The First Third NFL Report, Part 1

So, we here at THEE Sports Blog know that the ACC is where our bread is buttered but, really, who doesn’t get down with the League every Sunday?  There hasn’t been nearly enough talk about the NFL here on TSB this year so your homeboy smallandpettypat has kicked in the door and is here to rectify that sad situation with a two part post for that ass.  In today’s part one we’ll focus on the AFC.  So, as they say in the vernacular, let’s do the damn thing. Continue reading The First Third NFL Report, Part 1

Day Late and Dollar Short Movie Review*

I’m not the best at catching first-run movies but when I FINALLY get around to watching them,I like to pass along my thoughts to you, dear readers, in an attempt to indoctrinate you with my opinions and tastes.  I hope you enjoy my weekly monthly bi-monthly movie reviews.  This week’s quarter’s movie review, however, has a twist…

In light of recent events in the world of foohbaw, college and the NFL, I’m going to review the 1987 classic “Fatal Attraction”.  The twist comes due to the fact that I’ve never seen this movie nor do I have any desire to.  If I want to see a woman go crazy, then I’ll actually call her then next day like I said I would, but I know all them women be feenin’ after they get the Vitamin T.  That stuff ruins them for other men.  So, as soon as they fix my breakfast…they out the door.

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Bills hire former Georgia Tech coach Chan Gailey

Via Yahoo:

Chan Gailey was hired by the Buffalo Bills on Tuesday, getting a second chance to prove himself as an NFL coach and inheriting a team that has missed the playoffs for 10 straight years.

The team scheduled an afternoon news conference but did not say why. A person familiar with the decision told The Associated Press that Gailey would be introduced then. The person spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to announce the move.

What is the NFL equivalent of seven wins per season?

Monday Morning Fodder

Anything happen this weekend?  It was supposed to be a great weekend of football and college basketball, but for some reason I fee like the weekend never quite kicked in.  Maybe that is because the NFL Playoffs have been mediocre at best, and quite possibly the worst we have seen in quite a bit. Continue reading Monday Morning Fodder

Jerricho Cotchery has a score to settle with Philip Rivers

Former North Carolina State Wolfpack players Philip Rivers and Jerricho Cotchery will be on opposite sides of the field when the San Diego Chargers and the New York Jets meet in the playoffs on Sunday.  While they were at State Cotchery was Rivers’ “go-to guy”, he caught 21 of Rivers’ 95 career touchdown passes.  The two still talk on a regular basis, but Cotchery will have more on his mind than just beating the Chargers and Phillip Rivers on Sunday.  They were high school rivals growing up in Alabama and Cotchery still remembers a certain playoff meeting.

“It is a little weird, because we’re very familiar with each other and the chemistry we had at N.C. State was unbelievable,” Cotchery said yesterday.

“I still owe him from high school, though, because he knocked me out in the second round of the playoffs my senior year, and that still hurts. I still remember that and I’m sure he still remembers that as well. I’m trying to get some payback for that.”

Indeed, Rivers’ Athens High defeated Cotchery’s Phillips High in football. Rivers, who played quarterback and safety, actually picked off a pass intended for Cotchery in that game.

Unfortunately for Cotchery, I see Rivers team getting the best of his team again this weekend.

H/T New York Post