ACC Weekend Recap. No D in Death Valley, FSU wins Atlantic Division, now has a slim shot at BCS Championship

Clemson 62, NC State 48  You can go ahead and give Clemson quarterback Tajh Boyd the ACC Player of the Year nod.  Boyd accounted for 8 touchdowns 5 passing and 3 rushing, an ACC record. He passed for 426 yards and  career-high 103 yards rushing.  He also set a school record with 529 total yards, breaking the record set by Woodrow Dantzler in 2001 against N.C. State.

State’s Tobais Palmer also had a record-setting day with 496 all-purpose yards ( an ACC record), including 244 in kickoff returns. This was a game of runs with Clemson jumping out to a 13 point lead, NC State then scored the next 24 points, only to watch Clemson run off the next 42 points in the game. Clemson had 754 total yards, NC State had 597.

Clemson still has a shot at a BCS Bowl game, they will play state rival South Carolina next week. NC State (3-4 in the ACC) will try to finish up with a .500 conference record as they host Boston College.

Florida State 41, Maryland 14  Florida State wrapped up the Atlantic Division and a berth in the ACC title game as they rolled over Maryland and their fancy black uniforms 41-14. They next have the Florida Gators and a win over the Gators and a win in the ACC Championship could put them in the BCS Championship game. They will need a lot of help for that to happen though. That loss to NC State must really sting right now. The Seminoles will be going for their 13th ACC title on December 1 in Charlotte.

Georgia Tech 42 Duke 24  Georgia Tech won their third straight game and put themselves in position to play in the ACC Championship Game. They have a half game lead over Miami in the Coastal Division and now they need Duke to beat Miami since Miami holds the tiebreaker over Georgia Tech.  Tevin Washington had two fourth quarter touchdown passes to put the game away for the Yellow Jackets.

Virginia Tech 30, Boston College 23 (OT)  The Hokies can become bowl eligible with a win over Virginia

Miami 40, South Florida 9 Beat Duke and the Canes win the ACC Coastal.

Notre Dame 38, Wake Forest 0 Notre Dame is now the Number 1 team in the BCS Standings and only has one game left against long time rival USC. If they beat USC, the big question will be who will they play for the National Championship.

Atlantic Division
Florida State (10) 7-1 10-1
Clemson (11) 7-1 10-1
North Carolina State 3-4 6-5
Wake Forest 3-5 5-6
Maryland 2-5 4-7
Boston College 1-6 2-9
 Coastal Division
Georgia Tech 5-3 6-5
North Carolina 4-3 7-4
Miami (FL) 4-3 6-5
Virginia Tech 3-4 5-6
Duke 3-4 6-5
Virginia 2-5 4-7


The first BCS rankings of the year are out. No surprise again that the SEC is dominating the rankings. Alabama is on top followed by Florida. SEC teams are also at 6,7,11,12 & 18. Oregon is number 3 even though they are number 2 in the “human polls”.

Future (partial) ACC member Notre Dame is 5.

The ACC has two teams: Florida State at 14 and Clemson at 19. Any chance of making the title game for either of these teams is slim to none.

Guess what conference you do not see represented? There are no Leaders or Legends in the BCS Top 25.

East Carolina Pirates Win the National College football BCS Championship…

C-USA vs MWC for all the Marlbles!
C-USA vs MWC for all the Marbles!

Say What?!?

Lawyers have told the BCS that it’s time to give someone else a chance.  Reportedly Late Thursday night, the Mountain West and another league — thought to be Conference USA met  to discuss a plan to match the two conferences’ champions in a title game, with the winner gaining an automatic BCS berth.

Soon afterwards, ECU and BSC represenitives met and below is a transcript of the conversation:

ECU: What do you think the chances are of a program like us and a Championship Series like you ending up together?
BCS: Well, East Carolina, that’s difficult to say. I mean, we don’t really…
ECU: Hit me with it! Just give it to me straight! We have come a long way. Winning seasons, back to back conference champs; BCS, the least you can do is level with me. What are our chances?
BCS: Not good.
ECU: You mean, not well like one out of a hundred?
BCS: I’d say more like one out of a million. But, if you win C-USA and beat the winner of the Mountain West Conference champion then…..[pause]

ECU: So you’re telling me there’s a chance….. *YEAH!

I think the lawyers are right. Any move that furthers giving more teams a shot at the BCS is worth making. Sure the stars will have to be aligned, a full moon out, a horse shoe up their arse and four leaf clovers wrapped around  rabbits feet but sometimes knowing there’s a chance is good enough.

Georgia Tech: No Respect

rodneydangerfieldWe like to kid about how certain fan bases complain about the way the hometown media covers their beloved teams (black helicopters, tin foil hats, etc..).  If there is one fan base who has a legitimate claim to the lack of hometown media love, I would say it would be the fans of the 2009 ACC Champions, The Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets.

