NCAA Finds Wainstein Report “Troubling” – Bubba Finds Wainstein Report “Not Quite That Bad”

Not a lot of time to expound on this at the moment, but here are a few links for your reading enjoyment.  Or agony.

Bubba does not think the academic fraud was really all that bad.  Here is my favorite quote from him so far, when discussing possible NCAA sanctions:

“I wouldn’t speculate on any sanctions,” he said. “There’s nothing new in the report that we haven’t seen before with a few exceptions – more than a few exceptions. The scope, certainly, would definitely be one.”

Say what?  Nothing new with a few exceptions.  Oh, wait.  More than a few exceptions.  So which is it, nothing new, or a lot of new items?

Then we have this gem, also from the N&O, which pretty much calls for Roy William’s head. Here is the thing with Coach Williams.  He talks out of both sides of his mouth at times.  We have heard him say that he is not involved in the academics of his players at all, and then we have heard him say that he steered players out of AFAM because he was concerned with the clustering.  Which is it?  Are you involved with academics or not, Coach Williams?  Let us face facts, clustering is part of the game of collegiate athletics.  There is always going to be clustering and it makes sense that there would be.  It would be interesting to see what kind of clustering took place at Kansas while he was there.

The first N&O link above about Bubba also hits on Mark Emmert and his comments about the Wainstein report.  He finds it troubling, and if you read into his quotes on this ESPN article, it could spell trouble for UNC athletics as a whole.

“Just based on the (Kenneth) Wainstein report, this is a case that potentially strikes at the heart of what higher education is about,” Emmert said Monday. “Universities are supposed to take absolutely most seriously the education of their students, right? I mean that’s why they exist, that’s their function in life. If the Wainstein report is accurate, then there was severe, severe compromising of all those issues, so it’s deeply troubling. … It’s absolutely disturbing that we find ourselves here right now.”

He also discussed infractions at UGA, and the potential impacts of the O’Bannon case.  He would not discuss the issues at Florida State, apparently.  All in all, there could be some dark days looming on the horizon for the ACC.

Monday Fodder: Boeheim goes Ballistic, Wake gets Biscuit’d, Jr. Wins Daytona, RIP Harold Ramis

In the new greatest rivalry in college basketball (according to ESPN), Duke and Syracuse came down to the wire again when Jim Boeheim strongly disagreed with the charge call against T.J. Fair.

Yes Dick Vitale, coaches can scream, but running onto the court to get in the refs face will get you thrown out.

North Carolina won their ninth game in a row easily over Wake Forest 105-72 (nice knowing you Jeff Bzdelik) and travel to Raleigh this week to face NC State. This is really a must win for the Wolfpack, who do not have a signature win this year and are hovering on the NCAA bubble. Three of their last four games at home.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. won his second Daytona 500. Ten years after his first, and the same year the #3 returns to NASCAR.

The man who wrote classics such as Caddyshack, Stripes, and Ghostbusters, Harold Ramis, died on Monday, he was 69.

…and breakfast is coming to Taco Bell, say hello to the Waffle Taco


TSB Video: Hit of the Year & Video of the Year (last year)

I saw this on a “Best of 2012″ list. How I missed this for the entire year last year, I don’t know. I failed you all. Sports Illustrated cover model Kate Upton doing a dance called the Cat Daddy. Being that she was on the cover of Sports Illustrated qualifies this as a sports story for this sports related blog.  What is the Cat Daddy?, who knows and who cares…

Back to on the field events. Jadeveon Clowney. 2013 Outback Bowl…

Not only did he destroy the Michigan running back, he picks the ball up with one hand like it was a mini-football. He almost took the handoff from the quarterback.


The ORLY Factor. John Calipari says Duke players are “flopping all over the place”.

Duke played Kentucky in the Champions Classic in Atlanta last night.  They were led by Seth Curry’s 23 points in the 75-68 win over the defending champions.

At halftime, with his team down by two points, Calipari was asked about the first half of the game when he called out Duke’s players for flopping.  While likely true, his claim about them getting suspended in the NBA for flopping is false,  The leagues new anti-flopping rule is just a warning, followed by fines (up to $30,000)  for repeat offenders.

I didn’t see the game but I heard that during the broadcast Dick Vitale was just gushing about NC State. That is right,  Vitale was talking in a positive manner about NC State during a DUKE game. The earth must have stopped spinning, I’m now convinced the Mayan’s were correct, the world is ending in about a month.


Is The Pack Really Back?

