The Business of College Sports

From time to time I enjoy bringing websites to your attention that may be of interest.  The Business of College Sports was founded about a year ago by Kristi Dosh, who now writes about business in sports for ESPN.  The reason for me bringing her site to your attention, however, is due to the work of another writer who apparently goes by the name bcsguestwriter (apparently this was a group project).  A lot of time has been put into breaking down each of the major conferences, and showing the bottom line for the football and men’s basketball programs.  The numbers speak for themselves, and it looks like the ACC is doing pretty good across the board.  That said, I have not had time to break down this data and do any comparisons.

So if you are interested in the money side of college sports, make sure you are reading both Dosh’s ESPN blog, and her old spot at The Business of College Sports (which she no longer writes for) as well.