TLF Thursday


Okay, I’ve been seriously slack lately and for that I apologize.  I’ve had, frankly, better things to do than search the monkey boards for craziness for your enjoyment.  Alas, I’ve got to contribute something here or I’ll forget how to do it soon.  So, after much delay, here is your crazy for the week Continue reading TLF Thursday

TLF Uhhh… Whatever Day I say It Is

I know, I know… late again.  So what?  Not every one can sit around in their mom’s basement fapping it to TYLs on the interwebs, playing WOW, and listening to the Star Wars soundtrack on vinyl.  I’m here now, though.  And so is your crazy… Continue reading TLF Uhhh… Whatever Day I say It Is

TLF Wednesday


HAPPY BIRTHDAY ‘MERICA!!!  Sorry it’s a day late, but I’ve been busy this week.  Hit the jump and read the crazy. Continue reading TLF Wednesday

TLF Tuesday on Wednesday


Sorry Tuesday is on Wednesday this week.  It’s a holiday week, so you’ll have to just move past it.

Ugh.  This thread makes me feel like I need a shower.  Let’s get it over with.   Continue reading TLF Tuesday on Wednesday