Date Debate: Duke Girls!


First up, Duke University’s own Karen Owen. Who is Karen Owen? She is the Duke graduate who wrote a graphic “sexual thesis” about all her hookups with Duke athletes, mostly Duke Lacrosse players (like they needed attention…again). She included all the guys names (with photos), rated all the performances, and even made bar graphs.  This has gone viral all over the internet, and now is making the rounds on the news shows. She has since “apologized”.

Next,…the one, the only, Daisy Duke.

About our regularly scheduled post…

Yeah, so it’s hotter than forty hells outside. This is the kind of heat that straight up melts your cerebral cortex and makes all tasks OTHER than staying cool seem very, very menial. So, instead of scouring the interwebs trying to find you suckas some TYLs from the past to compete with some TYLs from the present I just googled images of something every man stares at when he is out in public on days like today. Hit the jump to see my skillz. Continue reading About our regularly scheduled post…

Who’s Feeling Frisky?

I have been rather busy with other endeavors for the last few weeks, and I apologize.  Things have been a little slow around here lately and I figured I would step in and give you Godless heathens some Friday content to stare at while you pretend you’re working on this beautiful day.  After I post this I’m heading out to the lake for the weekend for some adult beverages, fishing, and fun in the sun.  Don’t be too jealous.
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Feeling Frisky Friday

So last night my girlfriend and I watched “The Blindside”.  It was a pretty good flick, other than Tim McGraw’s turrble hairpiece.  Sandra Bullock is beautiful and a pretty good actress, but both my girlfriend and I noticed that she has a very, very big caboose.  Really big.  This doesn’t really have any bearing on FFF, I just wanted to point it out.  I was going to include a pic, but somehow that is the only thing in the world that there is not a picture of on the interwebs.  I blame John McCain. Continue reading Feeling Frisky Friday

Feeling Frisky Friday

I’m going to be perfectly upfront today and let you guys know that I’m not very fond of my choice of supermodel of the past for this week.  It’s not that she isn’t pretty or doesn’t have other proven qualities (even if I can’t see them), I just can’t get interested in her.  Check out who she is after the jump Continue reading Feeling Frisky Friday

Feeling Frisky Friday

I’m going to be quick, again, because RL is calling me and I’m a busy smallandpetty lately.  I am playing golf tomorrow though, with Alex In Raleigh.  So that should be a nice little diversion from real life.  Plus, it’s fishing season and there are lines to be dropped and lips to be ripped.  Damn I love the Spring. Continue reading Feeling Frisky Friday

Feeling Frisky Friday

I know that most of you are toiling away at work… I mean you have your beady little eyes glued to the NCAAT today and probably have no time at all for HAWT chicks.  I still feel that it is my civic duty to bring you said HAwtness.  So, in light of everyone’s NCAAT driven short attention spans, I bring you this week’s (abbreviated) FFF.  Enjoy!

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Feeling Frisky Friday

I hope you guys liked your new Friday content last week because it’s here to stay.  I promised you all some Brooklyn Decker this week and I intend to make good on that promise.  Don’t say smallandpetty doesn’t deliver.  I have some wonderful pictures of HAWTness just for you, you chauvinistic heathens, after the jump. Continue reading Feeling Frisky Friday