Reflections in a Small and Petty Eye

Just some random thoughts and observations from THEE Blog’s resident angry guy.  I haven’t been very active here lately, but you can be sure that I’ve been checking in everyday to see what’s going on.  And I’ve got to be honest, I haven’t been overly impressed. Continue reading Reflections in a Small and Petty Eye

Greetings From Abroad

Big thanks to all of you for keeping the blog going as best you can in my absence.  As some of you know, I’m not in the US for the next six months as the gorgeous Mrs. Champs has been given the arduous task of getting her company established in Europe.  Thus, we are currently in Munich, and my days are spent exploring the area while raising our 19 month old daughter.  Things are well, and as cheesy as it may sound I do miss all of you and our banter.  I do not know when I will be able to write again, as if I do it should be devoted to my experiences here in Munich and throughout Europe.

Max-Josephplatz (12)

So no, I have not been thrown in the slammer like some suspect our good friend S&P has been.  Nor have I sunk into a hole while awaiting the basketball season to end or for the Phillies starting rotation to suffer massive attrition.  Please keep up the good work on Thee Blog, as this is my number one stop for the pulse of the ACC sports cardiovascular nightmare.  That and the fact that I have already paid for the domain for two more years…

Vote or Die: part 1 *UPDATED*

The people have spoken!  Sort of.  I have gone over your (nominally helpful) suggestions for our first annual THEE Blog Blogger Awards and I’m ready to open the categories for nominations.  Remember folks, this is all in fun.  If you get nominated, or win, any of these awards try to keep your panties unbunched.  We’re not laughing at you, we’re laughing with you.  Or something. Continue reading Vote or Die: part 1 *UPDATED*

The First Annual THEE Blog Blogger Awards

I’m thinking we need some annual awards here at THEE Blog.  You know, something to rival Tacos’ favorite awards show the Tony’s.  So I’m opening this thread to take suggestions for CATEGORIES, and categories only.  Once we agree on categories I’ll roll out another post (or something) in order for everyone to vote in winners.  So let’s hear your suggestions.  Biggest Homer?  Funniest?  Best Avatar?  Make your suggestions below and we’ll sift through them to find the six to ten best (if we get that many).  Hopefully you can drag yourselves away from beating that dead horse long enough to give us some ideas.

Power Outage

TheeSportsBlog will be suffering a “power outage”  for the next week or so.  Updates have been light as I have been preparing for a trip South.  I will do my best to get the Power (?) Poll up as soon as I can next week.  Other than that, do not look for much new content as I will be out of pocket.

Let’s settle this Bull City style


When you have a diverse community like we have here in North Cackalacky, differences are often apparent, sometimes celebrated and often explored.  However, sometimes, those differences are…well…just too different.  Sometimes we just can’t see eye to eye and our loving community experiences the fallout from an impasse.  My friends, that has happened here in our lil corner of the ebays.  Pat and Tacos have had a bit of a tete e tete (I dunno how to make all those french symbols on mah keyboard) and well we aims to settle it.

We have to just overcome these differences, but it’s not always easy.  Sometimes feelings are hurt and drive-by’s be happening.  At least that’s how it is in my neck of the woods…Durham (which Speedbump was gracious enough to insult this week).  But the way we handle our biz when we got real beef…well that’s what we gotta do with our family members Pat and Taco.  We gotta settle this Bull City style…Battle Rap….ya heard?

Here are a few rules…Each contestant gets a turn in the comment section of this here post.  Then the commenters can um…comment on it.  The contestants are not allowed to comment in any form other than a battle rap and they must take turns.  Try to keep it a wee bit shy of Iliad-length and no cracking on family members.  Try to keep the cussing to a well…nil.  That’s where the art comes into this.  Can we do this?  Well it beats Thunderdome.

Pat..why don’t you go first!

ACC Basktetball Recruiting

As you know, here at TSB we love our teenage boys, er, I mean we love some basketball recruiting goodness.  With that in mind, I strongly encourage you to check out my buddy Marcus’ site  Marcus is tuned into a lot of camps and has connections throughout the land, making him a good resource for recruiting information.  So do yourself a favor and pay his site a visit from time to time.

Full disclosure, I first started reading Marcus’ blog over two years ago.  Through email I have gotten to know Marcus a little bit, and he is a good dude with zero agenda on his blog other than his passion for following these kids and letting you know about them.  Well, and he might have an eye to be the next Bob Gibbons, who is also a Winston guy like Marcus & I.

smallandpettypat revealed

sppTSB contributor smallandpettypat was in the RBC Center Tuesday night. Following the Tar Heels’ win over The Easy Button, SPP walked through the concourse with his “hot Finnish girlfriend” terrorizing local television news crews interviewing distraught Wolfpack fans. This is truly a monumental moment in the life of Thee Blog sorta of like catching a glimpse of Bigfoot or something.

The full video can be found here. Skip to the 1:40 mark to see SPP in all his glory.