Tim Tebow is an Eagle?

Chip Kelly never disappoints. Just when you think you know what he is planning to do with the QB position, he goes out and signs Tim Tebow. That’s right. Touchdown Jesus is back, and this time with the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles, who already traded Nick Foles and a second round pick for Sam Bradford. Yes, the same Sam Bradford who is not even eligible to be the starter because he has to be cleared by his doctor.

But wait, there’s more. This is the same Sam Bradford who has not one, but two ACL surgeries, and has one year left on his rookie deal that will pay him over $13million this season. Foles, who was due to make about $650K, is never going to be the QB that fits what Kelly wants to do on offense, but he is every bit as mobile as the twice cut Bradford.

And hey, Mark Sanchez, here is another $5million for you to come back for next season.

Let’s not forget that Chipper traded up in 2013 to grab Matt Barkley.

All I know is that Eagles Fan better hope that Kelly pulls his master plan off and lands Marcus Mariota on draft day. Otherwise, there is a chance that Tim Freaking Tebow winds up being your Week 1 starter in Philly. All he has to do is outperform Mark Sanchez in the preseason, and you know the Tebow fans will come out in droves pounding sports radio and the web with their pro-Tebow nonsense.

Granted, trading Foles was not necessarily a bad move, but I do question the timing of it.  Why not use Foles as a chip to move up and get Mariota?  He costs about $12.5million less this year than Bradford does, and he is not coming off his second straight missed season due to knee surgery.  Do not even get me started on the Eagles giving up a second round pick in the deal.  So while I would certainly have traded Foles, I would not have done it in a manner like this.

Bradford, by the way, has long been rumored to just be a trading chip himself.  Not to help the rumor mill too much, the Eagles have yet to offer Bradford jerseys in their stores or on their site yet.  Coincidence?


Monday Morning Fodder

Sorry for the late post, and the lack of content last week guys.  Real world and all that stuff.  My thoughts on some random sports pieces after the jump. Continue reading Monday Morning Fodder

Monday Morning Fodder

Here we sit on April 5th awaiting tonight’s NCAA Championship Game, and watching box scores across Major League Baseball as the non-Yankees and Red Sox start their seasons.  I just took a deep breath, and enjoyed the smell of Spring in the air.  Is this the best week of the year for sports?  Final Four, MLB getting under way and then to finish it off with Tiger’s return to the Masters?  You will be hard pressed to give me another week that matches up, but by all means please try!  My thoughts on theses topics, Donovan McNabb being traded and Koach K to the Nets after the jump. Continue reading Monday Morning Fodder

Monday Morning Fodder

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How Do You Do Your Captain?

Captain Morgan’s spice rum is some of the best stuff on the planet.  For me, I go with the Captain’s Reserve, and mix if with ice cold Coke out of a can.  Has to be a can, and has to be cold already, otherwise it tends to get a little flat for some reason.  Maybe it’s just me, but that is how I roll up here in PA.  After I have some Captain, it can start to get a little nutty, because you can’t have a Captain and not do the Captain.  Whether you are at the bar striking a pose, or at home nekid in the mirror, the pose is always the same.

Some people are doing their Captain in other situations.  Anyone who watched last Sunday’s game between the Cowboys and Eagles should know what I am talking about.  Eagles’ tight end Brent Celek caught a touchdown pass, and he proceeded to do the best celebration in the history of ever.  He broke out his Captain.  Problem is, it looks like Captain put him up to it.  Apparently Captain Morgans has some sort of viral ad campaign going where they are donating $10K to the Gridiron Greats Assistance Fund every time a player in the NFL is seen on camera doing their respective Captain during the regular season, and $25K in the playoffs with a whooping $100K for any Super Bowl Captains.
Brent Celek Captain Morgan
The NFL does not look kindly on this, and has officially banned the Captain.  The NFL wants Captain Morgan to pay them for ad spots, not pay a fund that is non-profit and benefits retired NFL players who are not getting the help they need from the league.  No one does a worse job of taking care of it’s retired employees like the NFL does, but I’ll have to side with the league on this one.  If they do not put their foot down here, what is next?  Will players find unique ways to advertise for other products?  You bet your sweet ass they will.

So Brent Celek, I would like to thank you for giving us your Captain.  Unfortunately it will be the only Captain we get to see, but pure genius should be appreciated for what it is.  It is a shame that the NFL can’t work something out here, because the Gridiron Greats Assistance Fund is a wonderful entity that does terrific and much needed work.  So while I agree with the NFL on this, I also send out a big, resounding “Awe, come on!!!”