Is NC State basketball really back?  No one can say for certain, yet, but it sure is looking like it.  More after the jump. Continue reading Is The Pack Really Back?

ESPN Power Rankings

Do you guys even care about ESPN and their rankings anymore?  For some reason, even though I dismiss them, I have to check out the weekly “power rankings” when they come out.  This week’s rankings are up, and the top five are UNC-CH, Duke, UVA, VaTech and NC State.  It will be interesting to see how these shake out through the next two months, and also how accurate our TSB picks turn out.

It should be noted that the ACC regular season does not start until this Saturday, the 7th.  Is it just me, or is it a late start this year?  Based on what you have seen so far, are you excited for the season or will it be more of the same?  Georgia Tech has been the bad surprise for me, with Wake Forest actually being on the positive end of that discussion.

The Business of College Sports

From time to time I enjoy bringing websites to your attention that may be of interest.  The Business of College Sports was founded about a year ago by Kristi Dosh, who now writes about business in sports for ESPN.  The reason for me bringing her site to your attention, however, is due to the work of another writer who apparently goes by the name bcsguestwriter (apparently this was a group project).  A lot of time has been put into breaking down each of the major conferences, and showing the bottom line for the football and men’s basketball programs.  The numbers speak for themselves, and it looks like the ACC is doing pretty good across the board.  That said, I have not had time to break down this data and do any comparisons.

So if you are interested in the money side of college sports, make sure you are reading both Dosh’s ESPN blog, and her old spot at The Business of College Sports (which she no longer writes for) as well.

B1G Wins 3rd Straight B1G/ACC Challenge (?)

It was another long night for the ACC in the B1G/ACC Challenge (?).  Yes, you read that correctly.  After three straight wins by the Big Ten, I can no longer mock their inability to count.  Apparently counting does not matter on the hardwoods, as the B1G took eight of the 12 games against the ACC.  Also horribly wrong were my own predictions, but that is expected, no?

As you can imagine, the Indiana win at NC State was a tough pill to swallow.  After coming out completely flat to start the game, which is something I will never understand when the game started on the heels of ESPN playing a tribute to Jimmy V and showing his ESPY speech, NC State had the game in hand, and a chance to go up by seven points late in the second half.  Instead they turned the ball over on a breakaway and Indiana owned them from that point forward.

This much can be said for the Pack; they will be a good team come mid-January, unless they are depleted by injuries.  Mark Gottfried has them playing hard, and once they tighten up on some of the recklessness and find more cohesion on offense I expect that they will win more of these games than naught.

Unfortunately, that was the only game I saw in its entirety last night, so I will refrain from comments on the other games.  Please feel free to use this as an open thread for all things basketball.

Big Ten(?)/ACC Challenge(?) Night Two

Tonight is the second, and final night of the Big Ten(?)/ACC Challenge(?).  If it is anything like last night, the ACC is in trouble.  My picks went horribly wrong, with only Illinois and Clemson winning.  The Big Ten(?) is in the lead 4 – 2.  So who is up tonight?

Indiana @ NC State @ 7:15PM on ESPN2

Penn State @ Boston College @ 7:15PM on ESPNU

Florida State @ Michigan State @ 7:30 on ESPN

VA Tech @ Minnesota @ 9:15 on ESPN2

Wake Forest @ Nebraska @ 9:15 on ESPNU

Wisconsin @ North Carolina @ 9:30PM on ESPN

Some good games tonight, and some not so good ones too.  Will anyone watch PSU/BC or Wake/Nebraska?  I know I will not.  So who will win tonight?  NC State, Penn State, FSU, VA Tech, Nebraska, UNC.  So for the second straight day I pick four ACC teams to win.  Bet the farm on the opposite?

So who wins the Challenge(?) if it finishes 6 – 6?  I have no clue what the tiebreak rules may be.

Big Ten(?)/ACC Challenge(?)

It is that time of year again.  You know, the time that the Big Ten(?) tries to compete with the ACC on the hardwoods.  After winning two of the last three, the Big Ten(?) should be put back in its proper place over the next two nights.

Tonight we get the following tilts:

Michigan @ UVA on ESPN2 @ 7PM

Northwestern @ GA Tech on ESPNU @ 7:15PM

Illinois @ Maryland on ESPN @ 7:30PM

Miami @ Purdue on ESPN2 @ 9PM

Clemson @ Iowa on ESPNU @ 9:15PM

Duke @ Ohio State on ESPN @ 9:30PM

My picks for tonight are Michigan, GA Tech, Illinois, Miami, Clemson and Duke.  Who do you have?