Your bowl weekend-in-review

The new year got off to a rousing start as most of the traditional New Year’s Day and day-after bowls provided some excitement as well as some clunkers, paving the way for the ridiculous one-game-per-night lead-in for Thursday’s BCS title game.

Here is a quick recap of the weekend’s bowls:

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Bobby Bowden goes out a dadgummed winner

The Bobby Bowden love fest that was Gator Bowl ended in fine fashion as Bowden closed the book on his storied career with a 33-21 win over whoever it was they were playing, since the opponent was irrelevant (OK, it was #18 West Virginia).

After a sluggish start, the Seminoles looked sharp in making sure Bowden went out a winner.  More than 350 former players were in attendance and a crowd of over 82,000 watched Bowden plant Chief Osceola’s spear at midfield before the game and run over and toss his hat into the crowd when the game was won.  And so Bobby Bowden rides off into the sunset, giving the ACC a boost with a bowl win.  He took the same approach to this game as he always did, with candor and self-deprecating humor.

There were a number of notable tributes to Bowden beside the pre-game spear, including the FSU band spelling “Bobby” instead of the usual “Noles”.  The Gator Bowl also presented Bowden with a new Toyota, presumably with the turn signal already in the “on” position, as befits someone of Bowden’s 80 years…


Hey, lineman? Little help?

Actually, this is something the FSU offensive linemen are taught.  I was at the UNC-FSU Thursday Night Game in October there were at least two instances where the Tar Heel defense was offsides.  The ball was snapped and the Seminole offensive line stayed perfectly still while the play ran.  I am not sure what the reasons for doing this are but this is apparently how the FSU offensive line coach operates.  In this particular instance, the ball may have been snapped on the wrong count and if you watch most of the offensive linemen are slow to respond while this guy stays right where he is at even though FSU QB E.J. Manuel comes running by with half the Florida defense chasing him.

So here is the question: What kind of punishments do FSU coaches mete out which frightens an offensive lineman to abandon basic common sensed during the course of a live play? Have they been consulting with Mark Mangino down there in Tallahassee?

Bobby Bowden Was Also Very Happy His Son Tommy Got The Win

Check out this exchange between FSU coach Bobby Bowden and a reporter during the postgame press conference Saturday night following Clemson’s 40-24 win over the Seminoles:

Here is an exchange he had with reporters.

Bowden: “Both of us made errors. We probably scored on some of their errors — I didn’t keep up with it. But we’d turn the ball over and they’d go down and score. Then we’d turn it over and they didn’t score. They’d turn it over back. And the game kind of went that way. We felt very comfortable. We knew it was a battle.

“How late was it 24-21 in our favor? How late did it get? Did that get into the fourth quarter?”

Reporter: “Nine and a half minutes left.”

Bowden: “Left in the game?”

Reporter: “Yes.”

Bowden: “So you’re feeling comfortable, but you know that it ain’t won yet. Then of course the dam broke.

A few minutes later, Bowden was asked this question by another reporter.

Reporter: “In the second half, when it seemed like momentum started to switch, how hard was it to try to reverse that?”

Bowden: “You mean when they got it (momentum)? Well, actually … you know, they had to kick off to us. We had a what? A three-point ….? Did we have the lead at the half?”

(Reporter nods).

Bowden: “We had a three-point lead at the half, I think. Then they had to kick off to us. We needed to take it down and win the darn game right there. We didn’t do it. They stopped us. Then we kicked it to them and then they probably scored.”

Reporter: “They went ahead and then you guys came back.”

Bowden: “Huh?”

Reporter: “They went ahead and then you guys came back again.”

Bowden: “Did we get ahead of them again after that?”

Reporter: “Yeah.”

Bowden: “Then we got back ahead, huh? Umm, it was going that way, you know it? I felt very comfortable that if they could score, we could score. That’s the way I felt, you know it? We’ve done it all year. But then we started turning the ball over.”


I know Bowden has earned leeway the size an aircraft carrier in terms of when he finally hangs it up.  That being said, this is just painful. Bowden cannot even remember basic details about time and score from a game that ended a half hour prior.  If he doesn’t remember whether his team was ahead at halftime shortly after the game ended, what are the chances he has a clue of what is actually happening during the game?

Respect for Bowden and his long history of accomplishments if offered as reason #1 for permitting him to retire when he chooses.  However, doesn’t that respect also mean you save him from these types of embarrassments by nudging him towards the door when it is obvious he can no longer do the job?