Monday Morning Fodder

Busy weekend in sports as we head towards Turkey Day and the final regular season weekend of college football.

North Carolina beat Old Dominion 80-20. Both head coaches agreed to shorten the fourth quarter to 10 minutes, a modern mercy rule. Some were calling Fedora classless, dont know why, they had scout team players in and took a knee on a fourth and goal. Cant just stop playing. ( btw, Florida State and South Carolina also won by 60 or more points)

Duke beat Wake Forest 28-21.  This sets up a big game vs North Carolina this weekend, they win and they will be in the ACC Championship Game vs Florida State.

Will Jameis Winston be able to play in the Championship Game, and a possible National Championship? We wont find out until after Thanksgiving.

East Carolina beat NC State in Raleigh 42-28.  State fans had to endure the “Our State” chants again, and a billboard on Capital Blvd.  Some statefans have called for that campaign to be retired.

Duke basketball escapes with a 91-90 win over Vermont. Coach K said they were “lucky to win”. 

UNC basketball bounces back with two wins over the weekend, including a 93-84 win over defending champs and #3 ranked Louisville. Marcus Paige had a career high 32 points.

Carolina Panthers won their 7th game in a row, Manning cant beat Brady, Brian McCann to the Yankees, five years, $85 million.

Ice Up, Son!

After Labor Day fodder: ACC Roundup, NFL starts tomorrow

Hope everyone enjoyed the Labor Day holiday. I didn’t make it to Dragon-Con but I did see some Wolfpack fans at Saturday’s Braves game and plenty of Tennessee fans. ..

Chick-Fil-A Kick Off Classic Games

Tennessee 35, NC State 21.  Game fell apart for NC State in about two minutes in the first quarter: Tennessee 72-yard TD pass, Glennon fumble in end zone for safety, Tennessee 67-yard TD run. The Vols had over 500 yards of total offense. Glennon was picked off three times.

Clemson 26, Auburn 19. The ACC got the Chick-Fil-A split with the Clemson win. Andre Ellington rushed for 231 yards, DeAndre Hopkins had 118 receiving yards and the go ahead touchdown.

20 year old Tennessee fan fell to his death during the Tennessee/NC State game, cheering after a touchdown.

Other ACC games…

UNC 62, Elon 0. Yes it was Elon. But impressive debut for Larry Fedora. UNC’s first shutout since 1999, and the Heels had their biggest scoring day in 17 years.

Virginia Tech 20, Georgia Tech 17 (OT). The Hokies got a 41 yard field goal as the clock ran out in regulation. Then their defense gets a turnover, and they get a game winning field goal in overtime. Interesting factoid: In the seven years the ACC has held a championship game, only the Hokies (five times) and Yellow Jackets have ever represented the Coastal Division. The victory, because of tiebreakers, essentially gives Virginia Tech a two-game lead over the Yellow Jackets.

Florida State wins 69-3, loses Senior defensive end Brandon Jenkins for the rest of the season. Duke 46, FIU 26. Miami 41, Boston College 32. Virginia 43, Richmond 19. Wake Forest 20, Liberty 17. In a shootout, Maryland 7, William & Mary 6.

Future ACC member Pittsburgh lost 31-17 to Youngstown State. It was Youngstown State’s first win over a BCS school in school history.

NFL Kicks off tomorrow night. Defending champion New York Giants vs Dallas.

Stories of the Year

So what sports stories, events, games, scandals and other happenings stick out in your mind from 2011? There are plenty of things to choose from, here are some  of the headliners from the Big 3, the ACC, and outside the ACC.  That is the thing with sports and being a sports fan, there is always something happening…

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Jamie Moyer Has a Head Condition

There can be no other explanation for the news that just passed by on the ticker.  Jamie Moyer is going to undergo Tommy John Surgery and plans to pitch in 2012.  When dude will be 49 years old.  Who does he think he is?  Well, let him tell you.

“We are cautiously optimistic superman will make a comeback!”

That was the personal message that Jamie and his wife put up on their Moyer Foundation Facebook page, where they “broke the news”.

Seriously.  When is this guy going to learn that he is done?  Sure, he had a few nice games in the 2010 season, including a complete game shutout against the Braves, but he throws slower than the old spring loaded pitching machines we used back at South Little League in the early ’80’s.

Somehow he has remained rather productive, despite his 4.84 ERA this past season he did post a 1.101 WHIP.  The question is, who will be willing to sign him at 49?  Go ahead and put me on the board for no one will.  Until late July when someone gets desperate.  This would actually make more sense for Moyer, because then he would only have to pitch half a season, just like he did this year.

