BCS Championship (3/4 game) CSI

I’m too old to stay up past 11:00, that’s why you’re getting 3/4 of a game review…well make it 13/16th’s cuz I watched Sportscenter this morning.  But wow what a game last night. Continue reading BCS Championship (3/4 game) CSI

Mason Plumlee Breaks Wrist; Out Indefintely

Bad news out of Durham.

Freshman Mason Plumlee is out indefinitely after suffering a fractured left wrist on Wednesday in practice. The fracture will not require surgery to repair and he will be evaluated by the Duke medical staff on a weekly basis.

It sounds like what happened to UNC’s Tyler Zeller last season except the break was not as bad since surgery is not required.  Zeller ended up being out 12 weeks and returned in late February to a very limited role.  Since surgery was not required and the medical staff is doing a week by week evaluation, Plumlee may not miss much time at all.

The silver lining for Duke it was a big man and not a perimeter player who got injured.  Duke is fairly deep inside and while Plumlee was expected to start alongside his brother, Duke has other options including senior Lance Thomas.

Exit question: Is this a bad omen for Duke as it pertains to the Harrison Barnes announcement?