“You just beat the number nine team in the country, man!!!”

Sometimes I want to kick myself in the teeth, which I am capable of doing.  There was nothing, and the Great One means NOTHING on TV last night.  My beautiful wife is clicking through all the channels, checking the guide, On Demand, etc.  Nothing.  What she failed to check (and will be receiving a stiff backhand for) was ESPNU.  So no, I did not catch the CoC handing Carolina (we call them Carolina in basketball season) the beat down of the year.  That might be a little strong, but you get my drift.  Brian has wrote a nice piece over on TarHeelFanBlog.com about the game, so please peruse on over to check out his thoughts.

The title of this post comes courtesy of Mike & Mike in the Morning on ESPN Radio.  They played an audio clip of CoC head coach Bobby Cremins (yes, that Bobby Cremins) being interviewed on the court after the game by ESPNU’s commentator whose name escapes me.  If you haven’t heard the clip, it is fantastic and will be thrown up when we find it (if anyone knows what I am talking about, and has a link, please hook us up!).  Apparently, Cremins, who has won bigger games than this in his coaching career, was not overly enthused by the win.  The ESPNU dude was, however, and after Cremins nonchalantly answered a question about how it felt to win, dude shouted “you just beat the number nine team in the country, man!”  Classic.  Awesome.  Soundbite for the library.

Nice AP article here, via ESPN.com. What does this put the overall record of CoC versus Carolina?  Didn’t the CoC knock the Heels out of the Big Dance a while back, too?