Monday Morning Fodder

So, how are those brackets looking?  Mine look like crap, with zero Final Four teams remaining.  Duke is the lone ACC team left standing, and they will face off against West Virginia, who happens to be the lone Big East team left.  On the other side, we have Butler out of the Horizon League facing off against Michigan State out of the Big 11.

Meanwhile, over in the NIT, Carolina (we can call them that because it is basketball we are talking…) will be facing off against Rhode Island, that juggernaut from the A-10.  How will Carolina find a way to stop Keith Cothran, Delroy James and Lamonte Ulmer?  Yawn. Continue reading Monday Morning Fodder

Monday Morning Fodder

Can someone pinch me when it is time for the NCAAT to actually start?  Wow, what a weekend of basketball.  How many of you have balled up your brackets and thrown them out the window?  Flushed down the toilet?  Wait, no Joe Ovies, not you and your 250 sheets, you do not count.  Well, except for the one in the challenge, which I am currently sitting in fourth place and looking good.  On to the actual sports…. Continue reading Monday Morning Fodder

NCAA/NIT Second Round Open Thread

Three of the Big Four will be playing in some manner of tournament basketball today.  UNC takes on Mississippi St. in the NIT at noon while NCSU looks to keep their roll going versus UAB at 5:00 PM.

In the NCAA Tournament, Wake Forest gets Kentucky which carries the distinct possibility of Chas McFarland my get smacked upside his head by Demarcus Cousins. Also: Kansas vs Northern Iowa and a whole slew of games with double digit seeds involved.


#4 UNC at #1 Mississippi St., 12:00 PM on ESPN
#6 NC State vs #2 UAB, 5:00 PM on ESPNU

NCAA Tournament(all games on CBS)

#2 Villanova vs #10 St. Mary’s, 1:05 PM
#5 Butler vs #13 Murray St., 3:20 PM
#6 Tennessee vs #14 Ohio, 3:35 PM
#1 Kansas vs #9 Northern Iowa, 5:40 PM
#3 Baylor vs #11 Old Dominion, 5:45 PM
#3 New Mexico vs #11 Washington , 5:50 PM
#2 Kansas St. vs #7 BYU, 8:10 PM
#1 Kentucky vs #9 Wake Forest, 8:15 PM