Attrition Galore

This year there are quite a few early departures for the NBA draft.  Hit the jump to see a current list of players who have declared.  Who should have stayed?  Who else should have gone?  How does this change the landscape for next season? Continue reading Attrition Galore

Monday Fodder: Boeheim goes Ballistic, Wake gets Biscuit’d, Jr. Wins Daytona, RIP Harold Ramis

In the new greatest rivalry in college basketball (according to ESPN), Duke and Syracuse came down to the wire again when Jim Boeheim strongly disagreed with the charge call against T.J. Fair.

Yes Dick Vitale, coaches can scream, but running onto the court to get in the refs face will get you thrown out.

North Carolina won their ninth game in a row easily over Wake Forest 105-72 (nice knowing you Jeff Bzdelik) and travel to Raleigh this week to face NC State. This is really a must win for the Wolfpack, who do not have a signature win this year and are hovering on the NCAA bubble. Three of their last four games at home.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. won his second Daytona 500. Ten years after his first, and the same year the #3 returns to NASCAR.

The man who wrote classics such as Caddyshack, Stripes, and Ghostbusters, Harold Ramis, died on Monday, he was 69.

…and breakfast is coming to Taco Bell, say hello to the Waffle Taco


First Coaches Poll of the Basketball Season

The First USA Today Coaches Poll for the college basketball season is out.  You’ll notice the link is to an ESPN version.  This is because the USA Today page is turrible.  Hit the jump for details. Continue reading First Coaches Poll of the Basketball Season

Thursday Link Dump

The Olympics start next week in London…

Just like Syracuse did earlier in the week, Pittsburgh officially leaves the Big East and will join ACC on July 1, 2013

Hearing today on Butch Davis’ UNC cell phone records

Yahoo Sports’ Pat Forde talked with UNC AD Bubba Cunningham about the ongoing football/AFAM/academic fraud scandal

Antawn Jamison will not be a Bobcat, he will sign a one-year deal with the LA Lakers

Grant Hill leaves Phoenix for the LA Clippers

The Dark Knight Rises opens Friday, in case you haven’t heard







UPDATED: Memphis to join the Big East… ECU left out again.

Very entertaining, but plodding, Super Bowl. Giants defeat the Patriots 21-17. Thought the Patriots were going to put the game away when they went up 17-9, but some bad drops, bad penalties (12 men on field) and the Giants defense helped them stay in the game.  Eli has become Mr.Clutch in the 4th quarter…another great pass this time to Mario Manningham on the game winning drive….Is Eli better than Peyton?…

What were your favorite commercials? I liked the Doritos Dog, the VW dog, and Dirty Harry for Chrysler.

I thought Madonna did a good halftime show. I missed the middle finger, and who is M.I.A.? Still not as good as Prince’s halftime show a few years ago.

Man wins $50,000 on a Vegas prop bet that the first score would be a safety.

Florida teams love Cameron Indoor. Duke lost at home again. 78-74 in OT to Miami. Greensboro native Reggie Johnson owned the Plumlees, and Duke couldn’t hit a free throw in OT.

Its UNC vs Duke week.

Call the Waaaambulance. Maryland coaches, players and fans are mad at John Henson for dunking the ball at the end of the game on Saturday. It didnt seem like a big deal to me.  Speaking of last second dunks against Maryland..THIS!

AP Basketball Poll: 1.Kentucky  2. Syracuse 3.Ohio State 4.Missouri 5.UNC

10.Duke 15. Florida State 19.Virginia

The ACC Shows How It Is Done

After being in Dallas all week, and getting home late last evening, I woke up to this news with great pleasure.  Not only has the ACC locked up a solid two sport university in Pitt, but they added a top 10 basketball program in Syracuse, with a coach who has a history of disliking the ACC.  And they did it in silence.  There were no weeks of speculation about who the ACC was going to nab, other than the Texas chatter, which is not coming from the ACC as far as I can tell.  At the same time, the ACC unanimously voted to increase the buyout to leave the conference by $6mil – $8mil by setting it at $20mil across the board.  That is some serious solidarity right there.

Lots of thoughts after the jump. Continue reading The ACC Shows How It Is Done

Monday Morning Fodder

So, how are those brackets looking?  Mine look like crap, with zero Final Four teams remaining.  Duke is the lone ACC team left standing, and they will face off against West Virginia, who happens to be the lone Big East team left.  On the other side, we have Butler out of the Horizon League facing off against Michigan State out of the Big 11.

Meanwhile, over in the NIT, Carolina (we can call them that because it is basketball we are talking…) will be facing off against Rhode Island, that juggernaut from the A-10.  How will Carolina find a way to stop Keith Cothran, Delroy James and Lamonte Ulmer?  Yawn. Continue reading Monday Morning Fodder

Monday Morning Fodder

So, anything happen this weekend in sports?  Come on, what’s the scuttlebutt?  Anyone else wondering how the BCS is going to like having as many as five undefeated teams to deal with?  Of course, it seems like every year we think we are going to have our chaotic desires for maximum havoc in the rankings finally realized only to see things shake out nicely for the BCS.

This year is different though.  Cincinnati could certainly run the table, with a two and six Illinios team coming up before it’s showdown with one loss Pitt.  Pitt lost to NC State though, so meh.  Either Florida or Alabama will be undefeated, but not both as they will meet in the SEC Championship.  Texas should have no problems with Texas A&M or Nebraska.  Boise State plays a decent Nevada team, and then a terrible New Mexico State squad while TCU has just one win New Mexico remaining.   Even if one team gets knocked off, that leaves four teams with zero losses. Start up the playoff talking points, because if there was ever a year to pimp it, this is it.

On Friday night UNC lost it’s first basketball game of the year against a very good Syracuse team.  No need to start jumping off bridges, UNC fan, this team was not going to go undefeated and this could serve as a good wake-up call for Roy’s boys.  Meanwhile, NC State played three games in three days, winning all of them but not blowing out any of them either.  Duke dismantled Radford, hitting the century mark for the second straight game.

Indy and New Orleans were both able to get to 10 and 0 in the NFL.  Yawn.

The real news of the weekend came on the football field, as UNC-CH won it’s eigth game by traveling up to Chestnut Hill and making Boston College wish it were still in the Little East.  With that win, UNC-CH moves back into the BCS top 25, and AP Poll as well.

The Wolfpack on the other hand, traveled up to Blacksburg were VA Tech proceeded to steal their lunch money and sleep with their women.  How embarrasing has it gotten for the Wolfpack this season?  Going from media underdog darling to bottom feeder has worn on Pack Fan, that is for sure.

So that leads us up to this weekend’s showdown in Carter Finley.  UNC-CH surely wants revenge for last year’s debacle in Chapel Hill, and they enter the game playing their best football of the season.  The Pack enter the game playing it’s worst football.  This has train wreck written all over it, and you can bet your sweet ass UNC-CH fan is wringing their hands like Andy Reid at Golden Corral.  Let the trash talking begin.

Jim Boeheim Wins #800

Last night Syracuse opened up their 2009/2010 campaign by laying a beatdown on Albany, 75 – 43.  The win was the 800th for Orange head coach Jim Boeheim, who has been the haed coach at Syracuse since 1976.  While Boeheim may be one of the biggest whiners in college sports, even I can not take anything away from him amassing 800 Ws.  So while congrats go out to Boeheim on his accomplishment, we can not go back to hoping he loses the rest of his games from here on out.  Why the disdain, you ask?  Simple.  I have yet to get over him acting like a 4 year old girl when his establishment was left out of ACC expansion.