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Rodney Hood, formerly of Mississippi State, transfers to Duke

The Inaugural class for the NC State Hall of Fame

Michael Jordan’s son, Marcus arrested in Omaha

Butch Davis’ son will play football at…..UNC (Jennifer Wiley was his tutor)

Snoop Dogg’s son and P.Diddy’s son will both play football and battle rap at UCLA next year

Tiger Woods surpassed Jack on the all time tournament wins list, now just behind Sam Snead.

Should the NCAA get involved in the Penn State football scandal after reports that former AD Tim Curley decided not to take action and report Sandusky to child welfare after “talking it over with Joe …”  (covering it up)


Jordan Likes Zellar’s Shoes?

Apparently Michael Jordan does not want UNC-CH basketball players wearing Kobe Bryant’s shoes.  Lots of angles on this one, like the fact that Kobe was going to go to Duke if he did not go pro.  The fact that Jordan is scared that Bryant will go down as the best player in the history of the game?

Jordan was really just having a little fun.  He congratulates Kyle Singler and talks to Coach K for a bit as well.

Interesting side note.  Jordan tells the team if they get to the Final Four he will hook them up with some shoes and anything else they want.  Someone might want to tell Jordan that he is not allowed to do that.  Unless he wants the basketball program to be reviewed by the NCAA for receiving improper benefits from a booster.

Michael Jordan Inducted into the North Carolina Sports Hall of Fame


Michael Jordan, the greatest basketball player of all time was inducted to the North Carolina Sports Hall of Fame last night. This wouldn’t sound strange say 17 years ago when he was elected but MJ has evidently been missing from the hall.

Now it’s been a while since I’ve visited the North Carolina Museum of History where the Sports Hall is located but one would probably think “where the heck is ‘His Airness’?” From all accounts it’s just that he’s been “unable” to attend the required induction banquet in Raleigh. I guess when you’re a college National Champion, 6 time NBA champion, Gold medal winner, NBA franchise owner and have countless individual accolades and accomplishments to mention, one night out in Raleigh isn’t high on the priority list. Now Raleigh is no Charlotte but someone tell MJ Raleigh isn’t the Raleigh of 17 years ago. It’s actually got a decent night life these days; well, from what I read and hear. I’m married with a 2 year old so I really don’t know, but I digress.

Nevertheless, Michael Jordan is officially a member. The Hall came to him and Jordan was inducted Tuesday at halftime of his team’s game against the Toronto Raptors. I have no idea who won the game but Jordan came onto the court after a tribute with former North Carolina coach Dean Smith. It was a rare public appearance for Smith after the announcement of his memory loss. (Continued thoughts and prayers to Smith and his family)

Jordan said to a cheering crowd “Every time I put on that uniform, North Carolina, Chicago, even Washington, I knew I represented my state, the people of North Carolina,” Thank you, Charlotte. Thank you, North Carolina.”

For many of us no matter what college team we pull for, back in the day we were all Chicago Bulls fans but more so Michael Jordan fans. So thank you Michael Air Jordan and welcome to Raleigh.

Is it a good idea to make the boss look bad?


I thought Duke guys were smart.

New Charlotte Bobcats owner Michael Jordan challenged Bobcats rookie (and dookie) Gerald Henderson to a few games of H.O.R.S.E.  Henderson beat Jordan….twice.  Good idea to show up the guy who will be writing your checks Gerald?  Will we be soon seeing the headline “Gerald Henderson released by Charlotte”?

Seriously though, I’m curious to see how Owner Jordan will do with this team.   Hopefully he will show some more interest in his team and not be out playing golf.  The team is actually pretty decent this year, Larry Brown might be coaching another team to the playoffs.

H/T  Ball Don’t Lie

LeBron Wants the NBA to Retire #23

Lebron James has gone public with an idea to retire the number 23 in the NBA.  He wants the league to honor Michael Jordan, and thinks that all players wearing 23 currently should give it up.  As a matter of fact, he wants to start a petition on the matter.  LeBron says he will switch to number six if the league retires 23.

Hey, LeBron!  Why not just go ahead and switch to six?  Why do you need the league to do something first?  If you want to take a stand and honor Jordan, I’m all for it.  Set an example and switch your number now, though.

So why number six?  It is his Olympic number, and it looks like both of his kids were born on the sixth of their respective birth months.  Oh, and his second favorite player wore number six as well.  Go ahead and guess who that was in the comments section, or click the link to the article above to find out and read a more in depth story.