Duke & Maryland File For Divorce

Set your DVRs for this years Duke/Maryland tilts on the hardwoods.  This will be the last year the two play each other outside of a match-up in the ACC/BIG10(?) Challenge.  Coach K told ESPN 980’s Kevin Sheehan that “we won’t schedule them”, meaning other than a match-up in the NCAAT or the Challenge, this year will see the end of a great rivalry.

So who is to blame for this?  Maryland, of course.  They are the ones bolting on the ACC to join the Big10, even though they are charter members of the greatest basketball conference in the history of ever.

Coach K gets off a classic blast in the interview:

And by the way, these conferences, they keep adding teams,” he said as an aside. “Why don’t they put the right number [in their names]? I forget how many teams are in all these conferences, including our own sometimes, but I can just say it’s the ACC. I can get away with that. That was smart of our conference to do that. It’s a little bit crazy what’s going on all over.

This poses the following question.  What is your favorite Duke/Maryland memory?  For me it would be this:

Maryland; They Gone

Numerous people on Twitter are reporting that sources have said Maryland’s bolting of the ACC for the B1G has been voted on and will be announced officially later today:

Unanimously, no less.  Fare ye well, turtles… may you spend less time on your back in the B1G than you did in the ACC.

#ACCTRNY Friday Open Thread…

I dont know what some teams were playing yesterday, but it wasnt basketball, it was ugly. Looking at you especially Georgia Tech, 36 points?!? Fewest points EVER at the ACC Tournament during the shot clock era.  Way to represent the host city.

Today’s lineup should be better.

12 Noon: North Carolina vs Maryland

2PM: Virginia vs NC State

7PM: Duke vs Virginia Tech

9PM: Florida State vs Miami

ACC Tuesday. Must wins and Platinum unis

Final week of the ACC regular season kicked off last night as Duke held off Wake Forest in Winston-Salem 79-71. The Blue Devils finished 8-0 on the road in the ACC, the third team in school history to do that. Wake rallied from a 23 point deficit to cut the game to 6, but didnt get any closer.

NC State vs Miami. This is a must win for both teams, if they have any chance of making the NCAA Tournament. Especially State,as they are trying to snap their 4 game losing streak. Reggie Johnson was reinstated by the NCAA for Miami. It is Senior Night at the RBC Center for C.J. Williams, Kendall Smith & Alex Johnson.

It is also Senior Night in Chapel Hill as UNC takes on Maryland. Last game at home for ACC POY candidate Tyler Zeller, Justin Watts and three other UNC seniors.  The Tar Heels will be wearing their Nike Platinum uniforms for the game tonight.


Georgia Tech visits Boston College.

Bitter writer (from Virginia) calls for boycott of ACC basketball games because of UNC/Duke bias.


Monday Morning Fodder – February 27, 2012

It is Monday, so it is time to look at the weekend that was.  Huge weekend in the ACC, with all 12 teams taking the floor, and only one game being a blowout while two went to overtime.  Hit the jump for more. Continue reading Monday Morning Fodder — February 27, 2012

ACC Round-Up – February 21, 2012

There were four games in the ACC last night.  As discussed here, UNC took down NC State.  We also saw Georgia Tech manage only 37 points in a home loss to Clemson. Virginia squeaked past Virginia Tech by two (61 – 59).  Maryland beat Miami by a score of 75 – 70.

This leaves a three way tie at the top of the league:

North Carolina 11 – 2
Duke 10 – 2
Florida State 10 – 2
Virginia 8 – 5
NC State 7 – 6
Miami 7 – 6
Maryland 6 – 7
Clemson 6 – 7
Virginia Tech 4 – 9
Wake Forest 3 – 10
Boston College 3 – 10
Georgia Tech 2 – 11

Game Day in the ACC

A lot happened last night in the world of NC State athletics.  Mark Gottfried showed up at the Free Expression Tunnel for the “Ram Roast” and had quit a bit to say, although I have yet to hear any of it.  More goodness after the jump. Continue reading Game Day in the ACC

Monday Morning Fodder – February 20, 2012

Another Monday is upon us, and this one is a holiday.  Remember when people used to get President’s Day as a paid holiday?  While those days are long gone, the days of me bitching about sports are not.  Hit the jump for my thoughts on the ACC’s weekend action, and my take on the Karl Hess situation. Continue reading Monday Morning Fodder — February 20, 2012

Monday Morning Fodder – February 13, 2012

It was a pretty blah sports weekend from my seat, but there are still some things to discuss.  Hit the jump for a few talking points. Continue reading Monday Morning Fodder — February 13, 2012


UPDATED: Memphis to join the Big East… ECU left out again.

Very entertaining, but plodding, Super Bowl. Giants defeat the Patriots 21-17. Thought the Patriots were going to put the game away when they went up 17-9, but some bad drops, bad penalties (12 men on field) and the Giants defense helped them stay in the game.  Eli has become Mr.Clutch in the 4th quarter…another great pass this time to Mario Manningham on the game winning drive….Is Eli better than Peyton?…

What were your favorite commercials? I liked the Doritos Dog, the VW dog, and Dirty Harry for Chrysler.

I thought Madonna did a good halftime show. I missed the middle finger, and who is M.I.A.? Still not as good as Prince’s halftime show a few years ago.

Man wins $50,000 on a Vegas prop bet that the first score would be a safety.

Florida teams love Cameron Indoor. Duke lost at home again. 78-74 in OT to Miami. Greensboro native Reggie Johnson owned the Plumlees, and Duke couldn’t hit a free throw in OT.

Its UNC vs Duke week.

Call the Waaaambulance. Maryland coaches, players and fans are mad at John Henson for dunking the ball at the end of the game on Saturday. It didnt seem like a big deal to me.  Speaking of last second dunks against Maryland..THIS!

AP Basketball Poll: 1.Kentucky  2. Syracuse 3.Ohio State 4.Missouri 5.UNC

10.Duke 15. Florida State 19.Virginia