Lorenzo Brown Officially Qualified? Donal Ware Man Crush For Lee Fowler?

According to Joe Ovies who is giving credit to TheWolfpacker.com, Lorenzo Brown has qualified and will enroll in the second session of summer courses at NC State.  Hear me now and believe me later.  If Brown stays four years (not likely) he will go down as one of the best to ever done the Red and White.

My thoughts on Donal Ware and Lee Fowler after the jump.

Nasty is the best!

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Hey State Fan! Don’t miss your chance to own a piece of history!

Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own a unique item from the most successful team in North Carolina State University’s athletic history:

The NCSU bass fishing team boat.

The Basspack is currently ranked #1 and two members of the team recently won a regional tournament.  As part of the prize for winning, they received:

…a certificate for a BRAND NEW Ranger 177TR bass boat with matching Ranger Trail trailer. The boat comes with Battery, Standard fish finder electronics, Minn Kota Trolling Motor, and a 90HP Evinrude Outboard engine.

Also included with this certificate is a CUSTOM FLW College Fishing NC STATE boat wrap. Thats right, this will be the only NCSU-Wrapped bass boat in the World! Whoever owns this will be representing the Pack everywhere they go in a one-of-a-kind rig!

Since the team members own their own boats, they have decided to sell the prize boat to raise funds for tournaments and travels, since bass fishing is considered a club sport.  The boat is listed on Craigslist without a price, but the Ebay listing has a suggested price of $26,000 Or Best Reasonable Offer! Like the guys say, “Make any reasonable offer, the worst we can say is no.”

Mr. and Ms. Wuf would look great in this boat!
Mr. and Ms. Wuf would look great in this boat!

Imagine this in your driveway, StateFan, hitched up to your jacked-up 4 wheel-drive Silverado, parked in front of your doublewide.  The NXSU boat wrap will compliment your polyester curtains and redwood deck very nicely.  Go (bass)Pack and happy bidding!

UNC-NCSU Hate Week: What UNX Fan Should Love About NCXU Fan

Editor’s Note: UNC-NCSU Hate Weeks proceeds unabated with Wolfpack fan Todd asking: “Why can’t we all get along?”

This week has been crazy-busy, but I just don’t want Thee (new) Blog to be too UNC-sided (even though Pat claims that it’s Statefan that’s obsessed).  But there’s just too much hate here.  Allow me to explain some reasons that UNX fan should love NCXU as well.

  • UNC fan loves NCSU Because NCSU has a top-ranked rifle team (How fast can your football team run?).  UNX fan better love them some NCSU.  Remember to smile for the rifle scope, because it may be honed in on you at any time.
  • UNC fan loves NCSU Because NCSU has a national champion bass-fishing team.  Whenever the world comes to an end as we know it because of some wild-eyed anarchist Daily Show watcher who lives alone with his cats and a nuke…NCSU will be able to catch his own food and maybe…maybe we’ll share it with a law student.  Maybe.
  • UNC fan loves NCSU because, well we’re manly men.  In fact I’m listening to Johnny Cash Live at San Quentin as I write this…you can’t get much more badass than that.  We can skin a buck and run a trout line, and UNC fan is secretly attracted to that.  So are their sham girlfriends.
  • The number one reason UNC fan loves NCSU fan…..is because we’ll probably give you an easy foohbaw win on Saturday…and throw in a couple of basketball wins later in the winter for good measure.

I look forward to hearing UNC fan complain about the officiating on Monday even if they win the game (not really).


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Another tournament, another title for the N.C. State Bass Fishing Team.

The North Carolina State University team of Kevin Beverley and Ben Dziwulski captured the FLW Collegiate Fishing Northern Regional Championship on Lake Norman Sunday. The pair caught their limit of six bass, which weighed in at a total 9 pounds, 6 ounces.

The tourney was hosted by the Town of Davidson and Davidson College, and weigh-in was on the Davidson Village Green Sunday afternoon.

Winning the Northern Regional Championship earned the Wolfpack team a $25,000 check for their school, a Ranger bass fishing boat, and a trip to the national championships in April in Knoxville.

I think to be fair they should just allow the other teams to fish with dynamite.

Because really, when the Bass Pack take to the water, everyone else is just fishing for second place.


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