NC State Falls To Mizzou

After leading most of the game, NC State could not hold on and beat Frank Haith’s Missouri Tigers in Raleigh last night.  After being in control for about the first 36 minutes, the Wolfpack seemed like they would pick up a vital OOC win over an SEC opponent.  Instead, things fell apart in the end as the Tigers hit five threes out of their final seven baskets.

Overall it was a good game for the Pack, but they came up short in the end.  It was puzzling that TJ Warren did not score in the final 12 minutes of the game, after pouring in 24 up to that point.  It was also puzzling that Mark Gottfried took Kyle Washington out of the game late, yet left in Leonard Freeman down the stretch.  Washington was clearly having his best game of the season, and Freeman failed to do much all game long.

Also puzzling was BeeJay Anya only getting nine minutes of action when Jordan Vandenberg was limited to 22 due to foul trouble.  I think Gottfried was trying to go a little small due to the guards on Mizzou, but with Cat Barber being in foul trouble the entire game it may have been time to focus on your own strengths versus trying to match-up with the Tigers’.

At the end of the day it was a hard fought game and Mizzou hit a few more shots, including 19/26 free throws compared to 8/14 for the Pack.  Up next for the Pack is UNCG on the 30th, before hitting ACC play against Pitt on the 4th.  A win over Mizzou would have gone a long way heading into ACC action, but we can only hope this lights a fire under them and they tighten up their flaws, like Ralston Turner forcing threes up when they should be feeding Warren down low.

Gottfried in Hot Water?

This story is just all sorts of strange.  

Apparently Mark Gottfried’s son plays high school basketball at Broughton, in Raleigh.  So naturally, he has teammates.  One of which is good enough to play college ball, and back in November Devonte Graham signed on with Appalachian State.  Three or so months go by and Graham is having a good season and realizes he can play at a higher level, so he asks out of his LOI.  Sounds pretty normal, right?

In steps ASU coach Jason Capel.  Yes, that Jason Capel who played basketball at UNC.  That Jason Capel whose brother played at Duke.  Well, he told Graham no.  Over seven months ago.

Fast forward to now, and it appears the NCAA is having a look at NC State for tampering allegations.  That came out of left field, right?  So basically, Capel is accusing Gottfried of trying to get a kid who played on the same high school team as Gottfried’s son to break his commitment.  

“We absolutely didn’t tamper,” N.C. State coach Mark Gottfried told’s Andy Katz. “We had zero contact with the kid. He played with my son. I went out of my way not to [contact].”

And let us be honest here, with no disrespect intended to Graham, he is not ACC caliber.  Not at the one, a spot that NC State has not one, but two McDonald’s All Americans at, one of which being Cat Barber, an incoming Frosh.  So why, then, would he put his neck on the line here?  For a two star recruit at a position of strength?  

Something tells me that on November 8th, when ASU opens the season at NC State, there might be more electricity in the building than there would have been.  

I will not pretend to know why Capel is doing this.  Show us the evidence, I say, or you will look like a low-life scumbag coach trying to hold a kid hostage.  If you do not want the kid to wind up at NC State (really, as a UNC guy, he should WANT State to burn a scholly on this kid…) then just make that part of the criteria for him to be let out of his LOI.  Someone should tell Jason that other recruits are watching this, and with the current 40% transfer rate of college basketball players, he might be cutting himself off at the knees.

The humor in this story comes via the messages at the bottom of the story.  If you thought we had delusional people back in the day, then you are in for a treat.

Monday Linkage

So it has been a little while since I have had time to blog….  ok, a little while is a bit of a stretch.  I have been more absent than Shawn Kemp at his kid’s birthday party (take your pick, I hear he has a few kids…).  Life happens, and bills need to be paid, so blogging takes the back seat.  Ok.  Back seat is also a stretch.  It is more like blogging was put in cold storage next to Walt Disney’s frozen head.

That said, here are some things that have caught my eye over the weekend.

NC State football, um, struggled to beat Richmond.  Give credit to the defense, who completely shut the Spiders down in the second half.  I did not get to see the game as I was busy at a dinner party (Mexican food, beer, and four year olds make for an interesting evening…).

UNC, meanwhile, rolled over Middle Tennessee.  This, despite making one of the dumbest mistakes I have ever heard of when they elected to kick off to start the game after Middle Tennessee won the toss and deferred to receive the ball to start the second half.  I have never heard of this happening in the history of, well, ever.

Sometimes kids do things that surprise you.  Sometimes in a really positive way, as four players from the William Paterson University football team showed us that, like one of them said, “You can’t judge a book by it’s cover.”

The U beat Florida, giving the ACC wins in two marquee match-ups against the vaunted SEC.

Mark Gottfried continues to recruit well for NC State, picking up solid PF recruit and moving all the way to #5 on the ESPN class rankings (UNC is ranked #1, and Louisville is #4).

Dennis Rodman wants to be the ambassador to North Korea.  Okay, he does not say that, but he is kind of acting like it, and quite honestly I fail to see how this is a negative thing.  He wants to promote basketball there while helping to rebuild, er, build a relationship between the US and North Korea.  Why the hell not?

That is all for now, folks.  Check back in six months for the next update…

ACC Big 10 Challenge – Big tests for NC State and UNC

The ACC /Big Ten Challenge tips off tonight with six games. The ACC won the first ten challenges but the Big Ten has won the last three. The two big games tonight are NC State at third ranked Michigan and North Carolina at top ranked Indiana.

NC State vs Michigan is at 7:30, and UNC vs Indiana play at 9:30. North Carolina will be without guard P.J. Hairston who is out with a knee injury. They will also have to figure out a way to slow down Cody Zeller. The Zeller family wont have to make a road trip to two different arenas like in last years challenge.

