Did UNC post Julius Peppers’ transcript?

In what could be called a huge Freudian slip, naive, incompetent  or just plain stupid, UNC might have put up the transcript of former UNC football and basketball player Julius Peppers on its website as a “test transcript”.

How did this information come about you ask?  The News & Observer’s Dan Kane and Pack Pride.

On Saturday, there was an article in the N&O that said that UNC was reluctant to dig deeper into the neverending academic scandal. In the article there was mention of the test transcript…

Two months ago, a reporter showed university officials what is characterized on UNC-CH’s website as a “test transcript” developed to help students and advisers use a computer program that tells them what courses a student still needs to graduate. The test transcript, which dates back to 2001, has several characteristics that are consistent with the issues raised by the academic scandal.

UNC officials say it is a made-up transcript, but they have declined to look at records to be certain the transcript was not lifted in whole or in part from a real student’s academic record.

Here is the test transcript

After that story came out, a poster on the now well known NC State fan website Pack Pride, posted this, which points out that the 2001 made-up transcript might be from an actual former student, Julius Peppers.

Then, at 4 o’clock this morning, a new story from Kane on the N&O website… Transcript in Probe may belong to Julius Peppers.

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