Day Late and Dollar Short Movie Review*

I’m not the best at catching first-run movies but when I FINALLY get around to watching them,I like to pass along my thoughts to you, dear readers, in an attempt to indoctrinate you with my opinions and tastes.  I hope you enjoy my weekly monthly bi-monthly movie reviews.  This week’s quarter’s movie review, however, has a twist…

In light of recent events in the world of foohbaw, college and the NFL, I’m going to review the 1987 classic “Fatal Attraction”.  The twist comes due to the fact that I’ve never seen this movie nor do I have any desire to.  If I want to see a woman go crazy, then I’ll actually call her then next day like I said I would, but I know all them women be feenin’ after they get the Vitamin T.  That stuff ruins them for other men.  So, as soon as they fix my breakfast…they out the door.

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