fifth ACC game of the season?  Or that UNC is on a 28 game winning streak at the Dean Dome (of course you knew that, “we all know” that)?  What actually is relevant is that the Heels have won 10 straight against the Pack and Roy has only lost once in 17 games against them.

Carry on.

Monday Morning Fodder – January 23, 2012

It’s another Monday morning, so it looks like it’s time to recap the weekend.  Anything worth talking about happen?  Holy crap what a weekend.  NFL, Joe Paterno, ACC action…  it’s all after the jump. Continue reading Monday Morning Fodder — January 23, 2012

NC State Continues To Own UNC-CH

The NC State Wolfpack defeated the UNC-CH Tarheels by a score of 13 – 0 at Carter Finley Stadium on Saturday.  The score does not depict how badly the Tarheels were over-matched by their neighbors in West Raleigh, however.  This was the first time that the Pack has shutout the Heels since 1960.

The best stat I have seen from this game is that with something like five minutes to go in the second, State had more points (10) than the Heels had total yards (9).  State basically ran the clock out the entire second half, and in doing so won its fifth straight time against their non-rivals.  The flagship could only muster three total rushing yards the entire game, to go along with a paltry 162 passing yards.  The Pack’s offense did not fare that much better, throwing for only 164 yards and gaining just 290 total yards.

It was a defensive fare to say the least, and it will be interesting to watch these two squads finish out the season.  NC State still needs two more wins to become bowl eligible, while UNC-CH has already achieved that status.  While I previously said that State does not deserve to go to a bowl game, it looks likely that they could make it to one with just BC, Clemson and Maryland standing in the way.

The bad news for Wolfpack fans is that there is no love lost between BC and State, nor is there between the Pack and the Turtles.  Oh, and Clemson is pretty damned good too.  So if State does indeed win two of their last three, I will have no issues with them going to a bowl game, or with Tom O’Brien keeping his job.  If they do not make a bowl game, however, that 5 – 0 record against the USS-Tarheels will not be enough to save him.

Another great thing about this game, from a Wolfpack perspective, is that now even redshirt Seniors at UNC-CH have no idea what it feels like to beat NC State in football.

Box score is here.

TOB Adds Some Jet Fuel

Well that did not take long.  NC State’s Tom O’Brien fired back at Everett Withers after practice today:

As far as the flagship, here was a guy (Withers) who was on a football staff that ends up in Indianapolis.” He went on to say, “You have an agent on staff, you are paying players & you have academic fraud. That’s a triple play.

More on the academics:

At our school, number one, all classes have a syllabus. Our guys go to school, they are not given grades, and they graduate.

It should be noted that real graduation rates for the TOB era at NC State are not available, as he is in his 5th year at the school.

Quotes taken from WRAL Sports Fan, which also has the audio of both the Withers and TOB rants.