UPDATED: Memphis to join the Big East… ECU left out again.

Very entertaining, but plodding, Super Bowl. Giants defeat the Patriots 21-17. Thought the Patriots were going to put the game away when they went up 17-9, but some bad drops, bad penalties (12 men on field) and the Giants defense helped them stay in the game.  Eli has become Mr.Clutch in the 4th quarter…another great pass this time to Mario Manningham on the game winning drive….Is Eli better than Peyton?…

What were your favorite commercials? I liked the Doritos Dog, the VW dog, and Dirty Harry for Chrysler.

I thought Madonna did a good halftime show. I missed the middle finger, and who is M.I.A.? Still not as good as Prince’s halftime show a few years ago.

Man wins $50,000 on a Vegas prop bet that the first score would be a safety.

Florida teams love Cameron Indoor. Duke lost at home again. 78-74 in OT to Miami. Greensboro native Reggie Johnson owned the Plumlees, and Duke couldn’t hit a free throw in OT.

Its UNC vs Duke week.

Call the Waaaambulance. Maryland coaches, players and fans are mad at John Henson for dunking the ball at the end of the game on Saturday. It didnt seem like a big deal to me.  Speaking of last second dunks against Maryland..THIS!

AP Basketball Poll: 1.Kentucky  2. Syracuse 3.Ohio State 4.Missouri 5.UNC

10.Duke 15. Florida State 19.Virginia

Official TSB Super Bowl Prediction Post

This weekend holds the unofficial holiday in the U.S. known as Super Bowl Sunday.  Alcohol will be imbibed, snacks will be munched, miscellaneous beast will be grilled, and Madonna has promised there will be no wardrobe malfunction this year.  If you want to know why this is a good thing, check out Chris Rock’s bit about the last time this happened from his 2004 HBO special, Never Scared.

Oh, and there’s a football game going on too; New York Giants vs. New England Patriots … the rematch that really isn’t.

“But omg you guys, why are we talking about football in the middle of college basketball season, herp derp derp derp??” Because it’s the Super Bowl, dingbats.  Make your predictions or drop your own personal analysis in the comments, if you dare.  Or at the least tell us where you’re gonna be, what you’re gonna be eating, or who you’re gonna be with for the big game.

Enjoy yourselves.

Super Bowl Sunday

So, it’s Super Bowl Sunday already.  Who do you like today?  The New Orleans Saints, and the fairytale that it would seem like for the city that suffered so greatly, and still does today, from Hurricane Katrina?  Or the Indianapolis Colts and Peyton Manning, who is looking to put his claim to the title of best ever to play  his position today?  One thing is for sure, no matter who wins the game today we will get to see the two best teams from the regular season go head to head for it all.

Just a few weeks ago we were questioning the decision by the Colts to give up on a perfect season and rest their players.  The Saints, meanwhile, saw their dreams of a perfect season legitimately dashed by the Dallas Cowboys back in week 15.  Stil, this is the match-up that a lot of us hoped for back when they both stood at 14 – 0.  As far as I am concerned, while it would have been nice if the Colts were still undefeated, it does not diminish what is on the line today. Continue reading Super Bowl Sunday