Thugs In Sports – January 13th, 2012

Its Friday the 13th, and what better day to start a new series here on TSB?  With much ado, we give you the first entry of Thugs In Sports.

While this news is a “bit old”, we found it via our good buddies at Off The Record last week, and ever since we have been patiently waiting to bring it to you.  It seems that high school basketball is pretty rough in the state of Washington.  This has been circling the internet, showing up on Yahoo! and other places, but if you have not seen it you are in for a treat.  The video and still photo pretty much speak for themselves.

The player in question is one Cole Vanderbilt, with a nod to his teammate Kennan VanHollebeke.  They seem to have invented some new sport, which is a hybrid of MMA and basketball, with an edge going to the MMA card.  Enjoy.