And now, the rest of the Texas Tech story

AUTHOR’S NOTE: On Thursday, Mike Leach’s attorney released statements from Texas Tech’s trainer and team physician that seemed to support, or at least minimize Leach’s actions in regards to Adam James.  On Saturday, the university provided affidavits that appear to contradict the coach’s account.

Now that Mike Leach has put out his side of the events that led to his eventual dismissal at Texas Tech and internal e-mails have been released relating to the contentious contract negotiations from the end of last season, a juicy controversy has erupted into a full-blown civil war, with players, staff, coaches, alumni, fans, and pundits choosing sides.

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Is This The Electrical Closet That Got Mike Leach Fired?

You Tube video has surfaced of Adam James being confined to the electrical closet made via James cell phone in a hush-hush, cloak and dagger sort of way.

I let you be the judge on authenticity. I have seen at least one comment pointing out a chair in the back when he pans around the room.  I guess it is possible he makes it in there with his cell phone. Anyway, if this is legit then Leach is going to have a hard time making a case that he was fired unjustly.

Texas Tech Fires Leach


“Terminated with cause effective immediately”

Don’t mess with the ‘younger-James gang’. According to and the AP, Texas Tech handed a termination letter to Leach’s attorney, Ted Liggett just before the two sides were to appear in court for a hearing on the coach’s suspension.

There are rumors abound in this story with different sources saying different things. Was TT trying to find a way to fire Leach? Was Craig James meddling with the program and pressing for his son to be a starter next season? Did the higher ups not like Leach’s coaching style and was just waiting for Leach to slip? Can’t wait for the rest of the story…

The December 23rd letter to Leach: Leach, who was fired Wednesday, did not sign the letter nor agree to abide by the guidelines set forth in it.

In the meantime defensive coordinator Ruffin McNeill has been named the interim coach. McNeill was a four-year letter winner at East Carolina. He helped lead ECU to the Southern Conference Championship in 1976 and an Independence Bowl berth in 1978.

Uh Oh….Skip Holtz, Texas Tech on line 2…


Mike Leach. Seriously? Are you that dumb?[UPDATED]

Say what you will about Mike Leach as a football coach.  Dude is good, and has a high ceiling that could lead to a high profile job.  Check that.  Dude is good, and had a high ceiling.  Now dude may have swept in and stole the dumbass of the year award.

(Note from me about how I’m fascinated by this Leach story so I’m going to update it as things develop or until we get sick of it.)

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