ACC Big 10 Challenge – Big tests for NC State and UNC

The ACC /Big Ten Challenge tips off tonight with six games. The ACC won the first ten challenges but the Big Ten has won the last three. The two big games tonight are NC State at third ranked Michigan and North Carolina at top ranked Indiana.

NC State vs Michigan is at 7:30, and UNC vs Indiana play at 9:30. North Carolina will be without guard P.J. Hairston who is out with a knee injury. They will also have to figure out a way to slow down Cody Zeller. The Zeller family wont have to make a road trip to two different arenas like in last years challenge.

NC State is coming off a two point win over UNC-Asheville, they are looking to snap a four game losing streak in the ACC/Big Ten Challenge. Also yesterday sophomore forward Thomas de Thaey decided to leave the team and go back home to Belgium for family reasons.

The other games tonight.

Minnesota at Florida State

Nebraska at Wake Forest

Iowa at Virginia Tech

Maryland at Northwestern

First Coaches Poll of the Basketball Season

The First USA Today Coaches Poll for the college basketball season is out.  You’ll notice the link is to an ESPN version.  This is because the USA Today page is turrible.  Hit the jump for details. Continue reading First Coaches Poll of the Basketball Season

B1G Wins 3rd Straight B1G/ACC Challenge (?)

It was another long night for the ACC in the B1G/ACC Challenge (?).  Yes, you read that correctly.  After three straight wins by the Big Ten, I can no longer mock their inability to count.  Apparently counting does not matter on the hardwoods, as the B1G took eight of the 12 games against the ACC.  Also horribly wrong were my own predictions, but that is expected, no?

As you can imagine, the Indiana win at NC State was a tough pill to swallow.  After coming out completely flat to start the game, which is something I will never understand when the game started on the heels of ESPN playing a tribute to Jimmy V and showing his ESPY speech, NC State had the game in hand, and a chance to go up by seven points late in the second half.  Instead they turned the ball over on a breakaway and Indiana owned them from that point forward.

This much can be said for the Pack; they will be a good team come mid-January, unless they are depleted by injuries.  Mark Gottfried has them playing hard, and once they tighten up on some of the recklessness and find more cohesion on offense I expect that they will win more of these games than naught.

Unfortunately, that was the only game I saw in its entirety last night, so I will refrain from comments on the other games.  Please feel free to use this as an open thread for all things basketball.

Big Ten(?)/ACC Challenge(?) Night Two

Tonight is the second, and final night of the Big Ten(?)/ACC Challenge(?).  If it is anything like last night, the ACC is in trouble.  My picks went horribly wrong, with only Illinois and Clemson winning.  The Big Ten(?) is in the lead 4 – 2.  So who is up tonight?

Indiana @ NC State @ 7:15PM on ESPN2

Penn State @ Boston College @ 7:15PM on ESPNU

Florida State @ Michigan State @ 7:30 on ESPN

VA Tech @ Minnesota @ 9:15 on ESPN2

Wake Forest @ Nebraska @ 9:15 on ESPNU

Wisconsin @ North Carolina @ 9:30PM on ESPN

Some good games tonight, and some not so good ones too.  Will anyone watch PSU/BC or Wake/Nebraska?  I know I will not.  So who will win tonight?  NC State, Penn State, FSU, VA Tech, Nebraska, UNC.  So for the second straight day I pick four ACC teams to win.  Bet the farm on the opposite?

So who wins the Challenge(?) if it finishes 6 – 6?  I have no clue what the tiebreak rules may be.