Braves’ Matt Diaz Earns Standing O In Philly

It’s always sunny in Philadelphia, especially when you’re covered head to toe in a red suit running around on the field during a Major League Baseball game. Until you get tackled by one of the Atlanta Braves outfielders, that is. This guy had juked and jived his way past a security guard, causing the guard to fall flat on his face, but Matt Diaz was having none of it. After Diaz tackle, the same fans that booed Santa gave him a standing ovation:

Diaz Makes a Great Tackle

Wednesday Notes To Ponder

It is already Wednesday, or Mittwoch (Mitt-vohk) as they say in German, and the week is slipping by quickly.  So far we have heard the jaw dropping news that Reggie Bush will be stripped of his Heisman in yet another Yahoo! Sports scoop.  Yawn.  We got to see Boise State take down Va Tech in a game that Tech really needed to win, probably more than Boise State did.  Tiger Woods is on the Ryder Cup team, a move that a lot of people questioned due to Tiger’s “poor” play this year.

Meanwhile, over in Chapel Hill we saw John Blake resign from UNC-CH’s coaching staff.  Ever notice that resign and re-sign are extremely similar words that mean the exact opposite?  After a few bubbly pops one can get those mixed up on the ticker, but I digress.  The timing of this may be suspect, but did anyone really think Blake would be there after this NCAA investigation clears up?  I for one did not, and you can blame that opinion on Gary Wichard for lying about Blake’s past.

We also heard yesterday that UNC-CH AD Dick Baddour does not expect there to be any players dismissed from the team when all is said and done.  Marvin Austin may not be included in Baddour’s thinking, but if he is not it would be pretty shocking.  Under no scenario do I see Austin suiting back up for the Tar Heels.  And what about the students involved in “Tutor-Gate”, are they all expected to be cleared?  Should we read into Baddour’s wording and make the suspension/dismissal disctinction?  If these kids did indeed have a tutor writing papers for them, would you not expect them to be expelled?  So maybe they did not have papers written for them afterall?  My head hurts from trying to navigate these murky waters.  Can someone please clear things up for us?

Meanwhile, the Philadelphia Phillies overtook the Braves in the NL East last night.  Well, the Braves tied the Phillies in the loss column, and are a half a game back with a game in hand.  The two teams still face each other six times this season, so they both control their own destinies.  As a Braves fan, I can not tell you that I am confident after this past week of play on the field.  The Braves had better right the ship or they can go ahead and write up the season review.

Anything else going on?

Another Reason to Admire Roy Halladay

We all know who Roy Halladay is.  In case you have been living in a cave the past few years, Roy is arguably the best pitcher in baseball.  While he may not win the NL Cy Young Award this year (there is some stiff competition), he has shown that he is a class act and truly appreciates everyone around him.

Halladay Gets Congratulated Upon Completing His Perfect Game
Halladay Gets Congratulated Upon Completing His Perfect Game

Back on May 29th Roy pitched a perfect game in Florida against the Marlins.  He decided to thank his teammates with an engraved watch. He did not stop with his teammates, however, and also gave them out to all of the traveling attendants who help make road trips easier on the team.  But wait, there is more.  Roy did not stop with the traveling attendants, but also gave them to all clubhouse personnel back home in Philly as well.

The watches are enclosed in a wooden box that has a glass top on it.  Each box has not only a thank you from Roy (“We did it together.  Thanks, Roy Halladay.”) etched into it, but he also had each recipient’s name engraved as well.  So even the dude who tosses Roy a towel as he leaves the shower got his own watch, with his own name on it to prove it was a personal gift from Roy Halladay.  In a day and age where athletes are known more and more for their lavish lifestyles and selfish attitudes, it is extremely refreshing to see that one of baseball’s very best players is also one of its classiest.

So thank you to Roy Halladay.  Not only for the awesomeness he displays each time he takes the hill, but for doing what he can to restore our faith in professional athlete’s character.

“Cy Young” Tim Hudson?

Tim Hudson Braves Alternate

Tim Hudson currently owns a paltry 89:55 K:BB ratio.  That is not very good, in case you do not know much about baseball.  What is good, however, is his 2.13 ERA.  That mark is good for second in the NL, behind only Adam Wainwright and his 1.99 ERA.

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Chipper Jones Could be Done, Done.

Most baseball fans already know that Atlanta Braves three bagger Chipper Jones will miss the remainder of the season with a torn ACL in his left knee.  The immediate thought that entered my mind was whether or not we have seen him play his last baseball game.  Do not be fooled by Chipper’s .265 AVG and .806 OPS (which is still pretty decent).  Dude has been raking pretty good since June 11th, when his average was .228 (.716 OPS).  If this is indeed the end of the line for Chipper then it is a sad moment for baseball.

Moving forward, the Braves now have to fill both the three hole in the lineup and the three hole on the field.  The first thought that entered my mind was whether or not Troy Glaus can still play third, which would open up first for top prospect Freddie Freeman, who will turn 21 years of age next month.  At this point, I am not sure what the Bravos are planning.