Miller Says No to Maryland

Sean Miller Tells Kevin Anderson Where To Put Maryland's Coaching Gig

So much for all of the Sean Miller to Maryland talk.  Miller has already squashed that rumor, and has now signed an extension with Arizona.  Nice read from Andy Katz about Miller and what he is doing at Arizona.

Funny twist to this story is that Katz says that two “close confidants” of Miller’s told the four letter network that he was going to leave Arizona for Maryland.  Then Miller met with Anderson on Saturday, and those “close confidants” started changing their tunes.  Does this mean that he wanted the job, but Anderson turned him off to it?  I thought Anderson was such a great guy to work for, unlike his predecessor at Maryland?

In the end this is yet another credit to the great job that Sean Miller is doing.  Unfortunately for Arizona Fan, they are going to have to deal with this every time a major job opens up over the next few years.  Rest easy, Arizona Fan, Miller is not going anywhere and the fact that two ACC squads have now tried to steal him away only means that you have a great thing going.  It is much better than no one calling because your team stinks.

So who will be next to turn Kevin Anderson down?  Katz says Brad Stevens is up next on Anderson’s docket.  After getting a resounding no from Stevens, will he turn to Shaka Smart?  While it would certainly appeal to my dislike of Maryland to see them go through a long, painful search, it is not good for the ACC.  Go ahead and call Mike Brey already.