Stories of the Year

So what sports stories, events, games, scandals and other happenings stick out in your mind from 2011? There are plenty of things to choose from, here are some  of the headliners from the Big 3, the ACC, and outside the ACC.  That is the thing with sports and being a sports fan, there is always something happening…

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Charlie Weis = Huge A-Hole

Apparently Charlie Weis was interviewed by, which is obviously a Notre Dame site.  The bombshell that was dropped by Weis in this one is the shot he took at USC coach Pete Carroll.  The funny thing is that I can not seem to find the quote in either part one or part two of the interview on, but here is the ESPN version:

“Let me ask you this question: You guys know about things that go on in different places. Was I living with a grad student in Malibu, or was I living with my wife in my house? You could bet that if I were living with a grad student here in South Bend, it would be national news.

“He’s doing it in Malibu and it’s not national news. What’s the difference? I don’t understand. Why is it OK for one guy to do things like that, but for me, I’m scrutinized when I swear. I’m sorry for swearing; absolve my sins.”

Did Charlie Weis just try to get Pete Carroll fired and divorced all in one shot?  Wow.  Dude must really be jealous of Carroll and have some serious disdain for USC to throw that out.

Of course, Carroll has denied the allegation:

“It’s untrue, it’s irresponsible and it’s incredible he’d be talking about me like that.”

And now the apology, and a denial of really saying it, from Weis:

“In no way was I trying to take a shot at Pete,” Weis said in a phone message to the Los Angeles Times. “What we were talking about was how the rumor mill can affect people’s lives.

“When I was asked a specific question like that, I responded like, ‘This is the same crap that I’m talking about.’ You start saying things like this and one thing, this guy does this and I do that, and all of a sudden the Internet takes it all over the place.

“So, in no way was I trying to take a shot at Pete. I feel if I offended Pete, I will run Pete down and apologize. In no way do I have any idea what’s going on in anyone’s life other than the fact that rumors on the Internet can affect coaches’ lives in a very, very negative fashion.”

So Weis doesn’t like it when rumors are started?  How about not starting any yourself then, asshat.