Big Ten(?)/ACC Challenge(?) Night Two

Tonight is the second, and final night of the Big Ten(?)/ACC Challenge(?).  If it is anything like last night, the ACC is in trouble.  My picks went horribly wrong, with only Illinois and Clemson winning.  The Big Ten(?) is in the lead 4 – 2.  So who is up tonight?

Indiana @ NC State @ 7:15PM on ESPN2

Penn State @ Boston College @ 7:15PM on ESPNU

Florida State @ Michigan State @ 7:30 on ESPN

VA Tech @ Minnesota @ 9:15 on ESPN2

Wake Forest @ Nebraska @ 9:15 on ESPNU

Wisconsin @ North Carolina @ 9:30PM on ESPN

Some good games tonight, and some not so good ones too.  Will anyone watch PSU/BC or Wake/Nebraska?  I know I will not.  So who will win tonight?  NC State, Penn State, FSU, VA Tech, Nebraska, UNC.  So for the second straight day I pick four ACC teams to win.  Bet the farm on the opposite?

So who wins the Challenge(?) if it finishes 6 – 6?  I have no clue what the tiebreak rules may be.