Wednesday Home Away From Home

I have a lot going on in real life right now so I can’t dedicate as much time as I would like to this week’s HAFH.  I’m going to hip you folks in Cary to a little spot that my girlfriend thinks is the bee’s knees.  I’m not as into it as she is, but it is a pretty good little spot to imbibe some adult refreshments, eat a little chow, and watch some sports.  And (added bonus) rarely, if ever, are there any children running around ruining your good time with their shrieking and crying and whining.  That is a pretty big accomplishment for a Walnut Street establishment. Continue reading Wednesday Home Away From Home

Wednesday Home Away From Home

Annnnnd we’rebackontrack.  I might not be sick as a dog this week, but I am pretty sure my head might explode due to the pollen that has been assaulting my sinuses these last few days.  It is making me miserable, which should make some of you out there happy.  But I’m pushing through the pain and misery to bring you guys yet another super awesome HAFH.  Because you just have to get your drink on, right?  Right?  Well hit the jump to read about this week’s spot. Continue reading Wednesday Home Away From Home

Wednesday Home Away From Home

I would love to tell you guys that there was no HAFH last Wednesday because I was helping the poor indigenous people of some foreign land or because I was performing some life saving surgery on puppy dogs or some other such noble act, but the plain truth is I was sick as a dog and simply got my weeks messed up.  My bad.  It doubly sucks because LAST Wednesday would have been the perfect day to hip you cats to a great local sports bar in preparation for the NCAAT festivities that I know everyone takes part in.  But don’t fret because I’m here today and I’ll get back on track next week, that way all of you lushes can get your swerve on properly while watching golf, NASCAR, or the Association, because the wonderful world of college sports is about to take a little hiatus.  Unless you just love college baseball and know where to find it on the dial.  So, without too much further ado, I give you this week’s most awesomest sports bar of the week, or something. Continue reading Wednesday Home Away From Home

Wednesday’s Home Away From Home on Thursday

It’s that time again.  I, in my ever persistent quest to bring you the best information about food and drink in the Triangle and around the world, am back with another HAFH.  I took a road trip down to Georgia in order to further educate you heathens on where civilized people watch sports and drink beer in our last episode but this week I decided to stay a little closer to home.  Some sports bars have distinct loyalties and cater directly to certain fan bases only.  JAX Sports Grill is a prime example.  State fans, this week is all about you. Continue reading Wednesday’s Home Away From Home on Thursday

Wednesday’s Home Away From Home

Here at Thee Blog the goal is to be 100% ACC sports fan friendly.  Sports fans occasionally like to take in games outside of their homes in drinking establishments that are geared specifically toward watching sports.  These establishments, known as “Sports Bars”, usually have multiple high def TVs, pretty waitresses, buffalo wings, and beer by the metric ton.  In an effort to expand your horizons, and my own, I will be researching the sports bars of the ACC  and posting my findings here on Thee Blog in a new bi-weekly (twice a month, not twice a week) column.  I’ll tell you about location, service, food, beer and liquor selection, TVs, other entertainment, and anything else that jumps out at me.

As this is a new column I decided to research a newly opened bar this week. Continue reading Wednesday’s Home Away From Home