Monday Morning Fodder

Busy weekend in sports as we head towards Turkey Day and the final regular season weekend of college football.

North Carolina beat Old Dominion 80-20. Both head coaches agreed to shorten the fourth quarter to 10 minutes, a modern mercy rule. Some were calling Fedora classless, dont know why, they had scout team players in and took a knee on a fourth and goal. Cant just stop playing. ( btw, Florida State and South Carolina also won by 60 or more points)

Duke beat Wake Forest 28-21.  This sets up a big game vs North Carolina this weekend, they win and they will be in the ACC Championship Game vs Florida State.

Will Jameis Winston be able to play in the Championship Game, and a possible National Championship? We wont find out until after Thanksgiving.

East Carolina beat NC State in Raleigh 42-28.  State fans had to endure the “Our State” chants again, and a billboard on Capital Blvd.  Some statefans have called for that campaign to be retired.

Duke basketball escapes with a 91-90 win over Vermont. Coach K said they were “lucky to win”. 

UNC basketball bounces back with two wins over the weekend, including a 93-84 win over defending champs and #3 ranked Louisville. Marcus Paige had a career high 32 points.

Carolina Panthers won their 7th game in a row, Manning cant beat Brady, Brian McCann to the Yankees, five years, $85 million.

Ice Up, Son!

Stories of the Year

So what sports stories, events, games, scandals and other happenings stick out in your mind from 2011? There are plenty of things to choose from, here are some  of the headliners from the Big 3, the ACC, and outside the ACC.  That is the thing with sports and being a sports fan, there is always something happening…

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Your Starting Carolina Panthers Quarterback…

New head coach Ron Rivera has decided to give rookie number one overall draft pick Cam Newton the starting nod for the Panther’s season opener against the Cardinals in Arizona.  I’ve been pretty vocal about being down on Cam, but I am going to have to agree with Cam over Clausen right now.  Even though he shows a scary resemblance to Clausen with his penchant for passing to TEs instead of WRs he obviously has way more upside than Clausen.  Newton connected with Jeremy Shockey last night for the first passing TD of his NFL career and looked passable in limited duty against the Steelers.  He still has yet to get on the same page with Steve Smith, missing him for an easy TD in the end zone before finding Shockey on the next play, but Smith is just now getting back to playing speed and the QB and his star WR haven’t had much time to work together yet.  Derek Anderson has looked better than both #1 and #2 when throwing the ball, but he has also been playing against the guys who are scuffling just to make the opponents’ teams.  That is to say, his competition has not been very tough at all.  Anderson may be the best choice to start the season because he has the most experience and has actually had one really good season under center, in Cleveland no less, but it doesn’t look like that is in the cards for the journeyman QB.

Holidays are over, back to work Fodder

The ACC is currently 4-4 in the bowl season. With Boston College the last team remaining in the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl.

Randy Edsall gets his “dream job” as Maryland’s new Head Coach.

Other than Tyrod Taylor’s great touchdown play, not many highlights for the Hokies in the Orange Bowl.  Stanford rolls 40-12. Is that the last time we see the orange helmets?

ACC is 2-11 all time in BCS Bowl games. OUCH! 

Tennessee fans are still upset over the ending of the Music City Bowl.  Of course, no mention of the trash and bottles that were being thrown on the field by angry Vol fans after Barth’s field goal sent the game to OT.

The  Leaders and Legends were shut out on New Years Day bowl games, including two blowout losses to SEC teams. They are 2-5 in bowl games, only Ohio State can help them save face.

Speaking of Ohio State….funny that the players get suspended for selling their items and getting tattoos, but the Sugar Bowl really wants them to play to help boost ratings and not piss off the corporate big wigs.  Great article on OSU’s Pryor and NCAA hypocrisy.

The “excessive celebration” call against Kansas State’s Adrian Hilburn was one of the worst calls ever.

NFL playoffs start this weekend.  I’m seeing a Saints vs. Patriots Super Bowl.  The Panthers are on the clock, for a player and a coach.

John Fox keeps Bill Cowher at bay for one more week

For the second straight week, Carolina Panthers fans scratched their collective heads and asked “where the hell has this been all season?” as the Cats destroyed the New York Giants 41-9 on Sunday.

