With the NFL lockout finally over you know what that means…Fantasy Football is back!!  I was really getting worried since I am the defending champion in my league and want to go back to back this year. Thanks NFL!

The question has been raised, how about a Thee Sports Blog league. Anyone interested? Share some thoughts and we can maybe get a league up and running.

I need to run out and go buy 5 more draft preview magazines.


Can I Sue Jim Caldwell?

For lost Fantasy Football winnings?

I am going to break a rule and talk about my Fantasy Football team even though no one really gives a crap about it.  By now you may have heard that Indianapolis head coach Jim Caldwell pulled his starters with a 15-10 lead at the end of the 3rd quarter against the New York Jets on Sunday.  The Colts went on to lose the game 29-15 but they were not the only one.  Fantasy owners of Peyton Manning and other Colts were also screwed over by the move.  In my case I took a 12-2 record into my FF championship game.  I ended up losing by ten points. Manning, who has routinely scored at least 20 points for me but mostly 30 or more scored a paltry seven points.  Now I know there is no guarantee had Manning played he would have scored me enough points to win the game but darn it I would have liked to seen him try.

Anyway, I felt the need to vent. I think the lesson here is never, ever trust Peyton Manning or the Colts when a title is on the line. Not that I had a choice. My backup was Eli Manning and he was not much better.