Big Sports Weekend and other Big Things…

The LA Kings were all set to wrap up their first Stanley Cup in franchise history the other night, but the New Jersey Devils prolonged the “coronation” by beating LA 3-1 and staying alive for at least one more game.

Devils coach Peter DeBoer might have been inspired by what was behind him, looking down on him the entire game. They belong to hockey fan and porn star Taylor Stevens, who became a twitter sensation when her bewbs were seen on national tv.

Sports this weekend

Well I was going to say I’ll Have Another was going for the Triple Crown until news just came out that the horse is scratched from the race.

NC State travels to Gainesville for Super Regional against top ranked Florida. Starts Saturday

Game 7: Boston vs Miami on Saturday

Well well, on June 1, Florida State got $1.6 million from the ACC and now their “budget shortfall” is cured.

Pete Brennan, member of UNC’s 1957 National Championship team and 1958 ACC Player of the Year, has died

When Kendall Marshall broke his wrist, his elbow was also fractured



Let me first say I know precious little about hockey. I am unabashedly a bandwagon fan when it comes to the Carolina Hurricanes only rousing myself to pay attention to them if they make the playoffs which means I watch hockey every other season. The same is true of hockey in the Olympics. I am only watching if Team USA is playing.  That being the case, I took in most of the USA-Canada hockey game last night because there is only so much of ACC officiating at Hansbrough Indoor Stadium I can tolerate.

In the eyes of this novice, the 5-3 win over Canada was an outstanding game. For some reason NBC decided to run it on MSNBC instead of the broadcast network because people at NBC are stupid.  Either that or there is a dark ice dancing cabal lurking in the shadows controlling Dick Ebersol(black helicopters!) 

Anyway,  Team USA took an early lead and responded each time Canada tied the game up before taking a 4-2 lead.  The Canadians pulled to within a goal late in the 3rd and then spent the next three minutes throwing pucks at American goalie Ryan Miller from every direction in effort to tie the game. Miller basically stood on his head and handled 42 of 45 shots. With the pressure still on during the final minute  Team USA’s Ryan Kessler chased the puck into the Canadian end and made a diving swipe to direct it into the empty net for the final margin. And yes, silencing the home crowd is always fun. 

Team USA is now setup with some extra time off to prepare for the medal round. Canada must play an additional game before moving on which is not ideal given the effort these guys are putting into this tournament.  Oh and USA’s first win over Canada in fifty years comes one day before the 30th anniversary of this:

Be sure to check out Darren Rovell’s interview with Al Michaels about his now famout “Do you believe in miracles?” call during the Team USA’s win over the USSR in 1980.