UPDATE: The Charlotte O is reporting that both head coach John Fox and GM Marty Hurney, along with Fox’s entire coaching staff, “will be offered the opportunity to return next season”, but Fox will not be offered an extension of his contract, which expires after next season.  Given the respect that Fox has around the league and the general thought that he could quickly find another job (heck, Norv Turner keeps getting hired), there is now speculation that Fox could leave of his own volition if his contract is not extended…

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Monday Morning Fodder

The weekend is over, and it is time to get back to the grind.  With so much going on the past two days, it is hard to imagine it was all in one weekend.  Lots to hit on, so lets get right to it.

Remember Brandon Jennings?  Two years ago he was chastised for his decision to skip college and go pro.  Of course, going pro out of high school was not a big deal for the NBA until they instituted what is now referred to as the “One and Done” rule.  Jennings’ decision came after that rule was in place, so when he went pro he did so in Italy.  How is that working out for him?  He was selected 10th overall in the 2009 NBA Draft, and now he is the NBA record holder for shortest games to drop 50 on an opponent.  It took him all of seven games to do it, and he did so in a winning cause as he led his 5 – 2 Bucks to a 129 – 125 (regulation) victory over the Warriors Saturday night.

Michelle Wie has taken a lot of heat since turning pro in 2006.  She has had a somewhat bumpy ride on the course, but yesterday she finally turned in her first career LPGA victory.  Oh by the way, she is still only 20 years old.  Jason Sobel of thinks it might be time to cut her a break.

On the local scene we saw UNC-CH get a big win over Miami, who has yet to win at Keenan Stadium.  It took an amazing freakishly fluky play to secure the win, but a W is a W no matter how you slice it.  Congrats to the Heels and their fans.  Meanwhile, NC State had it completely handed to them, at home, against Clemson.  By it I mean their asses.  This season can not end soon enough for the Pack at this point, and you can not help but wonder if Wolfpack Nation is griping over the 28th.  Duke also got it handed to them on Saturday by Georgia Tech, and I think our little sisters to the East played last night….

Last night yet another chapter was written in the Tom Brady versus Peyton Manning monologues.  Yeah, I’m sick of hearing about them too, but just like the rest of you I’m plopping my fine ass in front of the TV every time these guys square off.  Manning had a phenomenal comeback to steal a win last night and keep his Colts lossless on the year.  The New Orleans Saints also remained undefeated yesterday, and the Carolina Panthers actually played like we thought they could.

Is it the NFC East or the NFC Least?  The vaunted division is barely treading water at this point, with two 5 – 4 teams, a 3 – 6 team, and division leading Dallas sitting at 6 – 3.  Anyone catch what Philip Rivers did to the Eagles yesterday?  At what point does his name start getting included with the top tier guys in the NFL?  Probably should have been last year when he led the NFL in passer rating, but then again I may be a little bit biased here.

So was Jim Harbaugh running up the score by going for a 2-Point conversion late in Stanford’s 55 – 21 shellacking of USC on Saturday or was it justified payback for USC running up the score in the past?  I think the move was a little classless myself, but I’ll be damned if it did not make me chuckle.  Nothing sweeter than USC losing, unless it happens the same weekend that Notre Dame loses.  Speaking of Notre Dame, how in the blue hell does fat boy still have a job?

Panthers Find New And Exciting Ways To Lose

Photo Credit: Getty Images via Yahoo! Sports

Oh what a tease those Panthers are.

A week after winning on the road at Arizona and giving people a glimmer of hope as to the competitive nature of this team, the Panthers blow a two touchdown lead at New Orleans and end up losing 30-20.  If only the running backs could hold onto the football as well as John Fox can hold his head.

Everyone’s favorite whipping boy, Jake Delhomme, was actually not that bad and when I say “not that bad” I mean he managed not to throw any interceptions.  Instead Delhomme passed on his case of the turnovers to his two running backs who both registered lost fumbles.  Jonathan Stewart fumbled deep in Carolina’s own end early in the 2nd quarter but was bailed out by a Drew Brees  interception.  DeAngelo Williams was not so lucky tainting a 149 yards, two TD day by killing any chance the Panthers had left with a fumble on the Carolina one which was scooped up for a Saints’ touchdown and a 10 point lead with less than two minutes left.

The question is where the do the Panthers go from here? Well…um….nowhere.  The playoffs are likely out of the question now barring some kind of huge turnaround over the final half of the season and given the variety of ways this team has found to blow games, does anyone really believe that is going to change?