A Women’s Soccer Post

I know women’s sports, especially soccer, get zero mention here on TSB, but the USA vs Brazil game on Sunday was awesome.  Playing shorthanded (bad call), getting screwed by the refs, Brazil using fake injuries to try and run out the clock, the US Women tie the game on what was probably the last play with an amazing goal by Abby Wambach, and then win the game on penalty kicks. Great game, US still alive, and we get to look at Hope Solo for another game.


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The requisite ugly American, anti-World Cup post

…or, “How I Thought I Caught World Cup Fever, but a Broad Spectrum Antibiotic Cleared It Right Up.”

It is just amazing to me to watch the world get its collective panties in a twist every four years over the World Cup. I mean, I get the fact that “football” is the “world’s game” and that an international tournament such as this is truly a “world championship” (take that, L.A. Lakers!). So diligently, every four years, I try once again to broaden my horizons and embrace the “world’s game” and get swept up in the euphoria that is the World Cup. And once again, as hard as I try, I come to the conclusion that soccer is just a horrible game to watch and even more terrible to try to understand.

In a nutshell, here are the top 10 reasons I hate the World Cup and soccer in general:

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And one for the other pinky toe…

North Carolina’s women’s soccer team added yet another piece of hardware to the trophy case on Sunday, defeating Stanford 1-nil (a little soccer lingo, there) to win their 20th NCAA championship, and 21st overall.  The Tar Heels smothered the previously undefeated Cardinal, limiting them to only 9 shots for the entire match.

Like the men’s basketball team, Carolina’s place at the top of the women’s soccer heap has been restored after a blip in the early part of the decade.  This year’s senior class, including tourney defensive MVP Whitney Engen and offensive MVP Casey Nogueira, have three national titles to their credit in four years.

Once again, the sheer dominance of one program of an entire sport has been umatched in the college ranks.  Individual programs have been overpowering for certain periods of time, such as Iowa wrestling, or UCLA men’s basketball, but UNC has won the women’s soccer national title 21 of the last 28 times it has been played, and finished 2nd three more times.

To borrow (and mangle) a famous Dean Smith quote, UNC is not a basketball school, it’s a women’s soccer school…

You all know you want it…a post about…

Unfortunately for all the readers of this here renegade upstart blog, I have been asked to contribute crap content.  I’ve been racking my brain to come up with nothing but the best and most relevant topics to discuss.  The thing that has been on my mind lately…has been soccer of course.  I mean, NCSU football is quickly becoming a painful memory, much like my time in prison, and I’m just not ready to analyze exhibition basketball. Plus I just want to bust the soccer cherry on Thee (new) Blog.  Those of you who know me, still have no idea I love soccer.  That’s mainly because I didn’t start loving it until the video of that New Mexico State girl PUNISHING the competition.  Anything that involves college chicks pulling each others’ ponytails is alright with me.

I may love soccer, but I know jack about it other than what I’ve gleaned from watching my niece play in her 7 year-old league.  I don’t even know how many players are supposed to be on the field for each team or any  position besides goalie…or is it goalkeeper?  See I told you.

Since I know so little about it, that means I’m ripe to rail against it (much like personal hygiene).  While watching The Daily Show, I saw an ad for EA’s FIFA Soccer video game.  How in heck’s bathroom do you play a soccer video game?  I guess you just use the directional pad to go to the ball, then the A-button to kick?  Who goes out and buys a soccer video game?  Am I starting to sound like Seinfeld?  I’ll wager that if anybody owns a copy in this state…they’re a regular at WRAL Fankind.  Well, if anybody knows how to play a soccer video game…you COULD tell me how to do it in the comments, but do you really want to admit it?

Well, I’m very confident that this is the exact material that Brian and Mike and all of you loyal readers are looking for on this Triangle sports blog.  You’re welcome.  And just to drive up the comments, I posit that Isaiah Thomas didn’t coach at all against UNC.  It was his alter-ego Isaiah Thompson.  Thomas…well he was on NCSU’s campus interviewing…discuss.

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