Postponed. Until February 20.

imageThis Photo Of Dick Vitale Is Art

Bullock’s BBQ made it, Dickie V was stuck at RDU. 

The Great Snowpocalypse of 2014 caused the game between North Carolina and Duke to be postponed. Oh my goodness, what next?

“Duke’s bus is not able to get to their campus to pick up the team in time to be able to make the trip to Chapel Hill so we can’t play this evening.” Says UNC Director of Athletics Bubba Cunningham. “The safety of the teams and officials is the number one priority and this was the best decision to make at this time. Coach Williams, Coach Krzyzewski, (Duke AD) Kevin White and I will be on the phone with the ACC and make a decision as to when to play the game as soon as possible.”  – UNC AD Bubba Cunningham

UNC was bummed because students were going to be allowed to sit in the lower seats and the atmosphere would have been more dare I say, Cameron-like.  My complaint with the Smith Center is that it should have been designed like that in the first place. It is officially the Dean Smith Student Activity Center, but I digress.

ACC rules are that if both teams and officials can make it to the game site, the game will be played. Two weeks ago in Atlanta during the ice storm, UNC ran into the same situation. The game against Georgia Tech was played, but not televised and people were encouraged not to go to the game unless they were on campus or could walk.  As we have also heard, UNC had to take MARTA and walk to their hotel, and the game was played.

So Duke will now play this Saturday vs. Maryland, Tuesday at Georgia Tech, makeup game at UNC at 9 on Thursday, then Syracuse at home next Saturday.  UNC will host Pittsburgh on Saturday, at Florida State on Monday, Duke on Thursday, and then Wake Forest on Saturday at Chapel Hill.

I didn’t have a problem with the game being postponed, the weather was brutal and people were being stranded on the roads, maybe making the decision sooner rather than later.

It is only a basketball game.

Weekend is here…its March.

Duke and North Carolina, Round 2. Saturday night at 7pm in Durham.

Another must win for NC State at Virginia Tech. Sunday at 6pm.

FSU’s Michael Snaer hit another buzzer beater as the Seminoles secured the #3 spot in the ACC with a win over Virginia

Final weekend of the regular season for the ACC in college basketball. ACC Tournament kicks off next Thursday.

Smaller conference tournaments are already underway.

North Carolina vs Duke Round 1

Hatefest tonight in Chapel Hill.

According to the ACC over the last 75 meetings, Duke leads in points scored 5,858-5,857.

UNC is on a school record 31 game home winning streak. Under Roy Williams, UNC is 4-4 against Duke at the Smith Center, and 4-4 and Cameron.

Mike Krzyzewski is 36-36 vs. UNC and 11-14 in the Smith Center.

Thoughts, predictions, hate…BB Guns and bad backs. The leader of men vs the ol’ coca-cola drinking country boy. Who will prevail?….

I think Duke will definitely come in more focused, especially coming off the loss to Miami. UNC’s size up front will be a major challenge, but will UNC have lapses in play and allow Duke to get hot from the 3 point range? How will Barnes ankle hold up?

UNC 82, Duke 71


Also: Tar Heel Fan Blog, is now Tar Heel Blog. Newer, faster…


UPDATED: Memphis to join the Big East… ECU left out again.

Very entertaining, but plodding, Super Bowl. Giants defeat the Patriots 21-17. Thought the Patriots were going to put the game away when they went up 17-9, but some bad drops, bad penalties (12 men on field) and the Giants defense helped them stay in the game.  Eli has become Mr.Clutch in the 4th quarter…another great pass this time to Mario Manningham on the game winning drive….Is Eli better than Peyton?…

What were your favorite commercials? I liked the Doritos Dog, the VW dog, and Dirty Harry for Chrysler.

I thought Madonna did a good halftime show. I missed the middle finger, and who is M.I.A.? Still not as good as Prince’s halftime show a few years ago.

Man wins $50,000 on a Vegas prop bet that the first score would be a safety.

Florida teams love Cameron Indoor. Duke lost at home again. 78-74 in OT to Miami. Greensboro native Reggie Johnson owned the Plumlees, and Duke couldn’t hit a free throw in OT.

Its UNC vs Duke week.

Call the Waaaambulance. Maryland coaches, players and fans are mad at John Henson for dunking the ball at the end of the game on Saturday. It didnt seem like a big deal to me.  Speaking of last second dunks against Maryland..THIS!