NC State is coming off a two point win over UNC-Asheville, they are looking to snap a four game losing streak in the ACC/Big Ten Challenge. Also yesterday sophomore forward Thomas de Thaey decided to leave the team and go back home to Belgium for family reasons.

The other games tonight.

Minnesota at Florida State

Nebraska at Wake Forest

Iowa at Virginia Tech

Maryland at Northwestern

Is The Pack Really Back?

Is NC State basketball really back?  No one can say for certain, yet, but it sure is looking like it.  More after the jump. Continue reading Is The Pack Really Back?

Rodney Purvis Cleared To Play

To quote Lebron James…. “It’s about damn time”

Rodney Purvis is a model student. This kid has done everything right along the way. Purvis’ own mother has been in constant contact with the NCAA, once joking that she has them on speed dial. The only knock on this guy is that he committed to Louisville, and then changed his mind.

Until the NCAA decided a few months ago to put the kid’s future in limbo. Purvis has gone to Upper Room Christian Academy since the fifth grade. The NCAA has a standard procedure to vet any and all athletes from a school’s first graduating class, however, and you guessed it. Mr. Purvis was in said class.

The problem here, however, is that the NCAA did not just find out about Upper Room, or Rodney Purvis. As previously stated, Rodney’s own mother is known by the NCAA for her efforts to make sure that everything Rodney does is legit and legal. The NCAA, however, did not get the ball rolling early, and caused Rodney to not only miss the teams trip to Spain this Summer, but also to miss the first week of classes.

Today, however, they finally did what they should have months ago, and cleared Rodney to play basketball at NC State. That huge sigh of relief is NC State fans all over, as everyone expected the NCAA to pull some “NC State Shit” and declare him ineligible overall.

Thankfully, the NCAA got one right. Congratulations Rodney, as well as to Coach Gottfried and Wolfpack Nation.

Monday Morning Fodder

Tiger Woods Yall!

Get ready for two weeks of “Tiger is back” talk leading up to the US Open.

NC State is still alive in baseball playoffs. They look to join Florida State as the only ACC schools in the Super Regionals.  The Wolfpack will play Vanderbilt tonight for the chance to move on to face Florida. This will be their third meeting in the Raleigh Regional, the previous two games have both been decided by one run.

North Carolina, Georgia Tech, Clemson, Virginia and Miami were all eliminated.  St. John’s won the Chapel Hill Regional. Here is the NCAA Baseball Bracket

NBA Playoffs have been awesome. Great game last night. Both series are tied at 2. All four teams have protected their home floor. Rondo called the Heat crybabies.

 Last month, Mark Gottfried caught a 250 pound Marlin. [Fayetteville Observer]

ORLY! Triangle schools bring in big bucks from basketball []

UNC spent $6.51 million on basketball and had almost $20 million in revenue. That’s more than a 3-to-1 rate of return – tops in the ACC.

With a little under $4 million in spending and more than $10 million in revenue during the 2010 fiscal year, State makes $2.65 for every dollar it spends on men’s basketball.

Among the three schools, Duke made by far the most money from its men’s basketball team – almost $29 million in 2010. But the school also spent the most at just under $14 million, making about $2.09 for each dollar spent.


Gott Got Paid

No wonder Mark Gottfried was so happy NC State made the tournament.

According to CNBC’s Darren Rovell, Gottfried got a “extremely generous incentive” for taking the Wolfpack back to the NCAA Tournament.

In his contract he signed in April 2011, the school agreed to give the coach an additional two years on his contract if he brought the Wolfpack back to the tournament. That’s a guaranteed $750,000 per year and if he actually finishes out the contract, it’s an additional $450,000 a year. The deal was negotiated by New York-based firm, The Agency

Good deal for Gottfried.


Monday Morning Fodder

The NCAA will announce the punishment for UNC football today at 3pm.

Great weekend for college basketball fans. Brackets are set, madness begins on Tuesday with the First Four, second round begins on Thursday.

Congratulations to Florida State, 2012 ACC Tournament Champions. First ever ACC Tournament win for the Seminoles. Championship game came down to the last possession as they held off UNC 85-82.

Some ACC Tournament history was made as Leonard Hamilton became the first African-American coach to win the ACC Tournament. Not a bad year for the ACC Coach of the Year. Seminoles beat both of “The Blues” twice and were undefeated in the state of North Carolina.

More about the Brackets after the jump…

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ACC Championship & Selection Sunday

North Carolina vs Florida State.  1PM

Probably one of the wildest Semi-final Saturdays in the ACC Tournament yesterday. Both games came down to the final play, both could of gone either way.

As for the UNC/NC State game, some of the officiating was as ugly as Roy’s blazer.  Yes there were bad calls on both sides and various opinions both ways on the “charge/no charge”.  I’m just not going to buy into the conspiracy of the outcome as a Hess tribute from the refs, and what ref called fouls on what player, and then this ref was part of Hess’ crew in the Gugliotta-Corchiani ejection game..therefore..the fix was in against State. That is crazy talk.

Anyway, Florida State and North Carolina play for the ACC Championship. We know what happened the last time these two met, a FSU Beatdown of the Tar Heels. Is UNC out for revenge? FSU is looking for their first ever ACC Tournament Championship.

Then later this afternoon the brackets will be announced for the NCAA Tournament. I dont think there should be any hand-wringing for NC State, most from what I have read and heard say the Wolfpack is in. Which would just show how far Gottfried has brought this team in his first year. He has done a great job with essentially the same players from last year.

My predictions: UNC wins close game over FSU

for the NCAA’s. Five teams from the ACC.

UNC will get a #1 seed.  Duke a #2 seed.  FSU, 3 or 4 seed.  NC State, 9 or 10 seed. UVa, 11 seed.