I know this is lazy of me, but I do not have the time to post a proper analysis of this yet. However, you need somewhere to discuss this without being labeled as “ABCers” or “UNC Blinders Wearing Homers With Your Head In The Sand”.

ESPN write up is here.

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Attrition Galore

This year there are quite a few early departures for the NBA draft.  Hit the jump to see a current list of players who have declared.  Who should have stayed?  Who else should have gone?  How does this change the landscape for next season? Continue reading Attrition Galore

NCAA Finds Wainstein Report “Troubling” – Bubba Finds Wainstein Report “Not Quite That Bad”

Not a lot of time to expound on this at the moment, but here are a few links for your reading enjoyment.  Or agony.

Bubba does not think the academic fraud was really all that bad.  Here is my favorite quote from him so far, when discussing possible NCAA sanctions:

“I wouldn’t speculate on any sanctions,” he said. “There’s nothing new in the report that we haven’t seen before with a few exceptions – more than a few exceptions. The scope, certainly, would definitely be one.”

Say what?  Nothing new with a few exceptions.  Oh, wait.  More than a few exceptions.  So which is it, nothing new, or a lot of new items?

Then we have this gem, also from the N&O, which pretty much calls for Roy William’s head. Here is the thing with Coach Williams.  He talks out of both sides of his mouth at times.  We have heard him say that he is not involved in the academics of his players at all, and then we have heard him say that he steered players out of AFAM because he was concerned with the clustering.  Which is it?  Are you involved with academics or not, Coach Williams?  Let us face facts, clustering is part of the game of collegiate athletics.  There is always going to be clustering and it makes sense that there would be.  It would be interesting to see what kind of clustering took place at Kansas while he was there.

The first N&O link above about Bubba also hits on Mark Emmert and his comments about the Wainstein report.  He finds it troubling, and if you read into his quotes on this ESPN article, it could spell trouble for UNC athletics as a whole.

“Just based on the (Kenneth) Wainstein report, this is a case that potentially strikes at the heart of what higher education is about,” Emmert said Monday. “Universities are supposed to take absolutely most seriously the education of their students, right? I mean that’s why they exist, that’s their function in life. If the Wainstein report is accurate, then there was severe, severe compromising of all those issues, so it’s deeply troubling. … It’s absolutely disturbing that we find ourselves here right now.”

He also discussed infractions at UGA, and the potential impacts of the O’Bannon case.  He would not discuss the issues at Florida State, apparently.  All in all, there could be some dark days looming on the horizon for the ACC.

MMF UPDATE: Warren To Enter NBA Draft

According to Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski, N.C. State sophomore T.J. Warren has decided to enter the NBA Draft, sources tell Yahoo. Formal announcement will come early this week.


@DavidTeelatDP For the first time since 1979, none of North Carolina’s Big Four is among the Sweet 16.

Sweet Sixteen is set. Virginia is the lone ACC team left in the tournament. Wichita State’s undefeated season ends, SEC has all three teams in the Sweet 16. Johnny Dawkins’ Stanford team knocks off Kansas.

North Carolina was up 8 with under five to play against Iowa State, then lost control of the game.

Virginia Tech hired Buzz Williams away from Marquette

Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Roddy White tells a fan on twitter that he will buy him season tickets to Falcons games if Mercer beats Duke. Mercer wins, White backpedals.

Creighton Blue Jay mascot does the throat slash gesture to UNC fans after the Iowa State game. Creighton then proceeds to lose by 30.

Mercer’s Kevin Canevari. The NaeNae dancing legend.

#NCAATournament Second Round, Day 1….Welp, That Happened

News & Observer
News & Observer

I found myself pacing in front of the television late in the second half of the NC State vs St. Louis game, I do this sometimes if a UNC game I am watching is close, I couldn’t believe that NC State was about to give this game away.

St.Louis’ “Hack A Pack” strategy worked. In the last 10:03, including overtime, NC State was 13-for-28 from the free throw line, including a lane violation by Warren. St. Louis wasn’t much better from the free throw line, however, down 14 with 5 minutes left, they came back and won in overtime.  A heartbreaking loss for the Wolfpack. What say you State fans?

Other news from the day… #7 seed Texas beat Arizona State (and their head coach, whatshisname?) on a last second layup.  Two #12 seeds won, North Dakota State beat Oklahoma and Harvard (coached by Tommy Amaker) beat Cincinnati.

ACC teams Syracuse and Pitt won easily. THE University of Dayton upset Ohio State, and blew many Billion Dollar Brackets in the process.

Everybody Dance

from CoachGott.com

NC State vs. Xavier: Dayton, OH. Tuesday at 9:10 p.m. on truTV . The winner of this “play-in” game (although it is technically not a play in game, the tournament is a field of 68, it is a first round game) will be the #12 seed in the Midwest and play #5 Saint Louis on Thursday in Orlando.

Duke vs. Mercer: Raleigh, NC. Friday at 12:15 p.m. on CBS. Duke is also in the Midwest Region as the #3 seed.

UNC vs. Providence: San Antonio, TX.  Friday at 7:20 p.m. on TNT. North Carolina is the #6 seed in the  East Region and will play Big East Champion Providence

NCCU vs. Iowa State: Friday at 9:50 p.m. on TNT.  NC Central, Champions of the MEAC earned their first ever NCAA Tournament bid. The Eagles are the #14 seed and open against Big 12 Tournament Champions Iowa State.

