Shakeup For Local Sports Radio In The Triangle

After only a few months of the new 99.9 The Fan/620 The Buzz lineup there are already changes afoot. The suits at WRAL have decided to move Adam Gold and Joe Ovies from their morning slot on 620 the Buzz to the 3-7 PM slot on 99.9 The Fan. This will take effect starting Thursday morning.  That basically means from 12-7 PM you will have old 850 hands manning the WRAL mothership with David Glenn on from 12-3 PM followed by AG and Joe.  If we could find a way to dump Colin Cowherd at 10 AM and get Chris Clark back on there the assimilation would be complete.

The Insiders(aka Mark Thomas and Mike Maniscalco) will be moved from their 3-7 PM slot on 99.9 The Fan to Adam and Joe’s morning slot on 620 the Buzz.  When it was announced this morning, it was said to just be a better fit but anyone who was born at any point before yesterday knows this move is about ratings and the belief that AG and Joe can do a better job in the afternoon drive time slot on FM while banishing The Insiders to 620’s putrid signal.  Plus, The Insiders sucked so no one should really be shocked by this move.

So congratulations to AG and Thee Blog Emeritus Joe Ovies on the move to a signal people can actually listen to in Raleigh. In their honor I offer this: