Some Dude Named LeBron

I don’t know if you are aware of this guy or not, but there is some guy named LeBron James in the NBA.  Said guy is a pretty decent basketball player, too.  I think I saw him do a chest pass once that didn’t even bounce before it got to the other player.

Seriously though, how good is LeBron?  40 points, 12 rebounds, 8 assists, 4 steals, 2 blocks.  That’s his line from last night’s Game 3 win for the Cavs, who could also be called LeBron And The Guys From The Break Room, but that would be too long to fit on a jersey (although I could fit it by sublimating it for sure).  If the Cavs win this series, there will be zero doubt as to why.

Is this the greatest performance in the NBA Finals in history?  Hard to think of one that would top it if LeBron averages 40PPG, 12RPG and 8APG on the way to lifting the trophy.

And who was the league MVP this season?  Stephen Curry was voted in but…

The ORLY Factor. John Calipari says Duke players are “flopping all over the place”.

Duke played Kentucky in the Champions Classic in Atlanta last night.  They were led by Seth Curry’s 23 points in the 75-68 win over the defending champions.

At halftime, with his team down by two points, Calipari was asked about the first half of the game when he called out Duke’s players for flopping.  While likely true, his claim about them getting suspended in the NBA for flopping is false,  The leagues new anti-flopping rule is just a warning, followed by fines (up to $30,000)  for repeat offenders.

I didn’t see the game but I heard that during the broadcast Dick Vitale was just gushing about NC State. That is right,  Vitale was talking in a positive manner about NC State during a DUKE game. The earth must have stopped spinning, I’m now convinced the Mayan’s were correct, the world is ending in about a month.


WTF Friday

Irving As "Uncle Drew"

This one is almost too easy.

The Clevand Cavaliers’ Kyrie Irving, the #1 pick in last year’s NBA draft,  had surgery on Wednesday to repair a broken bone in his hand.

The bone was broken when he slammed his hand against a padded wall after making a mistake during a practice.  At least Gus Frerotte injured himself during a real game.

WTF Kyrie? Continue reading WTF Friday


Jeremy Lin

Jeremy Lin has started 25 of the 64 NBA games that he has played since coming into the league.

A few days ago, he signed an offer sheet that guarantees he will earn about $1,120,000 for each of those starts.  The Houston Rockets signed Lin to a 3 year, $28 million offer sheet designed to prevent the New York Knicks from matching.

Most NBA outlets are reporting that the Knicks will not match the offer, despite reports from last week in which Knick executives were quoted as saying they would match any offer. Continue reading Linsanity

A Big, Heaping Helping Of WTF

This week was so full of WTF that I couldn’t wait until Friday.  At the same time, there was so much WTF that I couldn’t decide on one thing to write about.  Finally, I decided to write about a bunch of things.  So, here goes….. Continue reading A Big, Heaping Helping Of WTF

Dear Mr. Cho….

Cool Graphic from The Charlotte ObserverRich Cho

Tonight, the NBA will hold its annual draft.  I can’t sit here and tell you that I’m a huge Charlotte Bobcats fan.  I grew up as a Celtics fan (during the 80’s), and then pretty much ignored the NBA during the “Jordan-era”.

Four expansion teams in two years watered down the league (2 more teams six years later only made it worse), the “Bad Boys” of Detroit made the games almost unwatchable, and I found other things to do with my time.

Over the last couple of years I have found myself watching the NBA more frequently.  I haven’t really claimed a team yet, but my status as a lifetime resident of North Carolina makes me want to be fan of the Bobcats.  Well, in reality, I want to be a fan of the Charlotte team, but I want them to have a different name….but that’s a different story. Continue reading Dear Mr. Cho….

ACC Alums in the NBA

Congratulations to the Miami Heat on winning the NBA Championship. People can finally get off of Lebron’s back for not winning the big one. This was definitely his team and he led the Heat to the title and was by far the finals MVP.

Other players that won last night were Juwan Howard after 18 seasons in the NBA, he is the only member of the “Fab Five” with a ring, Mike Miller, who was on fire from three-point range in the closing game, Mario Chalmers and Shane Battier.  These two now join a short list of players with an NBA and NCAA Championship.

The Wall Street Journal has an interesting article on NBA players. They made a ranking of colleges based on number of minutes played in the NBA by their alums. Here is the top ten.

North Carolina
Georgia Tech

As you can see the ACC has 3 teams in the top 10, Duke, UNC and Georgia Tech. Luol Deng played the most minutes of any Duke alum with 2,129 minutes. Rest of the ACC after the jump…

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The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Photo From USA Today

The Oklahoma City Thunder were trailing the Miami Heat by 3 points. There were less than 30 seconds on the clock. Their coach, Scott Brooks, wanted them to play good defense, get a stop, and then have a chance to tie the game or cut the lead to one.

James Harden almost took the ball from Lebron James, and then he was called for a block as he tried to draw a charge.  James made one of two free throws, and soon after the Thunder found themselves down 2 games to 1 in the NBA Finals.  Here’s a link to a video of the play.

OKC fans are upset.  Gregg Doyel of has already written a column about it.  Everybody, it seems, is talking about the late calls always going Miami’s way. Continue reading The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Big Sports Weekend and other Big Things…

The LA Kings were all set to wrap up their first Stanley Cup in franchise history the other night, but the New Jersey Devils prolonged the “coronation” by beating LA 3-1 and staying alive for at least one more game.

Devils coach Peter DeBoer might have been inspired by what was behind him, looking down on him the entire game. They belong to hockey fan and porn star Taylor Stevens, who became a twitter sensation when her bewbs were seen on national tv.

Sports this weekend

Well I was going to say I’ll Have Another was going for the Triple Crown until news just came out that the horse is scratched from the race.

NC State travels to Gainesville for Super Regional against top ranked Florida. Starts Saturday

Game 7: Boston vs Miami on Saturday

Well well, on June 1, Florida State got $1.6 million from the ACC and now their “budget shortfall” is cured.

Pete Brennan, member of UNC’s 1957 National Championship team and 1958 ACC Player of the Year, has died

When Kendall Marshall broke his wrist, his elbow was also fractured


Monday Morning Fodder

Tiger Woods Yall!

Get ready for two weeks of “Tiger is back” talk leading up to the US Open.

NC State is still alive in baseball playoffs. They look to join Florida State as the only ACC schools in the Super Regionals.  The Wolfpack will play Vanderbilt tonight for the chance to move on to face Florida. This will be their third meeting in the Raleigh Regional, the previous two games have both been decided by one run.

North Carolina, Georgia Tech, Clemson, Virginia and Miami were all eliminated.  St. John’s won the Chapel Hill Regional. Here is the NCAA Baseball Bracket

NBA Playoffs have been awesome. Great game last night. Both series are tied at 2. All four teams have protected their home floor. Rondo called the Heat crybabies.

 Last month, Mark Gottfried caught a 250 pound Marlin. [Fayetteville Observer]

ORLY! Triangle schools bring in big bucks from basketball []

UNC spent $6.51 million on basketball and had almost $20 million in revenue. That’s more than a 3-to-1 rate of return – tops in the ACC.

With a little under $4 million in spending and more than $10 million in revenue during the 2010 fiscal year, State makes $2.65 for every dollar it spends on men’s basketball.

Among the three schools, Duke made by far the most money from its men’s basketball team – almost $29 million in 2010. But the school also spent the most at just under $14 million, making about $2.09 for each dollar spent.