Monday Morning Fodder

Can someone pinch me when it is time for the NCAAT to actually start?  Wow, what a weekend of basketball.  How many of you have balled up your brackets and thrown them out the window?  Flushed down the toilet?  Wait, no Joe Ovies, not you and your 250 sheets, you do not count.  Well, except for the one in the challenge, which I am currently sitting in fourth place and looking good.  On to the actual sports…. Continue reading Monday Morning Fodder

Thee Sports Blog Tournament Pick ‘Em UPDATE: Never Mind!

You know it would probably help if I would actually pay attention to what gets posted here seeing that I am an editor and all. Mike already set this up which I think I missed because I was doing that crazy family/honey do list/life thing over the weekend.

Yes, you have time to fill out one more freaking bracket.

Sorry for the late notice and for the fact there are no prizes.  Only bragging rights. And cursing from smallandpettypat.

Click on this link to join the group using the information below:

Group ID: 105575
Password: melons