It’s Official

"Man, coach, you KNOW I ain't goin' to no PRACTICE.  C'mon now, you know better than that."
"Man, coach, you KNOW I ain't goin' to no PRACTICE. C'mon now, you know better than that."

Allen Iverson signed a 1-year pro-rated deal that will be worth about $650k  if The Answer manages to stick with the team.  It is being reported that Eddie Jordan has told Iverson that he will start.  Whether he lives up to that promise after Williams returns remains to be seen.  See kids, pitching a fit and quitting DOES get you everything that you want.

My Predictions?  Iverson gives the team solid but unspectacular minutes at the 1.  Expect diva-like histrionics when he is asked to take a bench role when Williams is ready to come back full-time.  I also think that these last few weeks away from the game of basketball may have shown AI how much he really does love the game.   Maybe it’s given him a little perspective.  As a bench player, he is at least still a player.  I think some of the people who have been important in his career (like Aaron McKie and Larry Brown) have already reminded him of that and will probably continue to do so.  And they should, because even though I don’t necessarily like Iverson the guy, I love to watch Iverson the player.  As a player, his enthusiasm and drive are tremendous benefits to the game of basketball.  A player like him, a tough-as-nails, undersized superstar, is also a great silent message to kids everywhere :”work hard, never give up, never quit”.  Hopefully AI can continue to embody all 3 of those.  Hopefully he doesn’t quit on us again.

Iverson Takes Ball, Goes Home

Allen Iverson, in a statement released through Stephen A. Smith, has seemingly retired.  His statement goes on to talk about his love for the game and his ability to play.  Basically, he retired because no one was looking to sign him in a starting role.  I imagine he thinks he’ll sit out for a while and an injury will send some NBA team knocking on his door.  I think it’s pretty unlikely that will happen, and even if it does I think he’ll still only be a reserve.  He’s not the explosive, get to the rim at all costs guy he used to be.  He no longer draws all of the fouls that he used to because he’s nowhere near as fast as he used to be.  Guys can actually guard him without resorting to hacking him as he drives past them.  He now has to rely on a jumper that is shaky at best.  I know AI loves the game and plays hard, but he needs to come to grips that even though the question hasn’t changed, the Answer has.