Rut-Roh, Bruce Weber Leaving Illinois for Oklahoma? Painter Stays Put at Purdue.

Rumors are flying around on the internet about Bruce Weber leaving Illinois for the Oklahoma job.  This is huge if this is true, and all signs are pointing towards it being accurate.

What does this mean for NC State and Mizzou?  Will Shaka Smart covet the Illinois job?  Who will Illinois target to replace Weber?

All important questions to get to.  Right now I do not have much to offer, but I would think that Shaka would take a hard look at Illinois.  Chicago is a hotbed of talent, and one would think that Shaka could pull quite a bit of it to Illinois.  That said, I still think NC State is the best job open, and that Yow is on top of things.  She knows if Shaka is her next coach or not, and I’m sure he does as well.  I think the only way he goes to Illinois is if NC State was not making a push for him the past weeks as we expect they were.

Time will tell.  Great hire for Oklahoma (if true), when it was looking like they were going to have to “settle” for an up and comer.

As for Mizzou, they seem to have been used by Matt Painter as he just got an extension at Purdue.  It never made sense that he would leave Purdue to begin with, but there were reports of serious rifts with the establishment there.  Either way, I just lost a lot of respect for Matt Painter.  To waste Mizzou’s time like this during their search is deplorable.  It should not have taken a raise for Purdue to keep Painter.  Granted, at $1.3Mil per season Painter was underpaid for what he has accomplished, but that is the deal he signed LAST YEAR!  If you want it reworked, you should be able to get it done without using another school and wasting their time.