AP Basketball Poll: 1.Kentucky  2. Syracuse 3.Ohio State 4.Missouri 5.UNC

10.Duke 15. Florida State 19.Virginia

“Not Our Rival”

Shane Ryan, a writer for ESPN’s Grantland and the blog Tobacco Road Blues (and also the former blog Seth Curry Saves Duke) wrote a great piece on the “Not Our Rival” chant.  That chant was a big topic of conversation here on THEESB last week leading up to and after the UNC vs. NC State game.

He points out its use in the triangle by UNC fans against NC State and by Duke fans against Maryland. I also remember that during the Matt Doherty debacle era at UNC, it was used by Dukies claiming that UNC was “not their rival”, Maryland was.

Basically I see it this way. It is said against a team that deep down you do consider a rival, maybe not your main rival, but a rivalry and history is present. So saying they aren’t even worthy of being called your rival is not just poking the bear with a stick, its beating the bear over the head with a tree.  It just gets amplified when the rivalry has been one sided recently like UNC and State in basketball.  11 in a row, 17 out of 18, owned by Roy, yada,yada, yada..

I see “Not Our Rival” as part of a fan lineage. There are the “Good,Bad, and Ugly” t-shirts, with school logos changing depending on which team you rooted for (UNC was always the ugly, except for the UNC fan version), basic math, The “Who’s Your Daddy!” chant of the late 90’s and now this. Who knows what will be next.

North Carolina is North Carolina State’s biggest rival, they are also Duke’s. That leaves UNC and their fans to choose which of the two teams that also reside in the triangle with them as their biggest rival. Historically, it was NC State. This is one reason Roy Williams gets pumped up for those games. Roy is “old school”, he was around when NC State was UNC’s biggest rival.  When the  “Not our Rival” chant started last week near the end of the game, he motioned for it to stop. Thankfully, he didn’t have to break out his BB gun.

Starting in the 1990’s with the rise of Mike Krzyzewski and Duke (and State slipping in basketball) things changed.  ESPN and Dick Vitale made every UNC vs Duke game must-see tv. Even putting the game on two networks at the same time with different camera angles.

Players and students today dont remember NC State as being the big rival to North Carolina.

As if it proved the point, the UNC student body shouted the words “Go to hell, Duke!” at the end of the fight song they sang after the final whistle. If there’s one piece of trivia that encapsulates the state of the rivalry, it’s this — before the early ’90s, those words used to be “Go to hell, State!”

meanwhile, Wake Forest remains Switzerland.

Stories of the Year

So what sports stories, events, games, scandals and other happenings stick out in your mind from 2011? There are plenty of things to choose from, here are some  of the headliners from the Big 3, the ACC, and outside the ACC.  That is the thing with sports and being a sports fan, there is always something happening…

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New Message: # 9 0 3 K

Student passes teacher

Mike Krzyzewski became Division one’s all-time winningest coach when Duke beat Michigan State 74-69 on Tuesday night at Madison Square Garden. But you already knew that.  So for entertainment purposes I posted a slightly unedited text message conversation I had during the game with one of my best friends who happens to be a Tar Heel .

Without further ado:

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North Carolina vs Duke….in five minutes.

Cool time lapse video of the UNC/Duke game last Saturday.

All-ACC Teams. Duke’s Nolan Smith unanimous All-ACC.  As Charlie Sheen would say…DUH!

Interesting ACC Tournament tidbits from Duke Basketball Report about UNC and Duke’s dominance.

  • In the first 57 years of the ACC, either Duke or North Carolina has a won a championship – either regular season or tournament – in 50 of those 57 years. With UNC’s regular season crown this year, it’s now 51 of 58 seasons.
  • Since 1974 (the David Thompson era), UNC or Duke has claimed an ACC title of some sorts in 33 of 35 seasons (regular season and/or tournament)
  • Duke and UNC have combined to win 13 of the last 14 ACC Tournaments.
  • Duke and North Carolina have not met in the ACC Tournament since 2003



North Carolina wins the ACC


North Carolina was pretty much in control the entire game. Just like in Durham they built a double-digit halftime lead. Unlike what happened in Durham, this time they held off Duke’s early second half run and won 81-67.  Clinching UNC’s record-setting 28th ACC regular season title.  They are also the first team in league history to win the ACC regular-season title outright a year after finishing below .500 in league play.

Nolan Smith and Seth Curry combined to score 50 of Duke’s 67 points.  Harrison Barnes led UNC with 18 points. Next up is the ACC Tournament is Greensboro, where we could see a third matchup next weekend.