Rick Barnes Was in Raleigh This Past Weekend?

According to George Cox of Raycom Sports, Rick Barnes was home in North Carolina this past weekend.  His sources tell him that while Barnes was there, he swung over to Raleigh and met with one Deborah Yow.  This coincides with Yow being MIA at the Final Four in Houston, where everyone thought and expected she would be.  I wonder if they discussed NC State’s current job opening for a men’s basketball coach?

Then we have Greg Swaim saying this morning that it is looking more and more like Shaka Smart is going to be the next coach at NC State.

Interesting.  If Shaka Smart was indeed the number one target right now, one would think Yow would have been there to watch VCU play.  There were also reports that Yow asked for permission to interview Smart, but VCU brass has denied that anyone has asked for such a thing.

Another weekend of speculation goes by, and all we have is Yow being MIA in Houston and Barnes being in NC.  It should be noted, that if Yow and Barnes did indeed sit down, it would not mean that he was going to take the job, or even that Yow would offer it up.  It would be a pretty safe bet that we have all interviewed for jobs that we either did not accept or were not offered before, and this position is no different in those regards.

Either way, with Shaka Smart’s grandfather passing, we are not likely to hear anything in regards to him until Wednesday at the earliest.  Unless we hear that someone else, Barnes perhaps, is hired.  With the way the coaching carousel has turned so far this season, nothing would surprise me at this point.  Not even Sean Miller or Billy Donovan.

So is this more fun than tracking planes?  Oh, here is a last tidbit for you to chew on.  On Robert Montgomery Knight is reportedly interested in the UNLV job.

*I do not expect either Sean Miller or Billy Donovan to be the next coach at NC State.  I think those are pipe dreams, but I would remiss to rule anything out at this point.

Tuesday Evening Update

Well, it is Tuesday night where I am (München, Deutchsland).  Anywho, we have “learned” a little bit today.

Josh Pastner was being courted by Missouri to take over their vacancy, but he has inked a five year extension with Memphis at $1.7Mil per.  Great move by Memphis, as Pastner is one of the rising stars of the coaching ranks.  Does this mean that the national media will start clowning MO for getting turned down?

The “knockout hire” that Tim Brando was speaking about was not Billy Donovan, as I speculated earlier.  Apparently if I listened to his radio show on XM I would have known it was Rick Barnes he was referring to.  So yes, Barnes is still in play, or was yesterday.

Speaking of Donovan, we heard a rumor he was to interview tomorrow in Raleigh.  There have been “reports” on Twitter of a “sighting” on campus today.  Right.  Sure thing, Tweeps, sure thing.  I mean, with as tight of a ship as Yow is running, I am sure that even if Donovan was on campus, no one would be able to recognize him.

So another day of rumors, another day of not really having much to go by.  Almost everyone seems to still be in play (except Sean Miller’s dad), and Rick Barnes and Billy Donovan seem to have some steam.  Or smoke, as in smoke screen.

Tuesday Tidbits on the Coaching Carousel

Some major developments yesterday in the coaching carousel.

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