Monday Fodder: Boeheim goes Ballistic, Wake gets Biscuit’d, Jr. Wins Daytona, RIP Harold Ramis

In the new greatest rivalry in college basketball (according to ESPN), Duke and Syracuse came down to the wire again when Jim Boeheim strongly disagreed with the charge call against T.J. Fair.

Yes Dick Vitale, coaches can scream, but running onto the court to get in the refs face will get you thrown out.

North Carolina won their ninth game in a row easily over Wake Forest 105-72 (nice knowing you Jeff Bzdelik) and travel to Raleigh this week to face NC State. This is really a must win for the Wolfpack, who do not have a signature win this year and are hovering on the NCAA bubble. Three of their last four games at home.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. won his second Daytona 500. Ten years after his first, and the same year the #3 returns to NASCAR.

The man who wrote classics such as Caddyshack, Stripes, and Ghostbusters, Harold Ramis, died on Monday, he was 69.

…and breakfast is coming to Taco Bell, say hello to the Waffle Taco


Dick Vitale Is The Argument Against Twitter


That scrappy little networking/communication tool with the cute name.  Many folks love, some people hate it with the heat of a thousand suns. I am somewhere in the middle. I have found it really useful on game days since you can catch a lot of different takes on the games in progress not to mention links to blog posts and what not.  In fact I will use @tarheelfanblog this evening while attending the NCCU game since it is an easy method for communication.

However, there are some people who use the darn thing as though it were plugged directly into their brain.  They update it 25 times an hour and any number of random topics.  One of those individuals is Dick Vitale, who for reasons that pass understanding, hopped on Twitter a while back and has been a menace since.  Knowing what we know about Vitale, he is as wide open as possible 24 hours per day. He is passionate about everything and suffers one of the worst cases of verbal diarrhea known to modern man.  If you have spent five minutes watching any college basketball game on ESPN you know his act.  Now imagine that same verbal outpouring on any topic that happens to pop into his head at that given moment transferred to an electronic medium. You get…well you get this:

I’m on Twitter, Baby!

Do not rate Tebow by stats-like Jeter he just wins! 17 in a row Baby! That =Heisman!

Eating outside in beautiful St Armands and wondering how there can be a tennis Hall of Fame without Nick Bollettieri in it. Absurd.

dont laugh, but im getting my bald dome cut, can you believe 25 bucks!

thought coach K would suffer in recruiting because of USA duties……give me a break! thats absurd!!1

give me ND’s Golden Tate he is super.

Going to dinner n thinking S.Curry will be rookie of the year. Said it draft day n i am staying with Warriors Curry.What do u think?

Feel so bad that my buddy Jamie Moyer healthy for the WS. He and his lovely wife Karen help so many. Moyer is CLASS BABY!1

Meant to say Jamie is not healthy and is not on the roster for thje WS

Something tells me Rick Pitino n the Cardinals wwill have a big year. Rick is totally focusing on family n team. That means lots of W’s.

KENNY CHESNEY is the best entertainer in the business . he loves sports and is very generous with our V Foundation.

Mike Lupica has a new novel out MILLION DOLLAR THROW ! Trust me anything he writes is solid gold. Just like Mitch ALBOM and JOHN FEINSTEIN!

Can’t believe Mario Lopez was selected over me to host Miss America contest this year. Are you kidding! Who has a better crop of hair?

Did not take long for it’sONLY PRACTICE MR IVERSON to moan and groan!

MICHAEL JACKSON IS A FLAT OUT GENIUS MUSICALLY!The super Garf of 5 star fame would rate THIS IS IT a 5 plus on a scale of 5 as the best!

Do u think Iowa’s qb James Vanderberg will be a little nervous Sat. as he makes his 1st start at Ohio St? Sounds like Iowa has a tough task

Yeah. And what’s worse is he writes just like he talks so as you read his Twitter feed you can hear him in your head screaming about the genius of Michael Jackson or complaining that Bobby Knight is not being inducted into the Hoosier HOF.

What frightens me about Vitale is there is such a stream of consciousness quality to his Tweeting that I fear at some point we are going to see:

Hey, just got done making love to my beautiful wife, what a PTPer she is. AWESOME BABY!

That Mexican dinner was super last night! That = lots of gas!

Let me tell you something, my proctologist has the softest hands in the business. I can’t even feel his finger now.

So, those of you who despise Twitter. I get it. And while I still think it is useful, I do understand how people like Dick Vitale might engender rage against the whole system simply because he fails to grasp the concept: Just because you are thinking it does not mean you should Tweet it.