The alternate uniform and or helmet craze that has been sweeping through college football over the last few years finally landed in Raleigh. The “Pack In Black” helmet theme was unveiled by Head Coach Dave Doeren this past weekend. The black helmet has a pair of eyes on the back, and I am guessing there will be an alternate uniform to go along with it.

The other triangle schools had alternate uniforms last year, UNC with its “Zero Dark Thursday” and other new uniform combinations and Duke added an all black helmet to their uniforms.

NC State fires Tom O’Brien

After finishing up the regular season with a 27-10 win over Boston College, NC State fired head coach Tom O’Brien.  Here is the official statement from

NC State Athletic Director Debbie Yow stated: Coach O’Brien’s service to NC State over the last six years has been sincerely appreciated by Wolfpack Nation.”  “We especially appreciate his attention toward NCAA rules compliance, a value that will continue to be held by NC State. We wish him well in future pursuits.

O’Brien was 40-35 in his six seasons with the program, but just 22-26 in ACC play. O’Brien’s contract runs through December 2015, and the school will owe him roughly $1.2 million spread over the next three years. Offensive coordinator Dana Bible will serve as interim coach.

Debbie Yow also said that “Coach O’Brien and I agree on the goal of becoming a Top 25 program, we just don’t agree on what it takes to get there,”  A decline in ticket sales was also a factor in NC State deciding to go in a different direction with the football program.

“We’ve lost over 1,000 season ticket holders in the last year, I have to say that matters some in the direction of the program.”


So who will be next for NC State? Any thoughts, gut feelings, dream list of coaches.  Also, Boston College fired Frank Spaziani and Auburn fired head coach Gene Chizik, just two years after winning a national championship.

Monday Fodder


Rodney Hood, formerly of Mississippi State, transfers to Duke

The Inaugural class for the NC State Hall of Fame

Michael Jordan’s son, Marcus arrested in Omaha

Butch Davis’ son will play football at…..UNC (Jennifer Wiley was his tutor)

Snoop Dogg’s son and P.Diddy’s son will both play football and battle rap at UCLA next year

Tiger Woods surpassed Jack on the all time tournament wins list, now just behind Sam Snead.

Should the NCAA get involved in the Penn State football scandal after reports that former AD Tim Curley decided not to take action and report Sandusky to child welfare after “talking it over with Joe …”  (covering it up)


North Carolina is “Our State”

NC State’s new football campaign “This is OUR State” has  Wolfpack football players planting flags all across the state of North Carolina. From Cape Hatteras to the Biltmore House.

Is this an obvious dig at the “flagship” university? TOB loves “State Championships”, and they have owned UNC under his leadership. Maybe they should have planted a flag at the Old Well.

What do you think?

Big Sports Weekend and other Big Things…

The LA Kings were all set to wrap up their first Stanley Cup in franchise history the other night, but the New Jersey Devils prolonged the “coronation” by beating LA 3-1 and staying alive for at least one more game.

Devils coach Peter DeBoer might have been inspired by what was behind him, looking down on him the entire game. They belong to hockey fan and porn star Taylor Stevens, who became a twitter sensation when her bewbs were seen on national tv.

Sports this weekend

Well I was going to say I’ll Have Another was going for the Triple Crown until news just came out that the horse is scratched from the race.

NC State travels to Gainesville for Super Regional against top ranked Florida. Starts Saturday

Game 7: Boston vs Miami on Saturday

Well well, on June 1, Florida State got $1.6 million from the ACC and now their “budget shortfall” is cured.

Pete Brennan, member of UNC’s 1957 National Championship team and 1958 ACC Player of the Year, has died

When Kendall Marshall broke his wrist, his elbow was also fractured


Monday Morning Fodder

Tiger Woods Yall!

Get ready for two weeks of “Tiger is back” talk leading up to the US Open.

NC State is still alive in baseball playoffs. They look to join Florida State as the only ACC schools in the Super Regionals.  The Wolfpack will play Vanderbilt tonight for the chance to move on to face Florida. This will be their third meeting in the Raleigh Regional, the previous two games have both been decided by one run.

North Carolina, Georgia Tech, Clemson, Virginia and Miami were all eliminated.  St. John’s won the Chapel Hill Regional. Here is the NCAA Baseball Bracket

NBA Playoffs have been awesome. Great game last night. Both series are tied at 2. All four teams have protected their home floor. Rondo called the Heat crybabies.

 Last month, Mark Gottfried caught a 250 pound Marlin. [Fayetteville Observer]

ORLY! Triangle schools bring in big bucks from basketball []

UNC spent $6.51 million on basketball and had almost $20 million in revenue. That’s more than a 3-to-1 rate of return – tops in the ACC.

With a little under $4 million in spending and more than $10 million in revenue during the 2010 fiscal year, State makes $2.65 for every dollar it spends on men’s basketball.

Among the three schools, Duke made by far the most money from its men’s basketball team – almost $29 million in 2010. But the school also spent the most at just under $14 million, making about $2.09 for each dollar spent.


Gott Got Paid

No wonder Mark Gottfried was so happy NC State made the tournament.

According to CNBC’s Darren Rovell, Gottfried got a “extremely generous incentive” for taking the Wolfpack back to the NCAA Tournament.

In his contract he signed in April 2011, the school agreed to give the coach an additional two years on his contract if he brought the Wolfpack back to the tournament. That’s a guaranteed $750,000 per year and if he actually finishes out the contract, it’s an additional $450,000 a year. The deal was negotiated by New York-based firm, The Agency

Good deal for Gottfried.


Stories of the Year

So what sports stories, events, games, scandals and other happenings stick out in your mind from 2011? There are plenty of things to choose from, here are some  of the headliners from the Big 3, the ACC, and outside the ACC.  That is the thing with sports and being a sports fan, there is always something happening…

Continue reading Stories of the Year

Cheating Cheaters Up To Old Tricks Again

Great job Mike. Way to look at the pending posts and try to jump out in front of this mess. I bet you thought your cute little spin piece would dissuade me from going forward with my post. Not so much. Continue reading Cheating Cheaters Up To Old Tricks Again

Calvin Leslie Suspended Three Games

NC State sophomore Calvin Leslie has been suspened for the first three games of the season for violating NCAA rules.  Leslie has been tabbed for “accepting impermissible benefits” for an estimated total of $410.  So what did he get for that cash value?  Apparently dude’s borrowed a car from a friend, who is a State grad, for a few days after his was damaged in an accident back in May. The NCAA placed a $150 value on this violation, stating the rental car charges he would have paid.

The other $260 stems from the same guy paying for an apartment application fee for Leslie’s half brother.

On the face neither of these violations seem worth anyone’s time, and rather petty.  Since it was the same guy each time, it gets a little sketchy.  What makes it even more sketchy is the fact that there is a third violation in association with this guy.

The NCAA is also looking into impermissible benefits doled out to a former Pack player.  What sport said player participated in has yet to be revealed, due to the ongoing investigation.  From what I have been told, it appears that it is most likely another basketball player, but one who did not remain with the team after Lowe was fired.  You can guess who that is, and with the $1,349 in benefits he is alleged to have received, it is no wonder he wound up where he did.