Here in Atlanta, the Jackets clearly play second fiddle to the Georgia Bulldogs.  The big story here this season has been “what is wrong with Georgia football?” They finished 7-5 and there were calls to “Fire Richt!”.  Last week when Paul Johnson won ACC coach of the year, that story was overshadowed by the fact that Mark Richt fired his Defensive Coordinator.  On the sports talk radio stations here in Atlanta, Georgia’s Independence Bowl birth was discussed and analyzed and discussed….and then, by the way, Tech is going to the Orange Bowl (a BCS bowl, not Shreveport, Louisiana).
Now I know, UGA has the tradition, they play in the mighty SEC, and they are thee state school.  But the Yellow Jackets have tradition too, and they have won a national championship more recently than Georgia.  In Paul Johnson’s two years at the helm, I would say that Tech is the better program right now in the peach state.  Yes, Georgia has won 8 of the last nine meetings, but I see more wins for Tech over Georgia in the future with Johnson in charge.
Now I have no dawg in this fight (pun intended), but I wanted to give some ACC love to the Yellow Jackets on Thee Sports Blog, since they don’t get as much as they deserve in their own backyard.

Monday Morning Fodder

Huge weekend is sports, kids.  A lot to cover, including the BC(mes)S  and your local teams as well.  Hit the jump…. Continue reading Monday Morning Fodder

Monday Morning Fodder

Is it just me, or does it seem like the past four days have seen a ton of things happen in the world of sports?  Where to begin?  Thoughts on a ton of things after the jump. Continue reading Monday Morning Fodder

Monday Morning Fodder

So, anything happen this weekend in sports?  Come on, what’s the scuttlebutt?  Anyone else wondering how the BCS is going to like having as many as five undefeated teams to deal with?  Of course, it seems like every year we think we are going to have our chaotic desires for maximum havoc in the rankings finally realized only to see things shake out nicely for the BCS.

This year is different though.  Cincinnati could certainly run the table, with a two and six Illinios team coming up before it’s showdown with one loss Pitt.  Pitt lost to NC State though, so meh.  Either Florida or Alabama will be undefeated, but not both as they will meet in the SEC Championship.  Texas should have no problems with Texas A&M or Nebraska.  Boise State plays a decent Nevada team, and then a terrible New Mexico State squad while TCU has just one win New Mexico remaining.   Even if one team gets knocked off, that leaves four teams with zero losses. Start up the playoff talking points, because if there was ever a year to pimp it, this is it.

On Friday night UNC lost it’s first basketball game of the year against a very good Syracuse team.  No need to start jumping off bridges, UNC fan, this team was not going to go undefeated and this could serve as a good wake-up call for Roy’s boys.  Meanwhile, NC State played three games in three days, winning all of them but not blowing out any of them either.  Duke dismantled Radford, hitting the century mark for the second straight game.

Indy and New Orleans were both able to get to 10 and 0 in the NFL.  Yawn.

The real news of the weekend came on the football field, as UNC-CH won it’s eigth game by traveling up to Chestnut Hill and making Boston College wish it were still in the Little East.  With that win, UNC-CH moves back into the BCS top 25, and AP Poll as well.

The Wolfpack on the other hand, traveled up to Blacksburg were VA Tech proceeded to steal their lunch money and sleep with their women.  How embarrasing has it gotten for the Wolfpack this season?  Going from media underdog darling to bottom feeder has worn on Pack Fan, that is for sure.

So that leads us up to this weekend’s showdown in Carter Finley.  UNC-CH surely wants revenge for last year’s debacle in Chapel Hill, and they enter the game playing their best football of the season.  The Pack enter the game playing it’s worst football.  This has train wreck written all over it, and you can bet your sweet ass UNC-CH fan is wringing their hands like Andy Reid at Golden Corral.  Let the trash talking begin.

Monday Morning Fodder

This weekend was pretty big in the sports world.  Not only did we see the fraudulent Iowa Hawkeyes lose to Northwestern, who by the way is 6 – 4 on the year and 3 – 3 in the Big 11, but we also saw a shake up at the top of the BCS standings.  Two SEC teams now sit atop the BCS with Florida at number one and Alabama at number two.  This should set Texas up pretty nicely, who dropped from two to three in the standings, since the top two teams will have locked their spots in the SEC Championship Game up.

In the NFL we saw Tampa Bay beat Green Bay to get its first win of the season.  That gives all of the NFL squads at least one win, but five teams are sitting with one lone win, and two have only two.  Have we ever seen so many bad football teams in the NFL?

On the other side of the coin however, we were treated to some good games yesterday as Dallas laid claim to the top spot in the NFC East, New Orleans only needed one half to beat the Panthers, and Indy got a missed field goal to eek out a win over Houston.  Anyone else find it extremely ironic that the Chargers beat the Giants on a last minute TD drive thanks to Philip Rivers putting the team on his back, and then Shawne Merriman put the final touches on the win with a sack of Eli Manning?

Anyone else already tired of hearing about Andre Agassi?  I will give the man credit for having huge stones, because that is what it took to come clean about wearing that awful wig.  Agassi does give some nice quotes in his new book, “Open”, which hits the shelves today.

NC State, and UNC both got much needed wins, while Duke, Wake and ECU all took Ls in their games.  Can UNC still win the “State Championship” despite the fact that they do not play Wake this year?  Or will it be moot after the November 28th match-up with NC State anyway?

Speaking of NC State, what was TOB thinking accepting a five yard penalty to make it 4th and 6 instead of taking the result of a punt that would have put Maryland at the three yard line?  State then went for it, and saw an intercepted pass taken all the way to the house on the ensuing replay of the down.  Terrible decision.

I think Clemson just missed another kick.  How in the blue hell did they still win that game, despite missing three PATs and two field goals?  They essentially spotted FSU nine points and still won by 16 points.