ACC Champions Virginia are the #1 seed in the East Region

Syracuse is the #3 seed in the South Region

Pittsburgh is the #9 seed in the South Region

Yahoo! and Warren Buffet have teamed up for a Billion Dollar Bracket Challenge. Pick every game correctly and win…


The #FreePJ Movement Worked

Looks like all those peeps asking for PJ Hairston to be freed got their wish today, as he is free from any responsibilities to the UNC basketball program.  UNC announced today that they will not seek reinstatement for the suspended shooting guard.


Shadrach Thornton – Why? Just why?

One of the lone bright spots for the NC State football team this year was the play of one Shadrach Thornton.  Unfortunately, the running back is once again facing legal issues.  Already having one assault charge deferred back in June, Thornton could be in very hot water with a new sexual assault charge possibly pending.  No details have been released in regards to the new investigation, but when the Po-Po arrived at his College Inn apartment they found weed in his room, as well as in the common area and in J.J. Jones room.  Jones, who has already announced that he is transferring, also had a bottle of Naproxen, which is basically a prescription version of Aleve.  Jones, however, was not the name on the label.

Based on the weed alone, you can bet your sweet ass that Thornton’s time at NC State is finished.  He will absolutely be facing those charges from back in June now, and NC State is not the kind of institution that looks kindly on its players hitting or abusing women.  

I’m not going to kill either guy for smoking dope.  When you are on the football team though, and getting a free education (whether you are taking advantage of it or not) you just have to know better.  While Thornton’s play on the field will be missed, this type of off-field shenanigans will not be.  I have zero tolerance for anyone who lays a hand on a woman, and even less if there is any form of sexual assault involved.  IF he is guilty, I hope he rots down Western Boulevard for a while.

Monday Morning Fodder

Busy weekend in sports as we head towards Turkey Day and the final regular season weekend of college football.

North Carolina beat Old Dominion 80-20. Both head coaches agreed to shorten the fourth quarter to 10 minutes, a modern mercy rule. Some were calling Fedora classless, dont know why, they had scout team players in and took a knee on a fourth and goal. Cant just stop playing. ( btw, Florida State and South Carolina also won by 60 or more points)

Duke beat Wake Forest 28-21.  This sets up a big game vs North Carolina this weekend, they win and they will be in the ACC Championship Game vs Florida State.

Will Jameis Winston be able to play in the Championship Game, and a possible National Championship? We wont find out until after Thanksgiving.

East Carolina beat NC State in Raleigh 42-28.  State fans had to endure the “Our State” chants again, and a billboard on Capital Blvd.  Some statefans have called for that campaign to be retired.

Duke basketball escapes with a 91-90 win over Vermont. Coach K said they were “lucky to win”. 

UNC basketball bounces back with two wins over the weekend, including a 93-84 win over defending champs and #3 ranked Louisville. Marcus Paige had a career high 32 points.

Carolina Panthers won their 7th game in a row, Manning cant beat Brady, Brian McCann to the Yankees, five years, $85 million.

Ice Up, Son!

Gottfried in Hot Water?

This story is just all sorts of strange.  

Apparently Mark Gottfried’s son plays high school basketball at Broughton, in Raleigh.  So naturally, he has teammates.  One of which is good enough to play college ball, and back in November Devonte Graham signed on with Appalachian State.  Three or so months go by and Graham is having a good season and realizes he can play at a higher level, so he asks out of his LOI.  Sounds pretty normal, right?

In steps ASU coach Jason Capel.  Yes, that Jason Capel who played basketball at UNC.  That Jason Capel whose brother played at Duke.  Well, he told Graham no.  Over seven months ago.

Fast forward to now, and it appears the NCAA is having a look at NC State for tampering allegations.  That came out of left field, right?  So basically, Capel is accusing Gottfried of trying to get a kid who played on the same high school team as Gottfried’s son to break his commitment.  

“We absolutely didn’t tamper,” N.C. State coach Mark Gottfried told ESPN.com’s Andy Katz. “We had zero contact with the kid. He played with my son. I went out of my way not to [contact].”

And let us be honest here, with no disrespect intended to Graham, he is not ACC caliber.  Not at the one, a spot that NC State has not one, but two McDonald’s All Americans at, one of which being Cat Barber, an incoming Frosh.  So why, then, would he put his neck on the line here?  For a two star recruit at a position of strength?  

Something tells me that on November 8th, when ASU opens the season at NC State, there might be more electricity in the building than there would have been.  

I will not pretend to know why Capel is doing this.  Show us the evidence, I say, or you will look like a low-life scumbag coach trying to hold a kid hostage.  If you do not want the kid to wind up at NC State (really, as a UNC guy, he should WANT State to burn a scholly on this kid…) then just make that part of the criteria for him to be let out of his LOI.  Someone should tell Jason that other recruits are watching this, and with the current 40% transfer rate of college basketball players, he might be cutting himself off at the knees.

The humor in this story comes via the messages at the bottom of the ESPN.com story.  If you thought we had delusional people back in the day, then you are in for a treat.