Boxers or briefs?

Making the rounds on the interwebs today is a story that ESPN radio host resident jerkwad Colin Cowherd made a vow back in April that if Tyler Hansbrough ever scored 20 points in an NBA game, Cowherd would do his radio show in his underwear.

It didn’t take long for Hansbrough to make Cowherd eat his words.  Hansbrough followed his first career double-double against Portland on Wednesday night with his first 20-point effort against the Nets on Friday.

As this blogger points out, it was a stupid bet to make, given that even marginal players can go for 20 on any given night.  Then again, stupid and Cowherd go hand-in-hand.

The archived ESPN audio from April 7th features a dialogue between Cowherd and Doug Gottlieb about their doubts as to Hansbrough’s success in the NBA and doesn’t feature the quote.  But then again, I would only trust Cowherd and Gottlieb’s opinions on douchebaggery and credit card fraud.

As one of my friends (a sweet Carolina girl, no less) posted on Facebook, “I hope your studio isn’t too cold, you asshat.”

Well said.